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16 common pregnancy symptoms ft CrazyLightSkinGirl

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sweetiepie9411 says:

My boo latoya looks so pretty!! loving the hair huntyyyy

Je suis très fou says:

lol @ rochelle.. funniest girl who doesnt try hard..

Wesley Pennock says:

I need a black woman in my life.

MiracleTheGreat says:

why werent you wearing your ring latoya? jw 

Natasha Hopper says:

Ugh, I feel you… I have A LOT of these symptoms, I’m 10 weeks pregnant.

Marshall Mathers says:

Your boobs looks amazing 

Mya Desouza says:

I love your videos Latoya but when I’m eating something I don’t like to
hear people talking bout there coochie being itchy and blowing there nose
and farting up the place because I’m trying to eat here please put a
warning at the beginning of the video but I still love you Latoya!! ❤❤

tenayamichelle88 says:

I feel like Rochelle is trying to steal the spotlight in every video that
she comes out in of Latoya’s.. 

Deborah Kasengela Mbuyi says:

Rochelle is doing way too much. Be yourself, stop forcing it like that,

peaceloveandriley14 says:

If it’s a boy your stomach with go lower if it’s a girl you hair will get

jjjj says:

Rochelle is trying way too hard. Calm the fuck down.

Michelle Hernandez says:

You gon have a boy

gabrielle johnson says:

latoya im not even les but your boobs look great here! I am 2 months
pregnant and cant wait til mine grow im a 36C 

Destiny Curry says:

This video can get annoying. But I loved it! Love u Latoyaa.

Jen Bender says:

I sometimes get headaches, I have hormonal imbalances, I get cramps in my
lower stomach area, I have stretch marks, and yet I’m not pregnant. Well
I’m kinda pregnant, but with an IUD. Just not a baby. The IUD is my baby.

Carissa Fleming says:

I think it’s a girl cause ur boobs are getting big

Shai Evans says:

Latoya why didn’t you upload a video on Thursday you always do on your main
channel are you okay.?

Joe Hyche says:

Ya gurl look like Lisa “lefteye” Lopes

Saloni Singh says:

4:23 It was so awks for the other girl cus she thought that Latoya’s gonna
tell us to sub to “CrazyLightSkinGirl”, but instead she told to sub to her
vlog channel.
You should have seen her face lol. xD

Leo Messi says:

Omg youtube added a really annoying sound when you like a comment :(

PaulGreen11 says:

6 common signs a female wants to get pregnant…

1: She aint got no money

2: She likes your money

3: She has low self-esteem

4: She calls same time every night.

5: She’ll suck you dick whenever but, she never swallows. She’ll take it to
the bathroom.

6: She says she don’t like condoms.

Sydney Schulz says:

Latoya. Quick. Msg. Ok i know. This. Is. Getting. Annoying. So im. Going.
To. Stop.

Ok so Latoya i want to give u a quick reminder when ur pregnant be careful.
Try not to do things that may make u fall u could loose that beautiful baby
on the crazy way. Gurllll we dont want that. Ur craaazeee fans to be upset.
So please be careful in the upcoming videos

SexyShay90 says:

Yea, ur boobs are huge! I’m 17 weeks and my boobs are taking over for the
99 and 2000 

Tanaya Furman says:

Congrats Latoya

MsDestinys Journey says:

READ MY BOOK :) ! Get the app WATTPAD !!! (Until we meet Again by
Destinylaney17) an urban love story / Pregnancy PLEASE AND THANK YOU ❤️

Ashley Franklin says:

i love ur friends hair latoya

zebo rakhimdjanova says:

K…..her vidoes are only about answering questions these days :( Come on
latoya make a video on something fun!!!!!!

MikeandRere says:

Love you guys and LOVE this video!! My video was a lot less fun because I
feel like crap! I am 10 weeks pregnant & I have had the WORST morning
sickness (more like all day sickness) and I look a hot mess. Latoya you
look so pretty, and you’re glowing. You guys are beautiful and hilarious!
&& Everything you said was so true

Briana Owo says:

Did I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ake you wipe your screen?

BrentWoodSean38 says:

What you mixed with?


Hello Latoya 

Makayla C says:

Damn I ain’t watch her in a minute & she’s pregnant

Bronxgurl89 says:

Great video but I think in seen a grey hair

Braddy Rose says:

You straight up act like a Hood rat… very immature i might add, i think
maybe you should pipe it down a lil before your child picks up on those bad
habits of yours, Dont really like your Channel so im Unsubscribing 

Angleahscottoncandy says:

I’m 4 month prego… I have stupid morning sickness

Glowritz1 says:

I think that the line is where they cut for c sections

DigitalRealm says:

Funny thing, my stepson gave birth today.

Anaya Davis says:

I think that girl is too much i don’t think it’s funny

Crooked-eyed Hudson says:

Scientist say 85% of women are extra happy when pregnant. That is why
latoya so hyper and dancing around

Prettie Dimplezz says:

You look beautiful latoya wit ur hair lik that u have a glow

Tabitha Christopher says:

congrats girl :) ur baby in ur belly probably tryin to get his/her own
videos sayin “whats up babbbbbiiiieeeeesss” lol hope you enjoy ur pregnancy
sweety, love ur vides

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