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Katie House says:

Still watching old videos of yours, even though I watched all of these
previously when you were pregnant, and I just have to say, I had the SAME
hip and leg issue. I still do, even though my daughter is 6 months old now.
I think I still just tend to lay on that side out of habit. The pillow
definitely helped ease it a bit while I was pregnant though!

Angelica Estrada says:

your such a cute prego :) i just found out on thursday I’m pregnant eeeek
I’m due in Nov I’m 4 weeks :)

MyThreeTwoOne says:

im not pegnant anymore and i want that my belly looks like yours even at 39
weeks lol

emily2331992 says:

@rasberry8558 did u actually watch thevid?

Lara D says:

my mom became claustrophobic when she was pregnant 2! I just hope it will
stop with you after the pregnancy, cuz with her it stayed for the rest of
her life :(

HappyLifex3 says:

@rasberry8558 Yes Sina is pregnant.

Olivegum says:

What type of birth do you want? Water birth, home birth, etc…

hms2102 says:

I love how your waist is now at 27 inches and you’re 16 weeks pregnant and
my waist is 28 inches and I’m certainly not pregnant lol! awkwarddd :(

theartisancourtesan says:


Sophie Magnet says:

did you know that in asia especially Japan, pregnant women are not supposed
to gain weight, im not sure why but its cool yet weird

destiny13006 says:

Seeing Sina was so cute =D

Shannon Linehan says:

@Niamh39 Yes

Sonia Virk says:

@fallenangelforever it’s where your doctor sends your gender results to a
bakery of your choosing and they make a cake and it looks plain on the
outside and on the inside they make the icing blue or pink and then you cut
into it at a party or get together with your family and then you all find
out the sex of the baby

eurosweety89 says:

iit’s neat to see how differently babies grow when you compare the baby
bumps of you & sam. so different!

XXSecretNinjasXX says:

Ahhhh I wish you were my mom xD

Isabelle Sch says:

My sister is about as far along as you and she’s not showing at all. I
think that’s normal, I actually think Samantha (Scheurman) looks bigger for
how far along she is. I thought she was already 4 months pregnant :)

songhyekyoo says:

i have the same journale but for the baby !!!

rasberry8558 says:

is your dog pregnant?!?!?!?

Lexi81u812 says:

for your dry skin try using aquaphor!!!

Lázaro Blanc says:

Your s’ sounds weird

angelica farrar says:

Sina is definitely “showing”! :) Lol. You look gorgeous, Anna. Love these

carly edwards says:

You sound like you are having a lovely pregnancy :) I was lucky enough
enough to have a great one too the only difference with me is that my skin
was actually better when I was pregnant than before and now, which is a
shame because I have quite bad spots now :( and that I have put on quite a
bit of weight ( I was as skinny as you before I was pregnant) lol! Good
luck with the rest of you pregnancy :) and your lickle doggies 😀 bless her
she looks like she has a bob haircut I love it hehe! xxxxx

browneyedbabe127 says:

@pablothepebble hahahaha..

BellaRaeAZ says:

The best view that you showed of your bump was when you did a over the head
view looking down! That really showed the bump and that was a few weeks ago
on daily vlogs. Maybe try that next time.

starzhere says:

I think you’re going to be like my friend. She didn’t start to show until
she was 7 months. It was her first baby. With the second baby, a year
later, she showed a lot sooner. ~elaine

Miss Heart says:

So cute! <3

MakeupObsessed98 says:

ino its really wierd but im 13 and i like watching these vlogs, i just love
you and “jofus” xxx :)

Allisen Byrd says:

I think you are going to have a girl.

Danni Smith says:

your ‘bump’ looks bigger in photos than on video! aww sina’s preggo belly
😛 cute

Shannon Linehan says:

@LoboLady2007 A bin man is a man who comes to your house with a big
disposal truck and takes your rubbish or trash and disposes of it basically
a garbage man :)

you87rocks says:

when I was pregnant sleeping with a body pillow definitely helped (for
awhile–towards the end nothing helps, but it’s all worth it :)

Ruby Feline says:

Little Sina :)! I don’t know, watching a birth can be traumatizing. When my
dog had puppies I could barely keep it together. Good thing my husband was
there and had some experience with animals in these situations, haha! Just
be sure to learn as much as possible about what to expect, what to do if
you need help and aftercare and it should be fine.

Jayme Tucker says:

It’s so cute that you and sina are prego at the same time :o)

Leha Sean says:


emily2331992 says:

@x0cheerhottie9 yes

aymoons1 says:

You’re so cute pregnant! And people really need to stop obsessing over the
fact that your belly isn’t huge. Everyone goes through pregnancy in their
own way and gains their own weight. Just because Jessica Simpson looks
65482984 months pregnant doesn’t mean that’s the norm! You’re just a
healthy individual, so your body is doing what it SHOULD be doing (not
gaining too much weight, but gaining enough to keep the baby safe!) You’re
darling, Anna; stay positive! =)

Yamila Pusino says:

@TknHeartbyJqm AMEN! lol

goinforbroke86 says:

you look so beautiful!!

Style by Sophia says:

Awww I loved Sina’s little cameo! So cute <3 <3

ZColdsWife says:

On the Liking being pregnant I like it too and this is my second time
around and I love it even on the day I don’t feel the greatest I still love
it 😀 it’s nice to know I’m not the only one

dunebuggie says:

Try body pillows between your ankles or knees for the pain. If you get the
horrible leg cramps in your calves, later on then role your calf from side
to side and it will go away.

Lozykins2698 says:

with the light thing you should just plug one of those 3 plug things into
the adaptor x

Кристина Комарова says:

как же это мило!и ты милая!:-)

dreamdesignmom says:

you want a four door car for the baby.. it gets so hard o put the baby in
the back seat the heavier he/she gets.. We had to get a four door and it
was way better

megacurls0819 says:

you look absolutly gorgeous today! pregnant women aparently do glow!

bebiv says:

Congrats pet, Im 4 weeks ahead of you – 20 weeks tomorrow :) Its amazing!!!

chiccaboom says:

@pablothepebble or when it’s smaller than my stomach on a regular basis…

Hayley Kristin says:

That was so cute showing Sina’s belly!

Shay Mosshart says:

These pregnancy blogs are my favorite ones!

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