19 Week Pregnancy Vlog!

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Anett Gál says:

I like that lamp in the background at 10:25. Can I ask you where can i buy

nataliemariewinkels says:

Hi Anna, I just found your blog. Can you do a video of your pregnancy haul
of everything you loved during your pregnancy? Clothes, products, etc. :)

Leah Hammil says:

woah! awsome intro!

Allisen Byrd says:

Love the vlog! Congrats on your 19 weeks!!! Where are your earrings from?!

Maria Giordano says:

I love the quicker style of this video :)

ForeverPeaceandHope says:

Glad this one’s a bit shorter!:)

LondonSummer100 says:

omg your belly view just looks like mine when i’m bloated.

eva r says:

im 31 weeks pregnant & i dont recommend you used the plamers lotion doesn’t
work ! i started using it on my breast area & it gave me two stretch marks
! dont use it stick to mamma bee belly butter

Eef2701 says:

Cuuuuute intro!!

seraphime86 says:

love the new editing of the pregnancy vlogs! good job, Anna :)

candiwax says:

does anyone know if the motherhood maternity sports bra will work for an
american size F??? my boobs are getting too huge :/

vgfigue says:

definitely a GIRL.. MARK MY WORD.

TheKatieSmile says:

you look extra-pretty today :)

Die YouTube Familie says:

I´m pregnant at week 32 (tomorrow week 33 ;D) with a little baby boy :) I
watch all your pregnancy Vlogs and I love it <3 Can´t wait to see how your
belly grow and how your baby look like :) Greets from Germany :)

Guitargirlmx says:

dont think of it as a mistake,that is beautiful :)

Monica Michela Thorsager says:

Ahhhh Anna you are beginning to look pregnant and not just like you ate too
many pies haha, congratualtions xx

jLizRoche says:

cute intro! did your jofus make it?

JuniorNationQueen88 says:

Pregnancies on average are 36-40 weeks. It really depends on when the baby
wants to come out, medical issues, etc but if you’re between those four
weeks, you’re fine. :)

MASA mas says:

I didn’t quite understand what you’re using for preventing stretch marks!
:S could you please list the products?! I’m using cocoa butter (after
getting few stretch marks due to pregnancy) but there is no use of it…and
don’t worry for not feeling any baby movements yet; you’ll feel it soon and
it’s amazing but sometimes it won’t make you sleep later on!!

Julia Pankiv says:

20 weeks pregnant, belly is quite big already

HappyLifex3 says:

You look so pregnant…love your belly it’s so cute. And you look beautiful!

gillianbaybaii says:

These pregnancy videos will be so fantastic for when your baby is grown up
to look back at see everything about your pregnancy with them! I think it
will be really interesting for them! Really happy that you are doing well,
and congratulations on Sina’s 5 little ones! Little intro to motherhood 20
weeks early haha Xx

FaithersK says:

Anna…you can wear your bras for a few days between washings. They won’t
wear out as quickly. =) Good luck honey. I have 3 little boys, so I’ve been
through this process 3 times. You are doing great!!!

Jessica Klassen says:

you know what would be so cool.. at the end of all your pregnancies go
through your videos and do a 1 second clip of your side belly shot & make a
video with every week in order so we can see it grow!!

Emma Louise says:

I adore the intro Anna! Too adorable! I love these week-by-week vlogs so
far. It is such a good idea; you’re going to be able to look back at these
and relive all of the things happening in your life, except you will have
little Pancoga in your arms. :)

Hannah Davis says:

Anna, you can eat smoked salmon cause its cured so it is fine for when your
pregnant :) xx

Kgirls09 says:

I love the style of these videos! Can’t wait to find out the gender!
Congrats :)

Lila Pink says:

wow she absolutely has no belly at all

bella3987 says:

Aw, you popped! You look beautiful!

soXstarstruck says:

Hi anna, bump looks great (: where did you get that tshirt? I love anything
with stripes lately. I cant believe how fast the pups are growing (:

Elisabeth Evans says:

Oh my God, I miss the talky, weird 20-Minute-Vlogs, without editing… ): I
can’t help it, I’m excited to find out the gender, too!

OneTrueMakeUp says:

Anna my aunty gave birth to her little girl last night at 8 pm :-) she was
in labour for 16 hours!! They called her Emily Jane. I wish you luck with
your soon to be bundle of joy :-) Do you no the gender yet?? Xx

kriskitzo says:

Love the new Intro;)

creativebeauty says:

im almost ready to pop u wont be noticable more until like 5-6 months lol
you look so pretty though

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