28 WEEK PREGNANCY VLOG! Glucose Test, Anemic, and Alien Baby!

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BABY PAUL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPrZjM9Y25Q
Last week’s Update: Baby Name Reveal http://bit.ly/1lCJqmr
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Leeshy says:

Your laugh is adorable. I hope Violet has a cute laugh too :-)

Caty135 says:

Your bump is so cute Leesha! I feel like you carry so high! 

MrsARosenberg says:

For your anemia, either put orange juice in your green smoothie or take
your iron supplement with a glass of orange juice. The vitamin C helps
your body absorb the iron better. Also, don’t go crazy on the iron
supplements, they will cause constipation!

fudgmonkeys34 says:

ahh the common case of eyes are bigger than your tummy syndrome. I have
that alot

vote4freedom says:

You made me laugh so hard with the buoy comment….haha

xthexcolorxredx says:

How does craving ice chips (essentially water) = iron deficiency?

Nikita Smith says:

Drinking your green juice will definitely help with your iron. 

Eva Masterton says:

love your makeup!!!

Kathleen G says:

The ice chips/low iron levels isn’t a coincidence. It was a symptom. Some
women crave chalk or dirt… lol you got lucky!

ExhaleDreams says:

Try Dry Mouth mouthwash! I’ve never been pregnant, but when I started
consuming liters of water a day and my mouth still felt dry I tried that ,
it’s been a life saver! Definitely check it out!

The Ash James says:

I gained more weight in my first pregnancy than I did in my second,and was
much chubbier, but my bump came a lot quicker with my second bubba :)
everyone is different and every pregnancy is different,so if you get
negative comments,ignore them! you are glowing :)

candycane19 says:

So glad everything turned out fine.

Emmely454 says:

Violet is a super cool name!!!

Lana Skelton says:

I’m tellin ya, try playing with her.. get a flashlight, shine it directly
on your belly (don’t put it ON your belly) but shine it close… watch as
Violet will move towards the light.. also, tap on your belly and she will
tap back to you… in a rhythm. It’s fun.. Enjoy it.. she is already super
precious! <3

Angela Tekell says:

I craved icees, slushys, and just ice and mine was super low too with my
third pregnancy. Luckily the iron tablets brought mine up really well. 

onyxfaith says:

I found that adding more iron thru food was easier for me since I wasn’t
deficient by a high amount. The supplements did NOT agree with me at all. I
was always so nauseated from them and could barely eat anything. Kinda
seems to defeat the purpose, no? lol 

xspxmcrxfftlx says:

i laughed so hard when you said you wanted to be a buoy lol

tasharoskie says:

Awe, even though I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant, I really
miss being pregnant!! Enjoy it! It goes by so quickly! So happy for you and
your growing family! :-) 

Erica Beumel says:

I missed when she started saying the baby’s name!!! OMG Violet!! SOOO

Kathie Bayne says:

Don’t too much about the weight Leesha. You’ll lose like 20 pounds in 2
days. 😛 I love your idea for her room. So cute!

Leesha Vlogs says:
pinksweety288 says:

you are absolutely beautiful! I love the name Violet! =) best wishes with

kann420 says:

Please stop worrying about “your size” you are beautiful and LOOVE your
bump!! and did I miss the tutorial on this makeup look you are wearing?! I
need to recreate it!

Janeth Rosario Pineda Agüero says:

Tomato helps with the iron levels

Stephanie Beatty says:


Meant2BMommies says:

You’re adorable.

Megan Minor says:

Leesha your eyes look stunning! Great colors :)

Olivia Trainor says:

Please make sure you take the iron supplements! It can cause a lot of
problems with the baby! It can cause low birth weight and neural defects

nikkipandahat says:

You could try taking Spirulina tablets? They are a natural Iron supplement.
Im borderline anaemic and actual Iron tablets make me ill so my doc
recommended Spirulina, I definitely got an energy boost from them only
problem is they’re an algae so they stink! lol. You can also get it in a
powder that you can add to your smoothies. :) Hope that helps, but maybe
check and make sure its ok for pregnant women before you try it as I’m not
too sure about that, but its natural so should be ok! :) 

Beth L says:

Please tell me your eye shadow is from the new Lorac pallete!

Chris Johnson says:

I’m surprised your not craving steak. Whenever my iron levels are low, I
crave red meat, which we don’t eat very often.

karenroxs1234 says:

Glad the iron thing panned out to be right :3 Either way the ice chips are
still nummy xD

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