30-31 Wk Pregnancy Vlog | Clothing Must-Haves, Weight, Gifts & More

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new po box:
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Amanda Whitten says:

I caught this video at 19 views! Why does the under 301+ always feel like
such an accomplishment lol

Lily Barr says:

I have watched you for so many years since I was 15 and I am 21 now! You’re
the one guru I have consistently watched and can’t live without your
videos! Wish you all the best!

MissGreenEyes DiFranco says:

No way you have gained 40 pounds……must be all water weight and baby.
You definitely can’t tell anywhere that you have gotten bigger than other
your tummy. You are still so cute and tiny. When I had my girl, I had
high blood pressure at the 8 month mark and I’ve never had high blood
pressure. I was so super swollen. My feet, my nose, my face, my ankles,
my fingers…..I was so miserable and was put on bed rest for the last
month. You look so super amazing!

Megan G says:

I was like you, I gained 40 lbs of basically just belly. When my water
broke, it was a lot (relevant later, I promise)! My son was really low from
the start and stuck in my birth canal when I was still in the beginning
stages of labor. The stress got to be too much, and his heart rate slowed
and then stopped, so I had to have an emergency c-section. When they cut me
open to take him out, amniotic fluid shot about 6′ across the OR because
there was still so much left in there. At the time, it was sort of
mortifying, but I realized that most of the weight I gained was amniotic
fluid. I was back to my prepregnancy weight less than 2 weeks after

CarlyO1092 says:

I’m 22 years old, not married, not looking to become pregnant, and totally
sat through this whole video because that’s how much I love Tiffany!!!
Anyone else?

VAD IS RAD says:

40lbs is a lot but you carry it very well! you are definitely all belly &
will have no problem losing the weight. I was pregnant with my son during
the summer & this time I’m pregnant during the winter & it’s MUCH better!
ps- I neeeeed that hoodie!

Jessica Komarow says:

40 minutes! Let me go grab some tea first ;)

Miss Misfits says:

Oh good, I’m so glad you said lacy thongs so I wouldn’t seem like such a
freak lol They were a LIFE SAVER when I was pregnant. I already had them
prepregnancy as my goto style so making the transition was so easy (and
basically non existent besides the end when I had to get a couple more
pairs). Also, when you get a nursing bra towards the end, consider getting
1 in a cup size bigger in addition, just incase. My boobs didn’t blow up
until the day after I had my daughter. Something to keep in mind :) and if
you plan to breastfeed, basic camisoles w/ built in bras are a necessity.
You can quickly feed without any fuss. Good luck♡♡♡

MakeupByTiffanyD says:
Talli A says:

In the UK babies are generally born in midwife care unless you’re high
risk. I’m a few weeks ahead of you. I turned 37 weeks last Saturday, my
waters broke Sunday and my son was born Monday at 6lbs 8oz on gas and air
alone. Just incase you don’t have your bag packed yet it may be worth
doing, I’m so glad I had mine packed early. Through pregnancy I gained
19lbs so everyone is different.
I can’t wait to hear your precious little one has arrived!

BootsieDior74 says:

At my baby showers my family always brought a package of diapers and their
gift. So after the shower was done I had diapers ranging in sizes the
filled up a closet, floor to ceiling and lasted til my babies were approx
8-9 mos old! CRAZY but SO helpful! It was bc the wrote on the invite “Bring
a pack of diapers and get a raffle ticket to be entered for a great prize!”
The prize was a Victorias Secret gift card! :)

Jessica Ferreira says:

your bump is lovely!!!

scrapper900 says:

I gained 31 lbs during my pregnancy and every ounce was in my belly. I too
had a girl and I do think its more common when you are having a girl.
I only gained a 1/2 lb in my last 2 months of pregnancy. Very weird I know.
No swelling for me either and no stretch marks! I think I started gaining
and showing at conception! It seemed like I immediately couldn’t fit into
my jeans.

Rosebuddy83 says:

Hi Tiffany did you get any maternity photos taken?

Princess Madero says:

Can someone link me to her registry? I’d like to send her something and I
can’t find it.

alittleaboutalot says:

i gained 70 lbs with my first!!!

Natalie DeHoff says:

I am 22 weeks i have gained no weight Yet. My doctor say some women dont
gain any until the very end.

MandolineMoon says:

5 bucks she’s wearing a basketball down there! 😉 You look great Tiffany!

linzbee123123 says:

I love watching these pregnancy vlogs and other youtuber’s pregnancy videos
because I’ve always been terrified of childbirth and pregnancy because of
what you see in movies and read online and all the horror stories you hear.
But honestly, youtubers have helped me become so much more calm and serene
about the prospect of having kids (I’m 26 and would like to have children
soon) because I feel like you are so much more real than the movies and
those crazy stories you read online. I love that you and other youtubers
give honest and accurate accounts of what your experience with pregnancy is
like because it really helps put my mind (and I’m sure so many other
women’s minds) at ease about what to expect rather than just go by what men
doctors and online forums have to say. 

Stephanie Campbell says:

I think you look great!!! I carried all in front just like you and gained
38 pounds. People thought I looked tiny. In regards to your hair… I
wondered why it was looking so thin and flat. I am a hairstylist and
whenever you color your hair ( even depositing color) you can damage your
hair. Also, mousy brown hair lays very flat and can look thin and lifeless
on fine hair. when you had blonde hair , you only touched up the roots
each time. When you went darker, developer was still used on your hair.
And it looks like you had some double processing too. I personally like
you with lighter hair. Maybe some pretty highlights starting from the
roots down will make it look thicker and brighter.

caliowin says:

Are not all babies delivered by midwives in the states? 

bslove1016 says:

The ruffle but thing would be adorable for newborn pics!! They are too
cute :)

TheSnflwr says:

Absolutely glowing and I’m so glad you didn’t get any of that severe
morning( all day actually) sickness. You don’t look like you have gained
any weight except in your cute lil’ belly. You’re gorgeous and I’m so happy
for you guys. I have been watching you for years so it’s like watching a
friend go through this wonderful part of life. I wasn’t able to have kids
but was able to get pregnant just couldn’t keep one. We are blessed in our
lives right now so there’s no more heartache about it like there was back
then. I’m actually going through menopause at 41( started at 39), full
fledged, not perimenopause, menopause which explains why I couldn’t stay
pregnant. Anyway, I can’t wait to meet your beautiful little girl via

pixsie doll says:

ok so in short, you are perfect even when pregnant

Kaydee Kat says:

hey! i’m a nanny and I have seen lots of products…the aden and anai (sp?)
blankets, washcloths, burp cloths…just everything they make are top
quality. they are easy to wash too. target has a line im sure you know, its
a little cheaper and so is the material, but its still really good! I would
also invest in the brand of pacifiers that are attached to the animals.
cant remember the name but the green ones are the best. im glad that you
are enjoying your pregnancy and I cant wait to see your daughter. I have a
feeling that her name is Hope. ;p

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