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Thank you for bearing with us this past week while we were in Sorrento! I missed you guys so much! The belly has really grown these last 2 weeks, it’s crazy! I can’t believe I’m already 7 months pregnant and in the 3rd trimester — holy moly! xoxo

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Patty Wood says:

Just popped back in to watch this and compare it with your recent 28 week
video. I can’t believe how much the two of you have changed. You guys look
more like parents now… haha. I can’t believe I have been watching you
guys for TWO YEARS. I am so happy for you and your family. My son and I
have loved watching you and yours (my son-15 months- especially loves
smiling at Emilia). So excited to meet your new baby boy!! Peace!

PS I also meant to say… um… Joffee!!!! I didn’t even notice how fit you
have gotten since I have watched it happen so gradually but watching this
made me realize. Wow. Congrats!


…and Gavin ;)

missmatchet says:

I discovered your vlog very recently and have watched several of your
videos. This is the first one I’ve seen so far with your partner in it. I
was going to leave a comment that I enjoyed hearing the dad’s perspective,
too. Even better, it’s refreshing to see such an apparently happy and
healthy relationship, and it also gives me hope that the future father of
my children might be so enthusiastic and involved.

Anyway, I read some of the other comments here before I left mine, and I
see some people complaining about your partner being in the video. Maybe it
would be helpful to add his name to the titles of the videos that include
him, so those people can skip the video and not subject themselves to
whatever it is about him that upsets them. I agree with one of the
commenters that pregnancy involves both parents, so I would think it would
be perfectly natural for a pregnancy blog to include them both. Sure, the
baby is in the mom’s belly for 9 months, but that’s nothing compared to the
lifetime of being raised and loved by BOTH parents. I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with not including the father in a pregnancy vlog, but my
personal preference is to hear both perspectives.

Love your videos, and I’m looking forward to watching more of them. :)

cassie holmes says:

Anna’s hair looks beautiful here 

sobazaar says:

I love Jofus in these videos!

hallwhy says:

you are completely gorgeous!!!!

Beautybohodoll says:

remember… if your not enjoying it, theres always the option of just not
watching it! if it annoys you that he’s in it then skip that video, no

Whitney Gaggioli says:

I flew to Italy when I was pregnant from the states and I remember they
treated me like royalty!! :)

Ellie Finch says:

He is in it cos it’s his baby too! Pregnancy blogs shudnt just be for the
woman as men go thru it too! :) you look so glowing pregnant it suits you
so well Anna cx

moncerie says:

i dont watch your videos any more since jofus is always in them, sorry. I
like to see you, not him,

LANs90Eli says:

These videos always bring a smile to my face :) You are both so gorgeous
and lovely and I wish you the very best.

Lyric mc says:

And now she’s here :) It seemed like such a long time before she came!

Coco Horan says:

I come here to watch Anna , thats who I subscribed to . If I wanted to
watch Jonathan Id be on his channel !

The Lich King says:

When a woman gets to 28 weeks she isn’t allowed to travel just in case you
go into premature labour

MissLellowi says:

they are doing some videos together, relax people -_- Anna is still doing
videos on her own, like jofus is too Hey Anna, Hey Jofus, I love how you
are talking and moving the same at the end haha cant wait for the next
video, bye :-) natasha from germany

CantBelievemyEyez says:

Totally agree! It’s like you just say one thing that can hardly be classed
as “opinion or constructive criticism” and it’s like people start slamming
you, and it’s not just 1 person that comments you it’s like 25 or more that
feel the need to comment and slam you. Like every single person is going to
agree with every single video a guru posts, even though they like that guru
a lot. It’s really crazy.

killhannaah says:

Wow Anna! :) Your hair look gorgeous here.

CantBelievemyEyez says:

I’m not even saying that Jofus is annoying or anything like that! I watch
the daily vlogs and enjoy both of them on the daily vlogs. I just miss
coming to The Style Diet and getting to see one of my favorite gurus
talking about make-up, doing tutorials, talking fashion, etc. Just having
my 10 to 20 minutes of relaxing time. It’s totally up to Anna what she
decides to do in the future with her channel. <3

Beth Mars says:

well said! people think they have a god given right to tell them what to do
say or show and they dont like you say its her channel she controls it! :)

maureenm5267 says:

Hello, im native american and we do the same thing. We do not buy any thing
for baby until they are born. My son was 2weeks early and we had nothing.
But family came thru.

Victoria Hogan says:

Could you please do a hair tutorial on this? :)

ABeautyAddict says:

Awwwwww He is already a great daddy!!

vapp12 says:

My sister only gained 17 pounds throughout her whole pregnancy. I’ve heard
of women gaining 35 or 40 pounds. I think what you gained is normal :)

morgen röte says:

emilia is such a beautiful name! ♥

Greatusername44 says:

Oh forgot to mention that I felt really nauseous during take off and
landing hike has never happened to me before so I’m guessing it had
something to do with the pregnancy.

Dorijh says:

ah, my bad. Where I live they don’t let you fly in your last trimester.

dearshelley101 says:

I am so very sorry for your loss. <3

smellthelemons says:

When I was in Italy last year we were in a town like an hour away from the
ocean and every meal was fish. We had a salad with fish, fish in a cheesy
pasta, and a big chunk of some sort of fish. When I got home I don’t think
I ate anything with fish for at least a few weeks. It was just too much
fish lol

Ashleigh Johnson says:

I’m not spending my ‘days’ defending them i spent about 3 minutes :S i’m
just giving my opinion just like you are now, there’s no need to reply with
such a rude comment, i wasn’t expecting people to agree with me! Although
realistically none of us have the right to say Jonathan shouldn’t be able
to talk about his baby in a video, because he can..

yassiiedraki says:

so glad jofee cut his hair

CantBelievemyEyez says:

So people are stupid and jealous in your opinion because they prefer to
just watch Anna? I can’t even comprehend on any level how you can think
that anyone would be jealous. Jealous of what? I watch their daily vlogs
religiously and I like Jofus but I like Anna on her Style Diet channel.
Peoples opinions matter and that doesn’t make them stupid or jealous.
That’s extremely immature of you to even suggest such a thing.

XxAmy19xX says:

Oh well just different opinions :)

bella3987 says:

Not true. You can usually fly anytime before 36 weeks.

jLizRoche says:

you guys are wearing matching outfits! cute! :)

Kristinmchale1 says:

I’ve read some not so nice comments and just wanted to share my thoughts
since everyone else has given their two cents. I adore your vlogs, any and
all kinds! I adore the baby videos, I adore the videos with your husband
and I adore the ones with just you! Thanks so much for involving all of us
in your growing families lives! xox

Steamycouture says:

Thought you weren’t supposed to fly in the 3ed Trimester. Thought it was
harmful to the baby due to oxygen and also promotes early birth because of
stress levels or something. IDK that might just be a myth.

Michela Kelly says:

i found out i was pregnant in november and ive been watching these videos
weekly in time with my pregnancy, i flew at 20 weeks and it was awful!! i
was sick i was sweating with anxiety i will never do that again! xx

yeoodudee says:

Then why are you here LOL

Joanna Tarım says:

I live in turkey and flew back to UK twice while pregnant. Once at 12 weeks
and once at 28 weeks! I didn’t feel any less comfortable flying pregnant
than when I’ve flown non pregnant lols! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy
Anna! X x

Claire Powell says:

your hair looks beautiful you’re like a beach goddess

Laura Alice says:

Your so pretty 😀

Wande O says:

Hi Anna and Jonathan…please don’t take this in a funny way but can Anna
please do the pregnancy vlogs alone? I love Jonathan’s energy when I watch
the other channel but I like watching the pregnancy vlogs because they are
informative and calm. Please consider this. Thank you.

ilovehollymadison24 says:

And omg Anna you have the most beautiful bump I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous .
Imagine how pretty she will be xoxox

honestjohn2222 says:

How boring ‘all I ate was buffalo mozzarella’ yawn.. and if ur ever
pregnant on a plane, its not comfortable=from him HA HA tip to men .. stop
getting that in to it, ye have no clue, ur not THAT in tune!! hilarious ,
oh worse they are IRISH!! what has happened to us??

Lindsey Coutret says:

I LOVE that jofus is in the video’s. Anyone saying other wise is just
haters. It’s amazing to see anna and jofus talk together i love their
relationship. They are both having a baby they should both be in the
video’s. Jofus please don’t let these negative comments get to you I really
love that you are both in the video’s. Love you both and I can’t wait to
see Emilia!!! xoxox

colz83 says:

That’s not true. If you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy it is not
recommended after 36 weeks. Each airline has their own restrictions and
most don’t allow it within 30 days your due date. A doctor’s note is just
recommended. Plus, the flight was only a couple of hours.

ilovehollymadison24 says:

I love jofus imput on this channel but dude you totally need new hair! Xoxox

saribrily89 says:

i was 13 weeks on a plane…didnt really notice

celebsadoptme says:

This might be a weird comment, but I highly recommend you ask your doctor
to measure your cervix next time you see her. I don’t know if you remember
me commenting before about how excited I was to actually be pregnant with
you! I literally used to count my weeks with you, and my due date was the
8th of September, but unfortunately at 22 weeks, I lost my baby and it was
due to my cervix being short and eventually opening up and going into labor
way too early. So definitely get your cervix checked

MarieTheOstrich says:

word. Those ” YOU JEALOUS BITCH”- minions are getting annoying. They don’t
even think about the meaning behind a normal, constructive comment, they
just type and attack everyone, who isn’t 100% satisfied with everything.

signorinazinzula says:

i did prefer the maternity update you Anna made by yourself

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