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Ello ello friends,

Welcome to my 23rd Week Pregnancy Vlog! Only a few more weeks until we reach the 3rd trimester. I have more symptoms to share with you all

More changes! Baby’s kicks are getting strong, I’m back to peeing all the time, The backache is creeping in and I’m getting baby brain. Feeling more and more excited to meet our baby boy!

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me. Thank you for walking this amazing journey with us.

You can check out our Gender Reveal video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hof5GvLGrmc

Love Bubz & Tim (and Peanut)

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Bubzvlogz says:

I just want to thank you all for your natural remedies for repelling and
treating mosquito bites guys!! I jotted them all down. I can’t wait to try
them. You guys are so thoughtful =’)

vanessssaa says:

I crave all those things too!

Except I’m not pregnant. *sob*

Sabrina Le says:

Happy mothers day bubz!

romypepper says:

Will you teach peanut in the English language or the Asian language you
speak? Or maybe both?

Daphne says:

I was wondering if you were going to give Peanut a
Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin name or Western name, or maybe even both? I’m
sorry if what I said was weird or offensive.

MelodySims says:

bubz you should do a pregnancy belly slideshow I guess where you include
all your belly pictures since you found out you’re pregnant !! that would
be adorable 😀 <3 

Ty Monae says:

bubs you are so thin! you weight less than me and im not pregnant at all

MissSandyCandy Hair Stylist Tutorials says:

Awww! Your bump is so cute!!!

Margie Gianello says:

i swear everyone on youtube is having boys!!! example: bubz and tim, casey
and kayly butler, shay and colette butler, philip defranco, april and

Khaleesims says:

I hear Ayaka in the background. :’)

Anyway, Bubz, you look amazing!

Milk Fate says:

Looks like me after I binge

Aj Iorio says:

i’m so excited to meet baby bubz! only a couple more weeks! 

Adrianna Ch says:

Oh this is so amazing, cant wait for when I get pregnant <3
First I need to find a bf tho…

jade burton says:

I was actually 3 weeks late! hope your baby isnt as lazy as I was (‘:

xmeepz says:

sounds like you’re allergic to mosquito bites :(

cheesytomato13 says:

I have scoliosis too!

Krstel Alice says:

Will peanut look like you or Tim??? O_o

mishka2490 says:

best cure for mosquito bites itching is to rub an onion on the spot. wait
like 5 mins the itch will go away

todorov62 says:

3:53 owwww I feel your pain with Scoliosis I have it too but owww fuuuck I
wouldn’t be able to put up with that

Nayade Aracelli says:

Your boobies grew A LOT!

Brooke Speller says:

Bubz, You know if you want to keep stretch marks away you can use african
shea butter!

Azil Jones says:

I keep refreshing the comment feed, and you can see the likes going up

Oliive says:

I am not pregnant but I have forgotten to take my knickers off when having
a shower many times 

Glitter Denise says:

Try using antiseptic cream like savlon (not sure if you have that in Hong
Kong) and when I was pregnant the night I went into labour I dreamt I was
in a surgery theatre and there we aliens giving me a c-section and were
stealing my baby. When I can birth I was so tired and I shouted at the
doctors and because I thought they were stealing my baby I was so
embarrassed when I realise what was going on xxx

JustAGirl Wzw says:

Is she naming him peanut

Jedi Roara says:

Mosquitos like me more if I have a banana before going out but the bug me
way less after a 1/4 cup of wine you must smell sweeter to them. When my
daughter used to kick it felt like I had the hiccups but in the wrong

Aylin Avalos says:

You look adorable! Your baby bump is so precious! And . . . Your boobs!
They be looking good! No homo.. 

Anna Mcgee says:

Yours are the only pregnancy updates that i can watch from start to finish!
Love you Bubz

phoebehaworthxxx says:

It’s gone so fast!! :) love you bubz <3

Kaylin Rose says:

Next time peanut kicks and you have the camera around you should try to
catch it on film!!! 

leeking1991 says:

Happy Mother’s Day! Bubz ! how’s the hospital thing? Can you book a private
hospital ? 

Senbouchan says:

OMG , your boobs !! They’ve become so cool ! xD

ash gana says:

Love u bubz!! Ur baby is going to be beautiful,kind,and smart just like u!
Congrats on the boy!!

einahpej herrera says:

we both have scoliosis .. and it’s so hard because of the weight of the
baby ..

Abby S says:

I didn’t even know you were pregnant!! Congrats Bubz you look lovely!

barbie wambui says:

I think we are on the same pregnancy journey coz I’m 25 weeks currently and
I must say your bump came out earlier than mine. Mine little one decided to
make an appearance at 24 weeks (dead on that week) myself and papa were
getting worried. But think it’s because my peanut is a girl.

elena temeszwar says:

Hello You look beautiful. Do you know the gender?

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