17 Week Ultrasound Pregnancy Vlog!

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Get Ready with Me: Glam Fall Look: http://youtu.be/NY-DXLW17Aw
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IAm,DWest says:

I’m dreaming of his lunch! It looked like a lot lol

ABeautifulLove says:

Wow my husband has sleep apnea also.. He had to sleep over the clinic on 2
occasions. Worse nights for me.. But he has his equipment now and we both
sleep well.

Maggie Sizelove says:

you are just too cute!!

Gi B says:

Also try to get a 4D ultrasound… Then they cannot confuse you on the sex
of the baby lol… 

ABeautifulLove says:
sarahrose0413 says:

I swear I saw testicles…… I think it’s a boy…:-)) a wiggly wiggly

Kristin Arrington says:

when my sister was pregnant every time she went in for an ultrasound her
baby’s legs were crossed. she literally did not know what she was having
until the baby was born. his name was joshua and he’s 19 years old now.

Anastacia Jones says:

They have the sriracha sauce at Subway Justin ! If you didn’t know … I
know this isn’t quite related to this ultrasound video lol

Jenn Bedoui says:

I had dreams with both my children that they were the opposite sex than
they came out! I honestly think you are having a girl. I had an ultrasound
at 13 weeks and the lady said she wasn’t supposed to tell me that early,
but she was 100% positive it was a boy. When he came out no wonder she
could tell at 13 weeks!! He was BLESSED LOOOOL!!!

Trishanaclo says:

April is the sweetest and I love her

Teejay Leigh says:

The new comments are so annoying! 

Émilie Geneviève Boucher says:

Google + has made it so I don’t watch youtube as much… but I would NEVER
miss your vlogs :) Worth the google + pains.. So excited to hear of
minimarsh’s gender :)

SullenxRiot182 says:

I’m guessing boy!

Adrianna Little says:

When u dream a boy u have a girl when u dream a girl u having a boy 

Hannah lisa MSP says:

when is your baby suposed to be born like the do date cuz my sister is also
pregnant and your very close my sister is now in week 21 and she has a
tiny bump but yours was already growing 3 months gone into the pregnancy my
sister is has a simular bump as you did the we’re pregnant video

Desiree Sifuentes says:

So fancy having a class before his sleep study, wish they did that here so
my patients were better prepared! Can’t wait to find out the sex of the

Chris AndCoco says:

pregnant suits you big time April 

yel lalovesyou says:

She’s the sweetest:)

Mrs. Mandy 〈3 says:

You guys are adorable and the love that you share radiates through the
screen! SO CUTE! Wishing you guys the best luck on your next appointment to
finding out if you’re having a boy or girl! 

Linn Hjulstad says:

Or maybe a Girl…❤ But will hope that it is a Boy!❤

samajama27 says:

I couldn’t find out the first time I went to find out the sex either….and
I cried the whole way out of the hospital lol

Tasha Lund says:

You can disconnect your youtube from your google+!!! I did not like the
whole google+ and youtube thing, it was really frustrating! But you CAN
disconnect them and it is so much better!!

Carli Pepin says:

I do not like google + one bit. I think it’s annoying how they force us to
use it! I see a lot of people commenting about how they hate it

BrittanyRyanXOXO says:

I can see you guys having the most adorable daughter! 

Sara Lina says:

I have a question. In Austria there is the possibility to get a 3D
Ultrasound but you have to pay it yourself. Do you know how this is in the
US? I’m a medical student so I’m so interested in all this stuff. 😉
I’m so happy for you that your baby is all healthy and growing. 

Myriah Puente says:

It kinda looked like a boy! How exciting!

NaturallyTiTi says:


Katya Borgos says:

My parents were not able to find out my gender until my mother gave birth
to me! Apparently I always had my legs in the way, and so it was impossible
to tell. I hope this is not the case for you, haha. Whether boy or girl, I
hope you have a healthy child and pregnancy. :)

Roar says:

I think you are having a girl. :)

Sorry to bother you, what is your instagram?

PockyBlitz says:

google plus suckkssss. 😛 

xxCharliexx says:

It’s a girl I’m like 100% sure

J Sanchez says:

I love it when you guys share your highlights, so much positivity :)
hopefully you guys can find out the sex of the baby next appointment. I’m
glad baby is healthy :) 

Tanya Syed says:


see xiong says:

I think you might be having girls because usually if you dream about having
a boy its usually means the opposite. So I think its a girl! :) plus your
skin seem flawless. If your armpits are usually darker then you’ve notice
it could be a boy! But either way I’m happy for you! 

Stephanie Haukland says:

I always comment on your videos! Lol, but April you are so gorgeous!! Your
skin really is amazing. And Justin cracks me up, especially when he yelled
at the kitty. That noise was funny! Lol <3 you guys (:

Giovanna A says:

Love you April!!!!

enticedbaby says:

April, you and Justin are the cutest! and you’re simply so sweet! :)
Congrats on your new addition to be and I’ll continue watching your videos,
you guys are too cute!

Viviana Vargas says:

it’s still so exciting.. Im happy for u guys…

Lance B says:

I don’t know if this comment is working.

lisa marie says:

actually for her twins 

aimgrrrl says:

Aww the highlights. :-) it IS rare to have such a healthy and loving
marriage. Sad but true. I have that too and we always talk about how lucky
we feel. 10 years and still over the moon for each other.

Meleah Chevelle says:

I love you guys ! 

Jamy TUAZON says:

April and Justin, you can try 3d ultrasound. it might work. :) so eager to
find out the sex of your baby too..hehhe

Cassie Garner says:

they shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken lol!

laura murray says:

I think its a girl (:

Rhea Panela says:

Oh my gosh you guys I was so anxious to find the gender of the baby and
start imagining what she/he would look like. At least it’s a very active
little baby :)

feititones says:

awww, you guys do have a special love, relationship, and thank you for
sharing it with us:)

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