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Watch last time’s 29 week pregnancy vlog!

Welcome to my second round of pregnancy vlogs! We found out we were expecting Baby #2 on July 23rd 2013 and he is due March 31st 2014! I am uploading weekly pregnancy vlogs every Monday. Hope you enjoy! :) xoxo



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– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation in Ivory Beige
– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Concealer in Light Medium
– Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
– Benefit Hoola Bronzer
– NARS Orgasm Blush
– LA Creative Illuminating Powder in Stardust
– Dior Earth Reflection Eyeshadow Palette
– Be a Bombshell Liquid Liner in Onyx
– Dior Waterproof Liner in Carbon
– CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara
– Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick

Tank Top
– Heatons (non maternity)

– ASOS Maternity

– Earrings from http://www.facebook.com/silverappledesigns
– Bracelet from Tiffany’s

– OPI “In The Cable Car Pool Lane”


AprilAthena7 says:

Anna you are looking so amazingly gorgeous!!!! You have the pregnancy glow!

Tara Creel says:

You make pregnancy look incredible. Stop worrying about your weight, mama!
Weight gain is healthy <3.

Zoe Ch says:

Well … One of my besties yesterday gave birth to a beautiful baby girl !!
I know … It’s not relate to anything with this video , I just wanna
scream how happy I am


U look really pretty..my first baby..a boy I carried low as well..good luck
and get some rest

MissIonic says:

Sorry Anna, but what you say in the beginning makes you appear really dumb.
I seriously wondered whether you were serious. OF COURSE you enter your
30th week as soon as you have accomplished your 29th week. I don’t see
what’s so difficult to understand about that.

AmandaMuse says:

Yes, the pregnancy massage is fantastic! In SE Asia, they’re pretty cheap
so I’ve been getting one weekly, pure bliss! BTW you look great in this

Cilo Athenis says:

Wow, you and Judy must be close. Crazy. Can’t wait to see all 5 of the
babies grow up!

Eliana Harper says:

Anna boys are NOT bigger! Its just because its your second baby! :) My
brothers are all older and I being the last weighed the heaviest haha x

Christian Laurin says:

when a baby is born, the child is counted by months of age and once the
child reaches 12 months they are considered 1 year officially because they
completed 1 year of life… its the same with pregnancy weeks. You have
completed 29 weeks of pregnancy therefore you are officially 29 weeks. now
when your 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant, that means you are 2 days into your
30th week of pregnancy. I hope that helps :)

Melissa Kitto says:

It’s very unlikely that your water would break before you get to the
hospital just so you know, that’s just in the movies!! Mine didn’t break
until I was ready to push. I hope you don’t have to induce because it’s so
much better for the baby to come naturally, try to wait until you’re 2
weeks late to induce! Best of luck I love watching your channel and your
vlogs and your little boy is going to be adorable.

Veronika Russ says:

it’s like when you celebrate your 20th birthday…you’re saying you’re 20,
but you are living your 21st year of life…then the 21st year is completed
on next B-day so you say you’re 21 but you’re living your 22nd year of

Seval Kesen says:

I just now saw Emilia’s bump blog, you wrote that you brought her
homecoming outfit what about junior you haven’t brought him anything that
you told us about. Also you guys don’t really do much detail when you are
doing daily blogs, last time you did fashion videos and hospital bag
shopping videos and you don’t blog anymore once a week? What’s going on :(
but I still love you guys xxx

ShaeHoffartTV says:

Boys aren’t always bigger. I know a family that have two boys and two girls
and both girls were bigger then the boys. 

aimee slavin says:

You should do an updated what’s in my diaper bag video? 

Megan Victoria says:

hope junior comes on my birthday ( 8th march ) 😀 x x 

Dylan Noyes says:

Omg that day that your baby is due my brother is going to reach double
digits lol well I guess he is going to be 10 year older almost I guess? Lol

Jessica Pace says:

anna, you wear black and gray in almost every single video. you look pretty
in neutrals, but why dont you wear color? it would be nice to see a vibrant
woman wear some vibrant colored clothing. :)

kimmykat9 says:

With my first I really had no Braxton Hicks with my second they kicked in
every time I walked the super market…half way thru the store…Bam!!!

Kelly Bridgeman says:

I am so excited for the new baby! Going to be so crazy to see you with a
boy! Lol. Hugs! Kelly 

Cinnamongoat says:

Anna, when you have finished 29 weeks, that is to say you have 29
accomplished weeks behind you, then you start your 30th week. That’s so
obvious that I don’t even know what to explain about it… Blondes…

kyrstyn tropeano says:

I’m 29 weeks now, and its a boy I’m carrying. I’m also 19 years old and im
really tiny and im short everyone says I am tiny for being this far along
sometimes I don’t look pregnant, just wondering how tall you are (: cause
you look as short as me and tiny

tjorven_ says:

You can literally see the belly grow from day to day!

Stephanie Brooks says:

my son was born 36 weeks 4 days and he was 5 lbs 9 oz 18 1/2 long and i had
only gained 16 lbs i was origonaly 95 lbs im also short 4 foot 11 1/2 tall 

HlikeHoney says:

Jesus loves you so much !

Jessie HI says:

Where is he growing to sleep? Like when hes Emelias age, will she move into
the cupcake room and him move him into her room or will they share? xx love
you Anna, Joffee and Emilia!

Giulia Ilie says:

Where’s the 30 weeks pregnancy vlog?

jenny rye says:

You look amazing, I am 24 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 :) 

Zia Bee says:

Camera quality!!! Amaaaazing! 

Lisa Wood says:

Pregnancy really suits you. Love how glowing you are, and it’s going so
fast, soon it will be the big count day with single digits :)

Michelle Hesler says:

I love your hair. Is it cut straight across at the back or in a V?

Misako K. says:

Anna it like that when you are 29 week and 2 days your in your 30 week. But
normally doctors use the way you count : meaning that they say about a week
you finish so that 29 with you. I learn that in hospital during my

Sy'arra Anne says:

So beautiful Anna! You are glowing!

tumblrbabe xo says:

I bet she just wants him out, haha :)

Lulu Barretta says:

My water didn’t break until I was ready to push!

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