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Ello Ello everyone!

Welcome to my 20th Week Pregnancy Vlog! We’re halfway through the pregnancy. Peanut is also halfway ready to meet me.

I’m feeling hormonal and emotional lately. Experiencing lightning crotch and a itchy belly thanks to the ever growing baby. All worth it because guess what? I’m feeling baby kicks every single day and I love them!!

We’re getting our 2nd trimester scan on Tuesday! We will also find out the gender of Peanut for sure this time! Ahhh!

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me. Thank you for walking this amazing journey with us.

Love Bubz & Tim (and Peanut)

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Maki Kuroneko says:

definitely a BOYYYYYY 

WTFSexyHeadphones says:

Honestly, I find it strange that you guys even considered hiring a helper.
Both of you are very proactive, intelligent and utilize technology to look
up information you need to help understand the whole process. I really
don’t think you guys need a helper, I am positive you both would do an
amazing job on your own and be just fine :)

Ag3ntNengo says:


HermanMunster says:

I love reading the comments on bubz videos. Its really refreshing to know
that there are still sweet, warmhearted caring people out there. <3

Raw Reiki says:

I don’t say that a professional help is of no use, but have in mind that
when you feel comfortable you should stay alone with your child. You have
to find out your own ways to communicate as most of the times the ‘musts’
of others don’t really apply in a relationship like that. This is a unique
relationship between you two, but you must listen and get to know each
other to built it. Sometimes, a ‘third’s’ voice may be too loud to hear of
your child’s needs. A professional’s knowledge can never be better than a
true loving mother’s (as I’m sure you already are) insticts!!

Cheila Luna says:

What?? That tradition makes no sense!!
Mom is fragile, so let’s not let her shower for a month, so she can collect
tons of germs, get sick from them, spread them to the baby and even get
some serious infection… WTF XD
There’s no reason to follow things that have no scientific backup at all…
I would just lie to the old lady, if that’s so important to her XD 

Isla Cornish says:

make sure you don’t put your laptop on your lap because the radiation from
the computer my harm peanut so put it on a table to be safe! :) 

TabbyCat says:

not sure if shes leaving hints with tum saying she ( hinting at the baby)
and the pink speach bubble
or if shes trying to trick us to thinking its a girl but its a boy. XD
i think its a girl though! 

Brittany Malone says:

Haha haha I love you openness it’s cracking me up. So, yes to lightning
crotch. you’re so not alone but mine didn’t start happening until I was
more like 30 weeks or so. I was literally in the floor on all fours trying
to move her off the nerves down there. Omg. Hahaha. It was terrible. But
it’s all worth it in the end!! Good luck Bubz. I wish I could’ve hired
someone. I did have family but it would’ve been nicer to me not to have so
many people staring over me at allll times. Ugh. Anyways, half way there.
High five to you! 

keLLy How says:

I’m Asian from Malaysia. Not married, still single, but couple for almost 5
years. Nowadays, our generation dont really agree what parents advice to
us. But I think we ladies should listen to our mother and granny’s advices.
Having 30days of confinement is really important to ladies. Confinement is
like a MUST for us. We have to follow Chinese traditional ways. In the
future, when we get older, all the pain will come to us and at that moment
we will felt regret for not listening advices. So bubz, we as your
family/friends/subscribers want you to be healthy everyday and be happy !
:) support you always

kris says:

Not bathe for a whole month?? Isn’t that unhygienic..?

Stephanie Smith says:

Is the baby called Peanut? Or is she just calling the baby Peanut, then she
will give another name when he’s born? I don’t knowwww.

SimplyBakings says:

you are so cute! :D

Hannah Wells says:

Babies aren’t suppose to go out because their immune systems are weak.
That’s the reason “most” women breast feed. Your milk gives them all the
nutrients they need to build a strong immune system. If you take them out
too soon, they are at risk of so many infections.

kate2dapierce says:

This is also true in Turkey!!! My mom was so shocked when we first came to
America whenever we saw tiny tiny pink babies in carriages, she thought it
was horrible lol. What my advise is that you should go out for a brief
period of time if you like but don’t bring the baby with you. The
psychological period in that term is very sensitive. Your baby will need
your instant comfort or else it will grow INSECURE and will be more clingy
as a toddler. (I’m talking hours and hours of your absence) this is why
it’s NOT recommended for babies to have separate rooms until 6 months. The
immune is very weak so I kinda agree with the Chinese/Turkish tradition. 

onlysquishycafe says:

Bubz! Don’t drink ice cold water peanut would be affected from what I heard
from my mom, and cold water is just enuf! The crotch thing…. Yeah my mom
understands how u feel lol, itchy belly means that your baby is very hairy

Maricela Hernandez says:

I started watching your pregnancy vlogs when I found out I was pregnant
with my first a couple of months ago. I loved watching them, but I just had
a miscarriage so now it’s bitter sweet for me to watch.

Mary&Stuff Old Channel says:

I think you are having a boy! When you have a girl, you get sick A LOT (I
know my mother sure did!) and you grow a lot on the hips. Boys are easier
no the tummy and the mommy. I don’t care what you are having, I just know
that you are going to treat that peanut like royalty! Congrats! :D

Kate Wood says:

Oh my goodness! I’ve never heard of not touching water, more specifically
not bathing for so long before! I have 2 kids and I just had my little girl
2 weeks ago… From personal experience I really don’t think I could not
shower for so long. You tend to bleed for a while (it sucks ): ) but it can
smell really bad, very quickly. I would also (personally) be afraid of not
cleaning myself and getting an infection or something.
Are there a lot of ‘rule’ things you’re supposed to follow? I’ve never
heard of any of that stuff before. I’d be really interested in hearing
more. Maybe you could make a video?
Also… congratulations of being halfway there! <3 

Allison Sheppard says:

whats the effing gender

ArtyPandaBoo says:

I’m 15, and I am not pregnant or anything, but 3 months ago I had this
sharp pain up my crotch to, like I am carrying a bowling ball! This
happened to me only once! 

Mama Weegee says:

The one confinement is really dumb. But still take care of yourself around
that time. Don’t do heavy exercises and stuff like that.

Jiwon Lee says:

peanut? huh? is that baby’s name?

Claudiaa1225 says:

It’s hilarious that some people think that your baby’s name will be
actually ‘peanut’ xD

Ziabis Oh says:

Oh Oh, is the mustache T-shirt a sign that it’s going to be a BOY!!!!

JennarsLuv says:

Oh I’ve had lightning crotch! I’m glad it’s not just me, although I’m not
pregnant. It happens around my cycle. It’s weird I go through a lot of
pregnancy symptoms right before my period. I’m like pregnant every month!
O.O lol

ilubmiself says:


Alyssa P says:

I love how nothing is off-limits to you! You’re so funny,bubz. Watching
your pregnancy vlogs makes me so excited to be a mom! I’ve got a long ways
to go, but I love watching these! It’s so cute how excited you get (as one
would be.) 

abby queen says:

oh my god!!! i am getting so emotional right now, especially every time i
click one of these vlogs that trailer of best of me comes on and i AM JUST

Jennifer Dobbie says:

ts awesome how shes saying she cant believe shes 5 months here, shes going
to give birth soon! Where DID the time go ??!!

mary wilson says:

OMG!!!! your 47kg! im 54 and im 11!

katie hope says:

What pregnancy tracking app do you use?

Mylyn Ngo says:

hmm junk food and healthy veggies..
peanut, i like ur balance ^^

ScoobyDooGurl123 says:

Omg bubz I experience lightning crotch too.
You have no idea how happy I am gearing you experience it too.
My mom had no explanation when I explained to her what happens and it got
me really scared.
Although I’m not pregnant so I don’t know what that means for me.
Anyways I just had to tell you I have this sudden pain sometimes too. 

bubblyduckie says:

Does anybody know what hair color her ombre is? It looks a little ash
blonde, I know before it was really ashy but I’m not sure really. It’s not
super blonde, which I like. If you find a hair dye in her color by like
Loreal or Revlon, please give me the specific name! PLEASE & THANK YOU ~ 

427skies says:

Hmmm. You said “He”. Lol. I think Peanut is Boy. 

AleMcr17 says:

“Bun still cocking” SOOO cute n.n you look so beautiful I hope everything
goes perfectly fine!

khadija bahmou says:

Will you do a natural birth? i want to do a home natural water birth
because its more comforting and spiritual.

Marisol Diaz says:

Imagine when your baby grows up and sees these videos, it’ll be sooo

maria saavedra says:

I think it’s a girl cause the comments in the video from the baby are in
pink! :)

kwilcox1126 says:

Im happy you said no to not taking a bath for 30 days. Thats just not
But awww your bump is cute, my best friend is 14 weeks so i think your
vlogs will help

Daisyflower25 says:

I think I have that pain thingy you said, but only when I’m on my period ;o
It can be quite painful..

Ella Mines says:

Her bump is so cute in this episode! It’s cute in every episode too though.

estaarrrr says:

some people are telling you not to trust the one month confinement things,
but my mother followed through and she’s very healthy. I don’t think being
safe than sorry can be a problem, so in my opinion, i think being careful
is the way to go ^^ 

BeautyBE says:

Do they know the gender yet? X

neko says:

in my opinion,not taking a bath for 1 month?no way! not going out for 1
month I can tolerate,think positively the germs n pollution outside
probably can bring harm to the baby except emergency case,go outside…but
I see no reason to bring the newborn baby outside…if mother,if she got
stress,she should better go out…whatever it is,choose whats the best for
you n baby,no need to do for the sake other people…but for respecting
elders,try to hide it if possible…they won’t be sad if they don’t
know,right?I don’t know…I do that when it comes to respecting the elders
when some of their knowledge doesn’t make sense…

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