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Want to compare this to last time’s 13 week pregnancy vlog? Here ya go :)

Hey guys! Welcome back to the pregnancy vlogs! I will be uploading these every Monday at around 8pm GMT. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave your thoughts on this video in the comments below! xoxo Anna

Pictures/bump update will be on my blog!

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Anastasia Derry says:

It’s supposed to be ‘My first tooth’, ‘My hospital ID band’ and ‘My first

Anna Saccone says:

13 Week Pregnancy Vlog is live!

John Jones says:

Wow very beautiful! Keep up the good work

Mary Brown says:

Aww! Congratulations 😀

Bobbyelkawinnie says:

I’d say you defo have an iron deficiency. I’m no expert but your symptoms
seem the same as mine when I was preg, I was put on iron tabs! You look
amazing Anna! Love your vids xx

Luvfashion031 says:

Thank you:)

Kimberly S says:

You have such a Nic litle Tommy :-)

Tayluvs .vlogs says:

Were are u from

77Suse says:

Beautiful Anna

paulathemonster says:

“…I think that goes along with the constipation thing. Which is a load of
crap.” no pun intended hahahaha


thank you for doing this Anna!

Rita Skogvoll says:

Dont freak out about the bump and the size of the baby, big bump doesent
equal big baby. I gave birth in December to a 4,5 kg baby and I wasnt
really big at all. And even with that big baby the birth went great! :)
They do say its totally normal to look bigger in your second pregnancy, and
especially if they are close together! You look beautiful anyway! :)

heatherflorence20 says:

I always consider the baby a boy !!♥x

Mariam Panjsheri says:

I’m in the 22 week :) greetings from Germany

Am3thyst91 says:

I wish you lived closer to colette, kayli and the other moms so you could
go to The Moms View sometimes. I would love to hear you chat with the other
mommys 😛 So exited to find out the gender 😀

maeflower522 says:

Anna, I watched your Spring Makeup Tutorial and I was thinking if you could
do an Autumn Makeup Tutorial :)

Zikeya Rawlings says:

LOL. I’m an American. From the south. So we have that southern drawl, and
it CRACKED ME UP, hearing you say “Clevamama”. At first I thought you were
trying to say something in French. SO FUNNY.

Beeba Smith says:

Can’t wait for the gender and name reveal! *squeals*

73Tams says:

Hi Anna. I don’t know if you are a back or side sleeper, but when I was
pregnant I would lay on my side and take a pillow and put it between my
knees. It helped so much! I will even do it now sometimes when I am
uncomfortable and can’t sleep:-)

Shrink Wrap TV - Two shrinks, one life. Two minds wrapped together... says:

Its flying past! Enjoy it Anna :) x x

jessica cazares says:

So when are you due? I’m pregnant with my first & I’m a week behind you. &
I’m due on April 7.

CullenPrincessa says:

I think the two boxes for hospital bands are one for yours and one for the
baby’s band.

Emma Dickhudt says:

Can u do an updated nursery tour? Plz

HomeTumbler says:

Every time I read your Video descriptions I hear your voice. Lol.

cierra b says:

im due april 1st and im 13 weeks too!!! congrats your amazing

Danne Stack says:

maybe someone with twins

obbplossom s says:

The memory box is very cool :)

LilyHeartsCosmetics says:

Can’t wait to find out the gender:D you look great anna! X

GeeGee Lipana says:

clevva momma!!! hahaha XD <3

TMPerfectlyImperfect says:

2 hospital band boxes, 1 for your babys and 1 for yours :)

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