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Watch last time’s 30 week pregnancy vlog!

Welcome to my second round of pregnancy vlogs! We found out we were expecting Baby #2 on July 23rd 2013 and he is due March 31st 2014! I am uploading weekly pregnancy vlogs every Monday. Hope you enjoy! :) xoxo



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Nicole Gownie & Pillowcase Set

Nicole Maternity/Nursing Nightgown & Matching Romper Set

Labour Socks


– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation in Ivory Beige
– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Concealer in Light Medium
– Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
– Benefit Hoola Bronzer
– NARS Orgasm Blush
– LA Creative Illuminating Powder in Stardust
– Dior Earth Reflection Eyeshadow Palette
– Be a Bombshell Liquid Liner in Onyx
– Dior Waterproof Liner in Carbon
– CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara
– Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick

Maternity Tank Top and Leggings
– Kate Thomas Maternity

– Heatons (non maternity)

– Necklace from Swarovski
– Earrings from http://www.facebook.com/silverappledesigns
– Bracelet from Tiffany’s

– Essie “Fiji”


Policosmetics82 says:

So exciting a couple of weeks more and little junior will be here! :) You
look great!

Liz S says:

You could not be any cuter!! I pray I look as stunning as you when I’m
Preggo!! Praying your next 10 weeks go by super fast for you! You’re almost

x says:

I’am so excited so see the little baby. <3

MakeupByMh says:

You look gorgeous Anna <3 Can’t wait to meet the baby!

Melanie Murphy says:

Love your preg vlogs sooo much <3 Throughout your pregnancy with Emilia &
now with junior I feel so much more prepared for when I have babies! I’m
really excited for when you start uploading more beauty videos again, miss
them so much, but I’ve been going back watching older ones…love that you
have so many on this channel! You taught me so much! <3 xxx

Gggg says:

Oh god I got a hemmoroid with my second pregnancy too…. My doc said it
lasts forever …… 

Yamila Pusino says:

aaaw it’s going to be soo exciting seeing you with a blue gown and all
things blue!! I remember with Emilia it was all pink, so cute I’m so
exciting that it’s a boy!

Kelly Bridgeman says:

Love you Anna!!! Can’t wait to see junior be born! I remember checking
Instagram constantly last time to see if you had Emilia! Lol. Congrats xoxo

Amy Daisy says:

Try papaya enzyme for your heartburn. It is all natural and helps a bit.

Cassie Luellman says:

I love how honest you are Anna! I don’t think it matters that jr is boy but
instead what number pregnancy you are on. I have two boys and they were
completely different from each other. I carried my first born high and my
youngest low. It is so much harder to carry a pregnancy low and the longer
you are pregnant the harder it gets :/ But, as you know, it is all worth it

Megan Hill says:

well you have junior now so cute :)

Christina Marie says:

Aww. You’re not as big as you say you feel you look great. I’m going to
check out those cute jammies you have for the future lol

Anna eM says:

I wish U all the best :)
My baby boy is over 7 weeks now :) he’s so cute 😉

Melissa Fleming says:

so excited for you! you look beautiful x

Funkmaster Diaries says:

Man oh man, if I can look HALF as good as you when I’m preggo, I will be

Clara Rodríguez says:

Don’t worry Anna, your look so great!!! My son weighted 4 kgs and muy bell
are like as your…Junior is a big champion!

Claudia Flores says:

love your honesty!

Laura Bortolutti says:

You are so beautiful Anna! Can’t wait to see little Junior:)

Emily Chane says:

I wonder if they really are naming him junior and is going to be Jonathan

Lila Pink says:

your belly is soooooooooo small. thats how i looked at 16 weeks

Wanna Chris says:

Yeah, I understand you, Anna. I also find it hard to touch the floor. Thank
you for sharing and hang in there. ;)

Sarah Roche says:

Really really recommend peppermint tea for ur heartburn, I’m 36weeks and
mine is awful n kept gettin worse n As weeks go on n my belly gets squished
it helped with all the trapped wind.. it made a massive difference :) xxx 

Leilani Kilian says:

The outfits you got for you and baby are so cute! When you do a front shot
I could not tell you are having a baby much less 30 or 31 weeks along. Side
view you look like you are having a baby, but you also had your top up. I
think you look wonderful! My mom and I love to watch you videos and we both
think you are so pretty and such a great mom! We also have six small dogs
and think all six of yours are so cute and act much better then our six!

CupcakeMon says:

I think the dark line on the tummy came last time, since you got a girl! At
least that’s what I heard :)

Dee Heslop says:

You are looking so beautiful Anna xx

Diane Coleman says:

So excited for you! You look amazing and I can’t wait to see little Juniour

laura lee says:

You look great!

Nichola Adom says:

Hey I love your videos Anna! Anyways, anyone, feel free to watch my video,
any suggestions would be nice? Xo

bigsisterx4 says:

Anna being pregnant just totally suits you, you look stunning. You should
be a model, like I hope you know how pretty you are. I know some pregnant
woman get down on themselves about there looks but you need to know that
you are insanely GORGEOUS!!

mountainflower77 says:

You’re in the home stretch! You look beautiful!!!

Rebecca Coco says:

The dressing gown is such a good addition to the rest of the stuff :) at
least you will look lovely and be cozy while delivering :)

MsBeachgirls says:

Anna you look so pretty! I love your bangs and hair growing out. I got the
lovely hemorrhoids too with my pregnancies. I apply coconut oil and it
really helps.

Sandra Lee says:

Anna is the most stylish woman on you tube! Emelia too. The blue hospital
outfits are the cutest much better than those ugly hospital gowns. Anna you
will be the most beautiful lady in labor. I’m sure you will have your
makeup on too.Good luck!

rhiannon knight says:

I love it Anna i wish one day my fertility will start again for my LG to
have a little sibling, brings it all back xox

b0dianab3auty says:

Wow Anna you stomach is getting so big! I’m excited you’ll be giving birth
so soon

Agnieszka M says:

love your videos. Good luck :) x

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