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Ello Ello everyone!

Here is my 17th Week Pregnancy Vlog! We already know the gender!

I’m gaining weight fast. I never know what I want to eat but I’m CONSTANTLY hungry. For some reason, my bones are clicking all over too XD

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me. Thank you for walking this amazing journey with us.

Love Bubz & Tim (and Peanut)

Ps. Yes, I filmed a hair tutorial for this look so watch out for it next month ^_~

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Oh Sehun says:

Actually, your boobies look quite big now xD

Taylor C says:

Dye Chubbi’s hair with animal safe dye(it exists) either pink or blue to
tell us peanuts gender :) 

Milton says:

Your stomach still looks really toned. You could do the gender reveal cakes
(blue inside for boys, pink for girls)

Michelle c says:

HAHAHHA. Tim’s ” oops, sorry ” reminds me of the scene of my love from
another star

Dylan De Castro says:

I kinda got this idea off of your wedding menu/placeholder card, but i
think you could cut out a lip or a mustache on thick paper, clip it onto
the dogs, and have them see the parents and wait till they notice. Either
that or take a picture of them with a sign saying “I’m having a_*_*
(brother or sister)” and show it to the parents and wait till they figure
it out. Yeah, that’s about it :)

Clay says:

LOL did tim just reenact “My Love from the Star” line? LOL! “whooops

Crazy Himeka says:

Hahahaha, Tim said Sorry like Cheon Song Yi does. ” Saowry. ” (:

rum says:

hmm…i have a strong feeling its gonna be a boy…. :)

Jenifer Leo says:

Seeing you like this, I need to find my right man soon ><

Belany Zhang says:


zeldacrazyinlove1234 says:

I think maybe you should dress the doggies up in pink/blue outfits and tie
pink/blue balloons or ribbons on them that would be so cute :3

Cheyenne Kemp says:

With the whole growing boobs thing I don’t even want to imagine getting
pregnant I’m already a DD so I’m scared for them to grow. LOL

SnowRebel says:

Im getting the feeling it’s a boy but either way it’s gonna be adorbs! Luv
ya bubz <3

gingerynim says:

I think it’s a boy because your wearing blue :)

Cathrine Andersen says:

I´m week 17 now, and I can feel my baby move too! Nobody believes it
though… Haha..

MerelWithChocolat says:

Isn’t she like 16?

TheAidaNation says:

i love your hair can you please do a hair tutorial??

Ramie Zhango says:

Haha I love the way you said blooming

Hannah K. says:

Hahaha wait did Tim just do a Cheon Song Yi impression when he said
“SAWWRY?” LOL. Bubz you are absolutely glowing through your pregnancy! I
know that you and Tim will make fantastic parents!

Jessica Pettitt says:

You should announce your baby’s gender you said you wanted your dogs
involved so here is a cute idea go in a room wile everyone is in another
room slip a pink or blue bow or ribbon on there collar Or get a pink or
blue collar and have them walk out with it and say surprise and they will
know the gender BTW so cute :) your gonna be a good mommy :) 

Emma Wheeler says:

Bubz for the gender reveal u should have a medium sized box and then put
the dog with the gender and then open it to the video!!!!! Love u Bubz… U
are going to be an amayzing mother

MsGamergirl29 says:

It’s a boy you’re carrying very high

Brandi Strozewski says:

I love how you said “but dont get too big!” and youve got like the biggest
baby bump ever x3

Georgia Mai Slater says:

47kg…. f**ck i way more than that..

fashionglamm says:

LMFAO I love Tim’s interruption in your videos “SAWWWRRRYY”

Peggy johnson says:

accept if she has a girl i really wish i was her sister to i could see the
baby and i really have some baby names! if i ever hav a baby when im old
enough! im going to name her or him girls : Laura Flora Gabriella Roxanne
Layla Lola Carly Brook Kirsten Luna Lilac Oceane Sunshine Sunny Jade Roxie
Roxy Mia ! Boys:Noah Jayden Kayden Connor Cory

2lnfinityandbeyond says:

LOOOL who’s your daddy?! Who’s your daddy?!

Sandy Sophie says:

Girl or boy :3

Deloryan Hommers says:

I think it is a boy. My mom said that girls take away the beauty of their
mommy when they are pregnant. (it’s just a myth, but still.. ) And Bubz
still looks beautifull 😀 Although she talked about getting acne on her
arms and dry skin, hmmm. Guess we’ll find out soon enough ;P

Ariana Daley says:

If a doctor says it’s a boy this early on, they will almost always be
right, because if there is a definite penis then it is definitely a boy.
But with girls sometimes there is a bit of an unsure area, since it may be
positioned wrong or too small to see until it is more developed, so I think
it may be a girl! 

elwynbrooks says:

“That’s it, no more growing please!”

HA. As if any boobs in the history of humanity has ever listened to their
owner’s pleas …

brehveech1 says:

OMG, I can’t believe you’re pregnant! I know it’s weird but it feels like
it was just yesterday when I was watching your bachelorette party. lol.
Congratulations and I wish you and your husband the best. 

BiohazardMoon97 says:

6:14 “WOOPS, SORRY! :P” I love Tim so much!!!

Abi Price says:

Bubbi, you’re 17 weeks pregnant and still weigh less than I do xD

Hyun Ae Kim says:

Hi Bubz! I really like your vlogs. I loved it more coz I’m also pregnant. 

Julie Kuang says:

When Tim said sorry at 6:17 it reminds me of the way song yi from My Love
From Another Star says ‘sorry.’ Is it just me people? XD

Kathy Canizalez says:

you have two different earings on xD 

phoebe nguyen says:

oops, sawry

Lena Nguyen says:

Boobs are looking good bubz :)

Allison Kempf says:

One way I know a couple unveiled their baby’s gender to the family was at
the baby shower. They had the baker color the inside of the cake either
blue or pink depending on the babies gender. And then when they cut the
cake, they found out!

the harvey family X says:

hi bubz!! im a fairly new subscriber, only started following you from your
pregnancy announcement, but i have to say i LOVE watching you guys (and
your gorgeous dogs!!) keep the great vids coming!! xx

Sheng Trinh says:

Wow Bubz, I’m 17 weeks pregnant right now too and my tummy isn’t showing
much. Yours is showing a lot. I guess everyone is different. Best wishes! 

Imapurpleunicorn1410 says:

Wow bubz you shouldnt worry about dark circles you look like you have NONE
:) on that topic if you could make a tutorial on how you make them
disappear thatd be very helpful for many people :) im sure youll be an
uh-mazing mom and take care :D

angelitaramos2102 says:

Do a gender cake reveal (: get a vanilla cake dye it or order it and cover
it completely with icing and get your favorite cake toppings, or you can
get matching onesies for the dogs in either blue or pink :D… there are
many cute things but I say you search up the different things people do for
baby gender reveals.

Gia tran says:

ITS A GIRLLLL SHE SAID SHE AND HER AT 6:40!!!! 😀 awwwwwwwwwwwwww<333333

ashsezrawr says:

I lol’d @ “nip nips”. So cute!

Milly Kac says:

If u go on my cup cake addiction she shows u how to make gender cookies to
tell people the gender

Ivy Kay Carter says:

Idk why or its just me but I can imagine bubz using toddler toys for beauty

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