24 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog!

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missawhite17 says:

You look so good! Looks like your belly is growing straight out like mine

PregnantAndPaleo says:

You are absolutely glowing!!! Congratulations on reaching such a milestone
(: I’m only 9 weeks, so I still have awhile to go!

natalie paula says:

im so excited for you! :) I’ve been watching you forever like since you
were in your room and i rememb your bf would be over haha. 


Those are called Braxton hicks

Robyn O Dwyer says:

So happy for you and Tyler Kaitlyn!
I have followed you on here since you started!
When I saw that you were having a hard time getting pregnant and then saw
you were expecting I was so happy for you!
You look great don’t worry about any weight gain it is insignifcant :) x

Chra Muhammad says:

u r so sweet! how old r u? 

Jessica Vazquez says:

Hey I am 24 weeks pregnant and i was just wondering if we could dye our
hair already +Beeyourself7 

LadyZebes says:


awyssa wynne says:

I’m so excited for you guys!! you look great and you totally don’t even
look pregnant in that shirt! haha but your belly is so cute!

teenmommyvlogs22 says:

Where have you been, I need updates! Lol

Mike18Rock says:

I didn’t remember subscribing you And watched this video anyway when this
appeared on my feed haha hope your unborn baby is healthy and you have a
safe delivery when you get to that point 

Lucinda Sousa says:

Hello from Portugal ^.^ I tried to follow you on instagram but a second
later it displayed like I didn’t follow you =( I don’t know what to do or
what is happening =S sorry for my english lol

Taylor Ashley says:

ur ur glowing<3 so happy for u! can’t wait to see the little cutie pie <3

sofiacpinto says:

Did you watch bubzbeauty vlogs? She just had her baby and she vlogged
throughout her pregnancy so it can be interesting for you :) 

ismile723 says:

You look gorgeous! Enjoy the pregnancy, it flies by!

Nikki Lynn says:

I’m so happy that you are happy! You are glowing!! 

Beeyourself7 says:

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