27 wk Pregnancy Vlog & Baby Goodies!

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necklace: http://goo.gl/Jx4rOO
cuff bracelets: http://thecurrentcustom.com/cuff-bracelets.html

new po box:
Tiffany D
3000 Old Alabama Road, Suite 119 #167
Alpharetta, GA 30022-8555

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Camera used for this video: http://goo.gl/r5m6Gp

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Ashley P says:

I am glad you liked the baby blanket! And yes it is handmade:)

melwise2007 says:

Your glowing. Pregnancy looks good on you.

Maria F. Lopez says:

I recently gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and I tell this to
everyone..try and mentally be ready for what ever comes your way. I was Ok
my whole pregnancy passed everything with flying colors. As soon as I step
foot in the hospital everything went down hill. Mind you I was so ready to
give birth without drugs just ready to have the ultimate experience..nope
not that day. I got super high blood pressure, I got a really nasty cold,
couldn’t breath, they told me I had preeclampsia. My doctor didn’t even
want me walking around the room :( I was only allowed to be in bed and in
the recliner, I couldn’t even use the whirlpool I had in my room. It was
just sad but I’m over it lol I was in labor for 26hrs and pushed for
3..just try and mentally prepare for what ever is thrown at you and you’ll
be ok. Don’t forget to enjoy it’s really a one of a kind experience :) good
luck and hope everything goes well! 

millerhomelife says:

Lamaze toys are the best! And they wash well :)

Nathalie Grace says:

Love these videos <3

Melody Stote says:

I’m 26 weeks and iv putting it on everywhere, your all bump and a lovely
big bump you have. I’m expecting a boy January 27th x congratulations x 

Nicole McEntee says:

I have scoliosis and have had two kids and pregnant with my third and my
back pain always lessened the bigger I got and my doc said it was because
the ligaments get so loose :)

loverslane29 says:

I am so glad you are doing so well and enjoying your pregnancy. I love
following along as I am one week ahead of you. We have had very similar
pregnancy experiences! God bless you and the remainder of your pregnancy.
Your little one is so loved <3

BootsieDior74 says:

You look so BEAUTIFUL! What a perfect belly! I missed each pregnancy after
giving birth every time. It is a sense of security knowing they are safe
inside you and you have a huge connection. I am so happy that your back is
better. What a relief as I suffered from horrible sciatica issues xoxo

happyflowers1212 says:

Have you considered safe cosleeping? Best decision iv made we have a
fantastic nights sleep every night.

Suzanne Nelson says:

That book is hilarious! I bought that book for my Brother and Sister in
Law. It is for the parents NOT the kids. My brother has twins and they
will NOT go to sleep so that fact made it even funnier. I got it at Kitson
in Santa Monica.

MsMexanese says:

aww I’m 30 weeks! I’m doing pregnancy vlogs & weekly updates too :) Would
love for you to check them out Tiffany! We can be pregger buddies :)

jamie anglin says:

You look great! Simply glowing! I really suggest getting a blanqi support
tank top or leggings to help support your belly as it gets bigger. Hope you
have a great rest if the pregnancy!

cathey shaw says:

I have 4 daughters and still will always miss being pregnant , luckily I’m
in Im a labor and delivery nurse so I get to live through it vicariously 

MsFarzee says:

I am expecting again after 12 years and the glucose test has come a LONNNNG
way! It used to be so disgusting and sweet but these days it just tastes
like cheap jug juice like red flavored Hawaiian Punch and you may get
sleepy. That’s it!

Lynn Keller says:

OMGosh Tiffany my grandaughter has the green & blue rattle by Obal, this
brand also has a PINK ball as well enjoy this expierence. xoxo

Kaitlyn Michelle says:

Will you show the car seat/stroller/etc that you pick out for the baby?

Christina Hanna says:

in one of your pregnancy videos. u were talking about a baby book u really
liked. i can’t remember what it was. can u tell me? does anyone know?

felicity4beauty says:

Please do an OOTD for ur shower! Wuld love to see what u decide to wear :)
Also, i think other ppl may have mentioned to u that the lightening
recently seems to b washing ur skintone out. I realize its fall now n we
all get less sun (wah!) but i thot id mention it in case it is a lighting
or maybe the colors in the background now since they r more neutral toned n
before it was more white n darks with ur clothes/closet. Either way, still
love watching u n ur videos! Thnx again for sharing ur baby journey w us,
def feel more prepared for when we start trying to have one! :)

Melanie Calderon says:

Wow she’s not the only person to day they loved being pregnant, me on the
other hand couldn’t stand it I hated everything about it & just couldn’t
wait for my baby to come out, now that my child is 4 yrs old, I don’t want
anymore or even think about having another one. But I hear it’s normal to
feel that way, I see little babies around and it doesn’t fase me I just
look at them and say how cute but really I don’t have that baby fever.. But
I’m so happy for Tiffany I love your videos. Congrats & God bless. 

MakeupByTiffanyD says:
srasm says:

ItsJudyTime/Life has one of those kick-pianos…her 2 year old really
loved playing with it!

Ariadna Vlley says:

wow, the way you talk about your pregnancy is really showing how badly you
wanted to get pregnant. Good for you.

Katrín Birgisdóttir says:

Tiffany can I ask how much weight you have gained during this pregnancy? I
am a week behind you and I am just curious to how much weight a already
small person like you is gaining :) Hope it’s ok if I ask 

yllek82 says:

That glucose test. No biggie. It’s like flat orange soda. You’ll be fine.
Fingers crossed you pass! I’ve enjoyed these videos. Expecting my third
baby about 6 or so weeks before yours, so this has been fun to see. Ours is
a surprise (our first surprise). We have two boys at home. Don’t know what
I’ll do with pink in the house if baby’s a girl. But I’ve enjoyed seeing
your progress and sharing all the baby girl things you’ve been getting. So

PretentiousPink says:

I 100% wasn’t expecting two Thank you cards! I actually thought it was
anonymous! I am so very happy that you love the gift. It gave me so much
joy in being able to celebrate with you in this very special time. You have
one amazing family :) P.S. I wish I had sent Mr. Waylon a goodie also!! I
had to teach my little pup that the baby toys weren’t for her! XOXO

Syeda Rayhan says:

I gave birth just a week ago. I also loved being pregnant and missing it so
much. This was my second pregnancy and the birth experience was completely
opposite from the first one. It was shockingly fast and didn’t even get a
chance to have an epidural ! The first one was 18 hours long including 3
hour pushing . Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy and birth if your

Amanda Garcia says:

You are so gorgeous and classy. You look amazing and I love how much you
are enjoying your pregnancy. It really is a very special time in your life
and I’m glad you are healthy amd enjoying it. Good luck on your glucose
test….like most have been commenting, it’s not that bad. I was lucky and
my doc let me take my drink home in preparation for my appointment so I got
to make it really cold before I drank it which I think helps with the gross
flavor. It is just hard to drink so much of something so syrupy and sweet,
but other than that it is no biggie!

Colleen Clark says:

I was listening to a lady who felt she was missing out on her bubs life a
tad because it was going by too fast. She then made a file on her external
hard drive so info couldnt be lost. Inside that she added pics, thoughts
and loads and loads of things about her bubs and when they were older such
as getting married, she gave these collective files to her kiddes. Tiffany,
this is exactly the same. All your posts and day to day stuff is creating
memories for a baby that isn’t yet born. How precious is she going to feel
knowing how u cared so much before she was born and there after. Awesome
job girlie. :)

Becki K says:

You are beautiful Tiffany! Pregnancy suits you! I am 22 weeks pregnant with
a little boy. This is my last baby and he is #5! I have loved watching your
videos so it has been fun to go on this journey with you. Wishing you the
best and a healthy rest of your pregnancy. I love my little bump too! 

FlourishingBeauty21 says:

I work at the Bed Bath and Beyond warehouse where they wrap all the gifts
to be shipped out and I, one of your subscribers, wrapped another
subscriber’s gift to you! What are the chances! It was a pleasure to wrap
some of your gifts! I really enjoy your videos! Congrats on the pregnancy!
She’s going to be beautiful!!!!

TooFaced_1112 says:

You look gorgeous, Tiffany. I’m so happy for you that you’re enjoying your
pregnancy. These videos are a highlight for me..and I’m nowhere near being
a mommy anytime soon. Lol. And I know alot of these ladies are trying to
give you advice about pregnancy and birth, but take them with a grain of
salt. I’m getting anxiety from reading them myself. Lol. Congratulations on
everything! <3

Ashley A says:

The glucose test was not so bad. The drink was not as bad as you would
think. I don’t remember exactly what it tasted like, it’s been almost 4
years. However it remember feeling like I was starving because of the of
how late in the day they gave me the test. Pregnant women need to eat, lol.
Good luck with the results. I’m sure it will all be great.

Kirstin Morris says:

One idea I love is asking your shower guests to bring a book instead of a
card and they can write a little something in the front or back. It gets
the baby’s book collection started. That was one thing I’ll definitely do
when I have my first baby and shower. Just thought I’d share it with you in
case you like the idea

Luucciinnkka says:

So happy for you tiffany. I have a newborn baby and I can definitely
recommend Baby Monitor 3G app. We use it every day and LOVE IT. It’s a
lifesaver for all new moms!!! :)

Paige Holcomb says:

I agree pregnancy looks so good on you Tiffany! I’m so glad you are having
a wonderful experience. I can only hope I will as well in the future! 

Nathalia Peçanha says:

Is it me or she accidentally said the baby girls name? Hahahaha loved
it…. And I get emotional in every single one of these videos…. You guys
deserve all this happiness… 

Paige Stewart says:

I’m so excited for you and Brad!! It’s so exciting to hear all of the
things you’re experiencing during your pregnancy! I look for these videos
every week just because they are so much fun to watch and hear about all of
your changes! I wish you and Brad all the best!! 

Linda M says:

that’s great you enjoy being pregnant and you look amazing. usually its
hard for some with the body changing and getting big. I gained mostly on
the belly too and not much anywhere else. so happy for you and look forward
to seeing the baby. :)

Sara31186 says:

So glad you’re enjoying your pregnancy. I’ll be 32weeks next week so i
already took the glucose test, it’s really not bad at all..they gave me the
red one which tasted like hawaiin punch, you’ll be fine! :)

Stephaniie Starr says:

You look so happy, healthy and your just glowing. (: love it.

RedHot414 says:

You think your bellys big now?! Oh honey you just wait, you’ve got 3 more
months you keep growing until the day you give birth. Curious how your
tummy’s looking. Any stretch marks yet?

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