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Happy New Year to all my wonderful subscribers!!
Watch last time’s 28 week pregnancy vlog!

Welcome to my second round of pregnancy vlogs! We found out we were expecting Baby #2 on July 23rd 2013 and he is due March 31st 2014! I am uploading weekly pregnancy vlogs every Monday. Hope you enjoy! :) xoxo



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– Estee Lauder DoubleWear Concealer in Light Medium
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– Essie “Chinchilly”


LuPouBaby says:

You went from Sort of pregnant to BOOM.. HUUUUGE 😀 

Anastasija Kirijenkova says:

Anna is so beautiful! She has the perfect features to be born with!

Melanie Murphy says:

Oh Anna I adore this video setup, been with you for so long & sometimes I
need to pinch myself when I realize how far you have come here on Youtube!
This setup is so chill & relaxed, it’s a keeper! You gain so little weight
when preggers compared to girls I’ve known through their pregnancies don’t
worry at all, and you’re just glowing you’re so so beautiful! <3 Love your
pregnancy vlogs and very very excited about baba number 2! xx

Ladyred xo says:

Your hair has grown since last time! it’s gorgeous. 

Ronii Hubz says:

Really liked the quality of this video, plus you are looking so well, you
definitely have the pregnancy glow 

Georgina Turner says:

You are so gorgeous!!!!

Rana El-Charif says:

Anna my belly button was an outie during my pregnancy and i hated it :( my
baby is 7 ms old now and it still an outie i’m trying so hard to get it
back in by doing belly exercises but nothing seems to help :( good 4 you
it’s not an outi

amal jouri says:

My mom had 3 boys and 2 girls. I’m one of the girls and she said that it is
a lot harder when your pregnant with boys because your stomach becomes a
lot more sensitive. So it happens with every person. Not just you. There
also a lot more smaller when there born but bigger in the belly. Boys are
also a lot more active than girls so just be ready for that. Time fly’s. It
seems like yesterday you were telling us you were pregnant. Love you lost.

Ashley Muskats-Noel says:

SO excited for you!!

Faye Bush says:

There is meds you can take for the heartburn to help you. I had it so bad
with my first I could not eat anything with out getting it. Tums helped me
a ton. I would take one before and after every meal and that helped a ton
with my 2nd and 3rd babies.
You can also ask your doctor what else you can take. God bless you and
your little boy your growing!

Allison Patt says:

If its comfortable, try and lay on your left side when you’re having
heartburn.. Something about the way your organs shift when you’re on your
left side, helps with nausea and heartburn.. Feel better!

Hamburgs Perle says:

You look so beautiful in this video, Anna :)

LaurenAlexandra711 says:

You look amazing, Anna, as always :) Can’t wait to find out what his name
is too!! Take care xx

ssshlow says:

I thought an outie was when it was actually sticking out from the side

Ivy Beth says:

You look happy. Can I guess the baby’s name….. Bruce Jeremy Liam Zackary
Ian Quinn Trevor Alan Travis Victor Ethan Brendan Brandon Devon Patrick
Shawn ……Did I guess? You should do some kind of contest, to see who can
guess, maybe give clues, like the first initial, the last letter, how many
syllables, what it means, any clue even. 

jamieandkurodo vlogs says:

Anna, you look absolutely stunning.

ashleigh elizabeth says:

Have you got a tutorial on how you do your makeup? I’m in envy :3. Could
you make one? 😀 

Spelmaniteful says:

Ugh I am so mad that this video did not show up in my feed. Thanks for the
update Anna! 

eva estetika says:

wow your lighting is totally better in this video, Anna.. You look so
beautiful :)

thebordergirl says:

Your belly is soooooo cute! Love you, Anna! <3

Rania Gatri says:

why don’t you do a home water birth ^^ i think it would be a stong
experience and a very interesting video that you ll put in your vlog ;)

Melissa Marone says:

You look so beautiful Anna :)

Melissa Allen says:

You are beautiful thanks for the update!

Candice Cooper says:

I can’t believe ur on ur second baby. You carry them so well. I’m jealous.
I have only one baby boy who’s the same age as Emilia but my body is
destroyed from just that one lol You look great Anna <3

Lucille Salzer says:

HI Anna :) you are so beautiful pregnant or not. :) You look GREAT!!!!
Your hair is especially pretty too. xoxo Lv Lucille

TheEiffelTowerGirl says:

You look especially gorgeous in this video Anna!! :)

Sasha Lammi says:

Baby 2 ooooww :’)

freckles2437 says:

Your make-up looks great your glowing Anna, happy new year to you and your
lovely family.

Jéssica Bruijnen says:

You look amazing

Pros RealLife says:

I found that I carried lower with my second pregnancy as well. I think it
was because everything had moved from the first pregnancy and I had my
babies fairly close together so that might have been part of it as well!!
You are the most beautiful pregnant girl!

bastet81 says:

Happy 2014, Anna! You look gorgeous!!! 

Rimmelgirls03 says:

Love you Anna <3 You look so lovely :) !! 

dinnydxxx says:

looking beautiful anna :) very exited for ur new arrival :) was wondering
is junior a clue? so the wee mans name could be Jonathan maybe
Jonathan-Thomas? JT? best wishes mdear xxx

laurenwhit279 says:

Anna, when is your due date? Is it the very end of March? That’s what I
thought you said before, but I have a friend due the 29th of March but
she’s a week behind you…

Elizabeth Markham says:

Love you Anna. You look great.

Maggi12310 says:

You look so radiant here Anna absolutely glowing :)

Clare Elise says:

Great Video <3 :) 

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