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Want to compare this to last time’s 20 week pregnancy vlog? Here ya go :)

T-shirts website is not live yet – but when it is I will add it here!

Hey guys! Sorry this video is a day late, but as you can tell from all the sniffles I am sick! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave your thoughts on this video in the comments below! xoxo Anna

Pictures/bump update will be on my blog!

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claire carter says:

Totally respect your decision to keep the name private, you have every
right to do so. The t-shirt looks great x

Christina Cabral says:

You look great Anna and you’ll do just fine with your little boy as you
have done with Emilia. Your motherly instinct will kick in and things will
just come naturally. Love the positive feedback you get on this channel and
I wish it would be the same on your vlog channel as well. You and your
family are wonderful. Keep your head up high Anna cause you’re a
good-hearted wonderful person to many of us. Also I respect your decision
fully. Thanks for sharing. Love you all!!

Carol Smith says:

20 weeks pregnant and she still tries to squeeze into a size small. And she
wonders why people hate her. 

Tiffany Nicole says:

Anna I really admire you and everything you do. Dont let the negativity
from others bring you down because I’m sure it can be very difficult. You
have every right to keep your sons name to yourself and secret to the
youtube world. You’re doing wonderful with Emilia and baby boy will be just
as wonderful. Congrats to you and your family. 

katherine godfrey says:

totally respect your decision to keep the babies name private!
congratulations on having a baby boy!

Hamburgs Perle says:

I totally understand why you don’t want to tell us his name yet :) If I was
pregnant right now I think I wouldn’t even tell all the people I know in
person… Everyone will find out soon enough :) So happy for you guys!

viioletukasss says:

Can you do video with Jofy about those problems with haters? whats happen?
Love you Anna. From lithuania xxx

voguee2 . says:

good for you Anna for keeping the baby’s name private, I would do the same!
Some people are so crazy and critical on the internet!!!!

Ali Lawrence says:


Charlotte Leslie says:

i completly respect your decision with the baby’s name, i dont know why
people are being so hateful about it, nobody has the right to know what his
name is. congratulations on your baby boy! so exciting! x

zarbeauty says:

you look so darn cute in that friendliest friend shirt!! :)

TJ Wells says:

Try switching from Bio Oil to cocoa butter for a few days. Believe it or
not, people can have bad reactions to Bio Oil. 

Sassyspirit99 says:

I totally understand what you are saying with name! Prayers for healing!

Linda Rodrigues says:

Anna I totally understand the reason for keeping the babys name private.
So much of your life has been scrutinized, and people are just being
hateful. For the people like me who LOVE your family, we respect your
decision all the way.

Hayley Mayers says:

Completely understand about keeping the name private. And that shirt looks
super cute on you! 

Lenah709 says:

Good for you, your baby, you should have privacy. Especially in such a
precious intimate matter.
If people want to know they can continue to follow you till after the baby
is born.
My two cents.. just putting ‘m in there. Hope you get well real soon.

Sara Johnson says:

You really aren’t that big for being 20 weeks and baby 2. I’m 13 weeks baby
2 and as big as u lol you look cute tho

Keri Xianne says:

I think boys are Easier . He will be great can’t wait to meet him.. Anna
you should do what’s best for you and your family . You don’t have to
please anybody else . 

Rowan M. White says:

Totally understand keeping the little man’s name private. When I have my
next, I will be keeping his/her name between myself and my husband. Love

Roberta Vazquez says:

You don’t need to explain yourself….whatever decision you make for YOUR
family is nobody else’s’ business irregardless of what ANYONE thinks. 

Riiot09 says:

Poor Anna, I can hear how stuffy she is :( Love the shirt though haha

jmcampbell4114 says:

Anna I don’t daily vlog and I’m 23 weeks pregnant with my first child and
I’m not telling anyone her name till she is born! Not even family! Everyone
always wants to give you their opinions so it’s best to keep it private! I
completely agree! 

Yajaira Campos says:

Am so happy. For you boys are amazing. I just had my little. Boy and I love
it. It. Will be different going from a girl to a boy but you’ll love it 

Manon Fockedey says:

Yay for 20 weeks !

Jennifer O'Leary says:

Half way there!!!

seatea21 says:

I can’t wait for the t-shirts Anna!

Angela Fleming says:

Such a beautiful pregnant woman! God bless you!! 

roo thao says:

Aw I love your belly. Its like you wereked out before so I could see the
sides of your abs. I was small like you at 20 weeks. Which I was ok with.
Also I was itchy on my belly but I didnt get stretch marks. Only a little
one under my belly. 

Susie Lizette Prestvik says:

OMG congratulations!!!!!

EdenDespina says:

Anna,I understand why you chose not to reveal the name of your baby :)

Vika10 says:

YES! I knew it! I had a feeling it was gonna be a boy and i was right!
Woot! 😀 Congrats again!
As for scratching, i don’t know if it’ll help – never been pregnant, BUT i
did have a really bad allergic reaction once and my whole body was red and
SUPER itchy…. :( i wasn’t supposed to scratch my skin either to avoid
scaring, because of all the million red bumps on my skin…so what my mom
did is she gave me a soft piece of material/fabric and i used that to
“scratch” myself… it didn’t feel as “satisfying” lol but it worked! So
maybe try something like that too?? Either way i think it’s better for the
skin than our fingernails :D

Samantha PierceXx says:

Why isn’t Jonathan in your updates anymore ? How dose he feel 

lexip396able says:

I knew you’d have a boy!!!!!!!!!

Sheila Kelly says:

Mine was itchy too and I didn’t get stretch marks! There’s hope. :)

FutureMommyQuiera says:

We are both due the same time! My due date is April 2nd, so cool!

TheEiffelTowerGirl says:

Love your t-shirt Anna!!! ;D glad your pregnancy is going well!! Can’t wait
to meet Junior ;)

Dana B says:

I wanted to keep my kids’ names private too but caved to pressure. Good for
you Anna.

Meghan Halligan says:

@carol smith you are a hater… you are just jealous honey ;-)

Leah Kinsey says:

You finally look like you’re expecting! I know, in your eyes, it must seem
like you’ve been showing for weeks now, but from an outsiders opinion you
actually have a tiny baby belly now, & you’re so cute by the way!!!! Keep
the wonderful baby vlog updates coming, I hope your cold goes away quickly,
& congratulations on finding out you’re expecting a boy! 

Hani Bulale says:

I totally respect your decision about the name! 

Taylor Hubbell says:

Yay so happy for y’all! I have a 2mnth old boy & it’s such a joy. I
unfortunately am sick also at the moment. :/ Hope you feel better,

sharexoshowxo says:

I got to be the first one to thumbs up!! You look so good for 20 weeks! I
was a giant plump plum by 20 weeks. I was sick through my entire pregnancy
and if I ate I wasn’t sick. So crackers were my best friend, and my worst
friend. I gained weight way too much, and had to work twice as hard
afterward to get it off. Lucky you, Anna! You look fabulous!!!♥. BTW, I’m
going to make your maple cornmeal cupcakes today. I’ll let you know how
they come out. They sound delicious!

Cathy LePage says:

Don’t worry Anna! They usually say boys are easier then girls!

Savannah Woltjen says:

Thank you so much for sharing! I’m pregnant with my first, a baby boy :)
and I’m also 21 weeks along so thanks for sharing. We’ll be having baby
boys around the same time!!

Katherine Cruz says:

You are so beautiful I love you videos congratulations on the baby boy

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