15 Week Pregnancy Vlog: Baby Stuff!!

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Aisha Althani says:

I have a feeling that it’s a boy

Jrae Huffman says:

I love watching you talk about being pregnant!!! You make me want another
:) do you have a po box where we can send you baby stuff!!!? If you have a
boy, I have a few pieces of clothing that I have been saving for someone
who really cares about having nice clothes and I’d love to send you some.
Feels funny saying that since I don’t know you on real life but I mean it! 

sdrogers85 says:

my biggest advice for baby clothes is always SIZE UP! only purchase 3
months and up lol my son was 7.4 lbs at birth but he was 20.5 inches and
just grew so fast that he was wearing 3 months by like the 2nd week haha
it’s not only the pounds that matter but how long they are!

Rebecca Sankey says:

It’s so weird where I live we don’t buy baby things untill very late in
pregnancy or at least till after the 20week scan. Hardly anyone does up
rooms untill baby is born.. it must be a cultural thing.. can’t wait to see
babas nursery… it’ll be fab like the rest of your home..

greynightfairy says:

You look clueless, but in a CUTE Exciting way. I’m sure I’ll sound just
like you when I finally decide its the right time for me to be a mom.

story1004 says:

Also I heard if u get hormonal pregnancy acne you probably have a

Beautyosaurus Lex says:

So exciting Tiffany! I could just see it in your face when you were looking
at the little bear slippers, that you are to the moon :) 

Araya Jaeger says:

My mom is 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. I cant wait! She found out
today shes not having twins, phew thank goodness for that!

ktfab79 says:

You have the glow. So happy for u! My advice (I have a 3 mo. Old) is to buy
some clothes that open up all the way and don’t have to go over the head.
It’s soooo hard dressing baby at first! Look for “side snaps” or “kimono”

Tara Wiperi says:

Soooo exciting… Just a tip. I found with the onesies.. Notice how they
have the little flap on the shoulders. When I put them on my son they would
move off his shoulders because obviously of being picked up and him
squirming etc. I just found that normal capped sleeves were better.. 

Mango Sprout says:

Yes I have to say it- your tummy looks so cute >_<

britney love says:

omg you make me wanna be pregnant so bad, probably well start trying next
month,, xoxo

Kelsey Dull says:

I found that swaddlers with Velcro closures are the easiest way to go
(especially for middle of the night changes). Maybe register, or just get
one and see how you like it. My son loved it, but some babies don’t even
like to be swaddled so it just depends. Congratulations! You’re going to
love being a mommy! :)

Dez Olivas says:

You can google ultrasound places and pay to get the gender of your baby :)
that’s what i did! It’s about 40 dollars. I found out the gender at 14
weeks! It’s a boy <3 

Suzana Cicic says:

I like your video n luv the stuff u showed in your video and
congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy n baby. 

Sharon A-T says:

Hi Tiffany, Congrats to u both. When i was carrying my second child, i had
back troubles & i was given a pregnancy belt that u wrap just under your
bump,its elasticated & wraps around your back & fastens with Velcro on the
front under your bump it also supports your back & bump because sometimes
when your bump gets bigger ( & you are a small person) it sort of pulls on
your back. Hope this is of some help xx 

Yael Bolender says:

I remember, I was doing like you: buying clothes for myself that I could
wear after, but for both of my sons, the last weeks I was so fat that any
clothes didn’t fit anymore, for my first son, the worst were the shoes, my
feet were so swollen, it was a catastrophe!
Anyway, once the baby is there, we laugh about it.

katherine carter says:


Tihomira Green says:

Both of my girls did not like to be swaddled, you just never know. All
babies are different. Hopefully your precious one will like it. :)

Kayla H says:

You should start a vlog channel. 

MakeupByTiffanyD says:
Colleen Clark says:

Oh and the flap over lay on the shoulder helps to put their head thru as
thats the roundest/biggest part of a bub when born, and the lay over also
means no buttons,zips etc..less choke hazard and quicker/efficient and if
you dry them without stretching they bounce back into shape well.

Piper Maru says:

My first son’s weight was 8 pounds 2 ounces, 51 inches. he used clothes
size 0 to three months, and grew them super fast, in a matter of weeks.
is better not to buy a lot of clothes in newborn size, babies gain weight
and grow very fast.

Nicole McEntee says:

I know this is a bizarre question, but Ive been looking at switching to a
credit card for purchases and was wondering which card you love?

Robin Melendez says:

As a mom of four I concur with other commenters: do not buy much
newborn-sized clothing! Go bigger, always go bigger.

Also having lots of cloth diapers to use as catch-all cloths is a must.
They are super soft and much more absorbent than burp cloths. Get a few
packs of regular cloth diapers and wash them up for all-purpose uses. You
will be amazed how crazy messy kids are and how you will always be reaching
for a towel, rag, cloth, whatever.

Maternity jeans/pants rule. You’ll be wearing them for a while after baby
comes so get ones you really like. You’ll feel fine soon in your old jeans
too, so relax about that. The day you manage to slip back into your skinny
jeans after giving birth is a sweet one indeed.

You are in for the greatest adventure of your life. Those first few moments
with you, hubby, and your baby are made of pure magic. Enjoy and be ready
to lose your heart.

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