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Sorry I’m sooo sniffly and congested in this vlog, I was dying of hayfever and later found out you can’t take antihistamine while pregnant so I’m still suffering through it! :( Boo hoo!! Anyway aside from that the pregnancy is going great! Check out my blog for the bump shots! :) xoxo

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Clare Elise says:

I’m 31 Weeks now and I’ve noticed the breathless thing now …. x 

Jonty Bradshaw says:

Is he gay!!! Just saying

Briana Jolivette says:

He’s annoying :(

sharon33ish says:

my pump stopped working on my palmers butter but the top the round part
screws off so I unscrew mine and have to hit it against the palm of your
hand till it comes out when its at the bottom I just push it together then
it comes out xx 

TheNunafeedtheducks says:

I love the little mouse, all my grandchildren have rabbits. My daughter put
the rabbits next to them when they first came home from hospital when ever
they slept, they are so soft like a comfort blanket. still sleep with them
at age 6, 4, 2. My two eldest grandchildren only sleep with them now but my
younger grandchild takes it everywhere she goes.

Breezi Lewinsky says:

Yall are so cute ; & you’re jess qlowinq thru yur preqnancy

TunaHelper19647 says:

Tums up! x) Haha, I love Jofus’s accent!

Jessie Miranda says:

Omg this is not what Women who are pregnant want to see. He’s too loud and

TeenStarr2 says:

wow from your 18 weeks vlog to now, times gone so quick, cant wait to see
her :)

katherineh40 says:

when lotions dont pump out anymore i usually cut them open. some are
tougher than others but if you can make a hole in the bottle with scissors
you can just cut around from that hole..if that makes sense! also maybe try
using a sharp knife from the kitchen to cut into it? be careful though!

Rach says:

Anna, keep the bottles of cocoa butter upside down and then when you want
to use them unscrew the top and it’s easy to get out. That’s what I do. Xxx

CantBelievemyEyez says:

I agree. I said something just a bit ago in her defense and someone said
something about it to me. There are so many worse things that women have
been through during pregnancy. Like conditions that could be deadly to
their unborn child or harmful to the mother. There are things that can
happen even when you give birth that could be life threatening. I just
think its frivolous and I feel bad that’s she’s not feeling well. Hope
she’s getting on better tomorrow. xx

octoberN says:

Sorry to hear about your arm. My point of saying that was because in the
description bar she wrote “dying of hayfever.” I just found it a tad
dramatic. Especially when there are people, such as a close friend,
suffering from placenta previa. She is in the hospital (due in sept) and
has to stay until they do a c-section. If she goes into labor the baby will
bleed to death and die. Also, in my case of possibly having ICP (a liver
condition during pregnancy) that can cause stillbirth.

Emma Crump says:

i could unscrew the top of my palmers cocoa butter :S dunno about the new
packaging though :)

Guitargirlmx says:

i also suffer from hay fever..now what really helps is NETTLE TEA!!! it
decreases the symptoms a lot, you should definately give it a try…it also
helps you build up your immune system. :)))

octoberN says:

I’m glad everything turned out ok :) My daughter was perfectly fine, as

octoberN says:

I know you put the description bar you later found out you can’t take
antihistamines. That’s interesting because I just had my OBGYN appt. and I
explained to the dr. about my severe itchy skin ( I had to take a blood
test to see if it was serious. Hopefully it isn’t). My OBGYN told me to
take antihistamines such as claritan and zyrtec to alleviate the problem a
bit. I was itching to the point of bleeding. Also, w/ my first preg. I had
a BAD allergic reaction and was told to take benadryll.

octoberN says:

THIS!! 😉

octoberN says:

Hope the allergies subside. It could be worse.

PippinPotter11 says:

Continued… I haven’t been watching nearly as often as I used to, but
finding as the due date fast approaches, I’ve been checking in more often.
All said and done, I really do like LeFloof TV and Jonathan & Anna, along
with their nice families, including the puppy doggies too! No matter how
whacky & childish Jonathan may be at times, it is something I think we all
are, or can certainly be at times! Kudos for the Saccone-Joly’s!…

Tara Allen says:

Oh Anna, I suffer from bad allergies/hay fever too and see an Allergist
because of it! I SO understand what your going through…HOPE you get
better really SOON!!!!! You are GORGEOUS and Love seeing Jofus in these
too!!! LOVE U ALL!!! XOXO,Tara

LynneKayla says:

I just watched an old style diet vid of you and Erica when you lived in
London! She was so little!! You looked absolutely stunning, I loved your
hair that way!! Could you do a makeup tutorial from the look you wore in
that video?! It was the ‘my little sister’ vid! Thanks Anna!!

nanda doc says:

Get well Anna!!

theluckyvix says:

I read in my what to expect when you’re expecting book today that that is
very true and not just an old wives tale!! Guess we shall see :)

Antonia Kasel says:

Hey anna, you can use scissores and cut it in half. Thats how i do it.

Violet1234Rose says:

My hayfever is really bad too! I’ve been really asthmetic and congested
that I had to go to the doctors. Hope you can treat your hayfever – it’s
horrible to live with! :)

holly1180 says:

lol hope u feel better

Schnabulak says:

Oh, so the Irish actually do pronounce the “th” like a t! Interesting! :)

bugaboomag says:

Poor Anna has the sniffles! Your belly is HUGE!!!!! My sister got stretch
marks everywhere when she was prego. Her boobs, her belly, her hails, even
her back. She gained so much weight and was huge.

Ciara Wright says:

ANNA i know exactly how you feel.. about the hay fever not the preggerz 😛
the whole way through the video i kept needing to sneeze blow my nose and
got that feeling wher eyou need to close your eyes because you don’t know
if you’re going to sneeze or not! hah its torture. hope it clear up soon!

inridute says:

Same for me with the hay fever.. It came only now :/

angel says:

how is he an attention seeker… it’s his baby too you know. you’re more of
an attention seeker considering you’re leaving this comment.

123rissababy says:

hey check out my channel tooo lol :}

bellissima1310 says:

Bless you anna!

Alisha Hanley says:

I had hayfever today 2 but not as bad as yours hope youre better 2moro xo :)

IwOnAaaaaa says:

I had my little girl on 3th of september!:)…nearly 4 years ago:)

Danielle Paul says:

take the pump out of the bottle, run it under hottt water to clean out the
entire pump/straw to get rid of the built up lotion.

Amy Elisa says:

awh not long now, soon emelia will be in your arms instead of the big bump
aha, just hang in there! come along way. lots of love to you both from

Rachel says:

Anna, when you go to see your GP you should ask if there is anything you
are allowed to take for your hayfever :) X

bobmarley2502 says:

turd of july hahahaha <3

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