15 Week Pregnancy Vlog!

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CMeilach says:

@lesomnambulist haha awesome

Jennifer M says:

Your little baby bump is cute!

TheSoylucia says:

That lipgloss you are wearing looks AMAZING

thedumbunicorn says:

she’s skinnier than I am and guess what? IM NOT PREGNANT

sunbeamsontoast says:


DiLqNkaa says:

@TheNicoleSousa I completely disagree because in the case of any
complications they need to assist her and it is even better if the vet is
nearby..It is true that she needs her pace and everything but especially
with small breeds they DO need help and observation!

msalibella says:

Sina could also be having a phantom pregnancy. This is where she goes
through a heat and a few weeks after, she will start thinking she is
pregnant due to hormones. She will put on weight, can go off her food,
start producing milk and start nesting/ gathering toys and minding them
like they are actual puppies. You will need to really help her in relation
to proper nutrition during pregnancy.(continue in another comment)

LesleyB1023 says:

I love watching your videos. I’m 13 weeks! It’s good to see whats coming
up! :)

mydenmel says:

wooohooo!congrats to you and your lovely husband =) eat all of what you are
craving for =) its goood for the baby

makeupyourmind2019 says:

You’re definitely bigger and showing more the second time around.

Sian Hanlin says:

OMG Anna your bump is so much bigger this time round!

NiamhTbh says:

Anna i live in Kildare and if you have any spare puppys i would be down to
cork in a heartbeat :O

bcdoula says:

You will learn so much about watch Zina going into labour and giving birth.
As a doula i always tell my doula clients that if we could all eliminate
fear like most mammals it would greatly reduce the pain of labour. When I
was 16 my toy poodle gave birth in my bedroom closet and tucked her puppies
under me for warmth while I was sleeping! She must’ve known that I was
going to be a doula!

Infinity870 says:

dont worry about the dog, just ask the vet how it will be. mine had puppies
a while ago and it was vey natual for her, nothing horrible. leave her
alone though, she wont enjoy your company while givig birth, she can even
bite you

veracarvalho says:

i had no idea dogs gave birth to different amount of pups depending on the
breed, i always thought it was about 5, i hope you spay sina and neuter
albi if she is indeed pregnant, no need for more pups roaming around and
risking the chance she gets pregnant or albi gets another dog pregnant if
they ever run away

lacegighamtree says:

Congrats Sina! We bred our boxer dog in May 2010. It was very traumatic as
Millie (our boxer) wasn’t able to feed the puppies herself so we had to
feed them every two hours with puppy formula. It was exhausting & very
upsetting when we lost one of the six puppies at 1 week. We had to make
several trips to the vet in the first few weeks as the puppies became
dehydrated. However, we got into a routine and although VERY hard work it
was one of the most memorable and special times of my life. x

marnipott1 says:

If you guys are so depressed that she’s bigger than you, get off your butt
and do something about it and stop complaining.

hapihaze says:

a wish my bump was this small! :’) its abit bigger but thats coz im a size
10/12 i guess O.o its not tht much bigger, but oil is good im also applyin
this to prevent stretch marks more

Ayamus Bieber says:

A mini Nina or a mini Jofus, tnaw.. then a mini Sina or a mini Albi, lol, u
guys are lucky <3

TunaHelper19647 says:

I love your outfit in this video! You’re so sweet and cute!

OpiumPawala says:

Advice when (if) she goes in to labour is to have water available for her
to drink, talk to her, keep everything calm. If she has a hard time you can
do some of the same massages that one does during human labour, palpate the
stomach, rub her back, etc. Before labour make sure she nests in an easy
reach area where she can feel safe but you can still get to her, up her
food intake, but not much, keep her walking too. Like for humans excersise
and good nutrition make labour and pregnancy “easier”

Emily Conway says:

where are your earrings from? beautiful!

sief123456789 says:

that headache and afternoon tiredness are signs of anemia which you really
have to be careful about during pregnancy, make sure you are taking enough

Viola Maria says:

Hey anna :) We breed Old English Mastiffs and both of my parents are vets.
There are so many things I could tell you so I don’t know what to write 😀
😀 But if you have any questions just write me a message!!

sofiasmiles02 says:

Where did you get the jeans?

MsLovin2010 says:

I like your outfit a lot. You are going to have such a cute baby:)

afabulouskilljoy12 says:


Emma Semple says:

my little dog had puppies, just make a welping box and make sure there is
loads of newspaper and stuff in it when she are giving birth and then when
she does have one, let her clean it before you touch it or she will disown
it :( my mum had to revive one and she has no idea what on earth she was
doing, so you will be fine :) have straws and stuff handy in case you have
to revive one :) but if you think she is going into labour dont leave her
alone :) and you baby bump is uber cuteee<3

Gabbie Hannah says:

I delivered 13 puppies from 1 litter with my cousin, 1. make sure you have
something to hold the puppies and parent dogs in.(we opened and taped
cardboard boxes together, put some on the bottom, and put a few old
blankets underneath.)2. Have the vet on speed dial in case something goes
wrong.3. let your dog pace and make her comfortable.4. When the puppies are
born,she needs to clean the sac off of the puppies. If she doesn’t,you need
to with a towel so they can breathe.5. KEEP THEM WARM!

olivia wilder says:

My Beagle had two litters of puppies, and she pretty much did all the work
the only thing we did was cut the umbilical cord dry them off and hook them
up lol. 😛 Your dog should be capable of doing everything herself, so don’t
worry about it. :)

justcallherP says:

@thedumbunicorn dito

hms2102 says:

If you don’t wanna spend so much on Bio-Oil (I know it’s pricey and it
doesn’t last very long!) There is another product that people have been
raving about and I use it for scarring, its Re-Gen Cream (you can get it on
eBay for about £6 a tub) It’s got the same ingredient in it as Bio Oil but
is about half the price! Just a heads up :)

Alicia Seebode says:

Momma dogs will eat the after birth..Its perfectly natural and healthy for
them to do so. So please dont try and stop your dog from doing that. She
will also probably need a birthing box. You should probably look into all
of this, since dogs wont go a full 9months like us humans.

Courtney Young says:

You look like Jennifer Lopez! :)

yasminebenylles says:

I think I have the shirt you’re wearing! H&M? so comfy :)

Sar K says:

She’ll hopefully do the labour on her own, stand by but I wouldn’t touch
unless its an emergency.. and I still wouldn’t touch the puppies until
you’re sure she has bonded with them and she is ok with you holding them or
going close as she may get defensive and harm them. Also, i would keep Albi
away from her in the last few days and def away from her and the pups in
the early weeks.

Trivico1 says:

It’s funny to watch this video now that you’re so close to giving birth. In
this video you’re like ” oooh the bump has grown” and then you look at you
35 weeks pregnant video after this and think ‘ holy moly, it huuuuge !!!’
All the best from me :)

Danielle Paul says:

break outs around the chin/jawline is hormonal acne. =/ but you still look
beautiful <3

hayleypoppet says:

hhahaha I laughed out loud at the sandwiches! I just automatically thought
of Joey from Friends haha You look fantastic! Absolutely beautifully

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