22 wk Pregnancy Vlog! Closet Changes, Hubby Q&A & more

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Megan Hartman says:

I could sit and listen to you talk for hours hahah Out of all of the
youtube gurus I watch, you’re hands down, without a doubt, the most down to
earth and relatable. I’m only 20 and obviously not pregnant, but I feel
like I can still join in on your excitement! Love these videos and after
your little princess arrives, I hope you still have time to sit and film
these talking videos for us! Wishing you all the best!! ❤

Vanessa Hinds says:

I hated going out in public later on in pregnancy. People and their
opinions about how big you are, etc. Ugh. But the #1 WORST was complete
strangers thinking they have the right to just touch your belly! So rude.
Has this happened to you yet?

christie allen says:

I have always appreciated your straightforward no nonsense personality
because it is something I admire but since you have become pregnant you
seem to becoming even more yourself. If that makes sense :) I wish you the
best of luck with your baby! I really relate to you because we are the same
age and i just want to say cherish the time when your girl is young. My
baby just turned 8 and the time has flown!

Jayme Davis says:

Ok you just described exactly what happened to me!! I literally did not
have one stretch mark throughout my entire pregnancy. Even a nurse in the
labor room commented and said “Wow, you’re lucky! No stretch marks!” I was
so excited. But seriously, I looked in the mirror about 45 minutes after
delivery when I was going to take a shower…and THERE THEY WERE! It was so
weird that they didn’t show while I was pregnant but I guess they were

Halli Gallo says:

Milk has cow puss in it, that’s why you get so congested, it causes more

angellahn says:

may I ask if you were on the pill before you got pregnant? thank youuu :) 

Kristen Tanner says:

She said you were big?! You’re not big at all!

cjlatina says:

Questions for Brad: 1. What was your reaction to the news of you becoming a
father? 2. What type of books are you reading, or advice you are following
to prepare for fatherhood? And 3. What changes do think you will personally
look forward to when your child is born? Thanks for answering these
questions and congrats on becoming a new dad.

Daisy Mende says:

I’m sure I’ve asked you this before … but are those your lashes? I’m
always in awww of how long and thick they are. What mascara or flasies do
you have on? 

Magaly Ventura says:

Have you been having any mood swings? If so,how does your husband deal with

BeeNeth says:

So happy for you! You look just beautiful! 

Liz Plawman says:

I didnt get that line either or the outie belly button

JAhmed says:

what mascaraaa do you have onnn??? :) your lashes look gorgeouus!!

scrapper900 says:

The pregnancy vitamins contains Biotin and that really helps with hair
growth and breakage, etc.

Lærke Christensen says:

It is completely normal that you lose less hair when you’re pregnant, in
return you will probably find that you loss a lot when you start to
breastfeed! (And i’m a hairdresser)

MermaidAtlantica says:

+MakeupByTiffanyD You’re 100% right on the hairloss aspect Tiffany. When
you’re pregnant your hair stops cycling, so it stops falling out. At any
given time up to 10% of your follicles are dormant which is why you lose
hair in the shower etc, when youre pregnant all your follicles are active,
which is why people notice their hair is lush and thick. You have 100% of
your true hair potential going on. So when you aren’t pregnant the 10% of
the follicles that should be dormant, go dormant, and the hair falls out.
Which is a lot of hair when you consider how many follicles are on your
head. Sometimes breastfeeding can alter this, and it can happen up to 6 – 9
months after baby is born, depending on how exclusively you are

Kaitykait20 says:

Can you tell us the baby’s intitials? :)

rizeuse says:

Question: Hi Brad ! I wanted to ask you how did you know you wanted to be a
father ? Most men have no biological clock and taking their time to settle
down. Some get a woman pregnant and then realize they don’t want kids.
You’re in you thirties( you’re pretty young), how did you know ? I wish
Tiffany and Brad all the best and a healthy baby.

Heather says:

OMG! My nose was stuffy all the way through my pregnancy. I didn’t have
any stretch marks. I swear I had the best pregnancy ever. I gained no
weight..I actually lost a little, I was never sick, no stretch marks. The
worst for me was the last 2-3 weeks.. SO uncomfortable. 

Esunshine hope says:

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talking about “Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress” most the people reviews
are bad especially for those people having back problem!! so if anyone
knows a good mattress brand please let me know!!

Lisa Lowe says:

Loving your vlogs! My daughter has just had my first grandchild and it was
the most amazing experience to be on “the other side” of it. Wishing you
all the best for the safe arrival of your little bundle. x

Lisa Cowart says:

You look so cute!!! I got the linea nigra with my 2nd pregnancy only and
later in pregnancy so you may not get it. I didn’t get stretch marks
either time though so you may be lucky enough not to get them. 

Gina San Inocencio says:

Question: do you feel like you get “pregnancy brain” where you extra
forgetful or clumsy lol. When I was pregnant with my daughter I always
dropped everything and forget where I put everything lol. 

Candie Dela Pena says:

I didn’t get any stretch march during my pregnancy, I was so so so
excited/happy, but then the last couple weeks, I just got even more huge
plus my belly had dropped and I was getting a more and more swollen as I
got closer to due date that by the time I had given birth and gone home, I
took a shower and saw stretch marks in the sides of my hips. It wasn’t
dramatic at all but I did feel a tad bit sad lol, just because I went the
whole pregnancy without any lol! 

Jesika Boyd says:

I didn’t get a single stretch mark until AFTER I delivered. I lost so much
weight ( 45 lbs) while I was in the hospital that by the time I left BAM. I
thought I had made it through without :( Oh well.

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