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Hello everybody!!

We’ve almost caught up! Here is my 13 week pregnancy vlog! I’ve successfully entered the 2nd trimester *throws glitter*. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant now. Time is flying by. I love my little bump already *rubs it*

No more secret pregnancy vlogs now. I’m sorry if these baby vlogs have been spamming your inbox. You will see them every 2 weeks now ^_~

A new trimester. New experiences. New changes. New feelings.

I’m feeling more attached to little one. Keep baking in the oven, our little bun.

Thank you for walking this amazing journey with us.

Love Bubz (and Peanut)

Ps. Also want to take the chance to congratulate my friends Judy & Benji on the arrival of their twin girls. I AM SOOOO happy for you guys!!! Sending lots of love your way!

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Nutmeg Jenny says:

In this vlog she mentions her in-laws now know. I remember there being a
video of her and Tim meeting his parents at the airport with a sign saying
“Welcome Grandma and Grandpa” or something like that. I wanted to watch
that one, but I can’t find it! Does anyone know what video that was?

Izzy Jardine says:


Nina Yamada says:

I think you’re having a girl :3

Leanashe23 says:

The advert before this video was a constipation treatment commercial…

Reka Ratkai says:

I’m 13 weeks now! It’s such an adventure. My Baby Bean is healthy, I had my
IPS ultrasound last week and everything looks good :) I have a noticeable
bump now, but you still can’t really see it if I wear loose clothes! I
haven’t gained any weight yet either. I’m really lucky because I haven’t
craved any junk food, I haven’t gotten constipated! And I couldn’t live
without my bananas, I have one every day, so I really hope it doesn’t hurt
my Baby Bean!

Megan Davies says:

I think it’ll be a boy :) only because your belly has grown so much already

Sophie Davidson says:

awwwww good luck <3 lil baby bump <3

kyni87 says:

My love from the staaars ost !!! Girl you rock !

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV says:

i hear that “My love from another star” ( k drama) background music !! <3

HotnColdTV1 says:

Enjoying the background music …. Fav korean drama❤️❤️❤️❤️ i cant wait to
see ur belly bigger

Galina Hardison says:

She looks like she will be a great mom… :)

Nicole Vergara says:

Wow looking back on this video you were TINY compared to how big you are
now! Can’t wait to see baby Isaac. :)

Ariatna Cortez says:

About 3 hours ago bubbi had her boo boo ( baby)!!!!!!!

Devon Reynolds says:

You are going to be a wonderful mother

Ridordi83 says:

This was made on my birthday

allaroundeverything says:


loveyouserenity says:

I have a feeling it’s a boy

Nadia Spencer says:

LOL at the banana thing!

sophia de torres says:

My love from another star ost lol ahahha xx luv yah bubz

La Lopez says:

Thanks for sharing! I understand exactly how you feel! Blessings to you and
baby :)

Mavis Everdeen says:

its probably going to be a girl! 

Karina Aponte says:

I’m so excited for you Bubz congrats on the lil peanut!!!

lenangjf says:

how old is Lindy? just curious cos she looks young and time flies & she’s
gonna be a mummy soon :)

Khari Garrott says:

My hands are hurting too, every morning

Moonwolf152 says:

I don’t know why but I feel like your gonna gave a boy 

selma agani says:

Lol “slip out” hahahaha

Taniyah Felder says:

my sister in law had a innie too then she got preganaed and all of a sudden
she had an outtie 

TheLovelyChiq says:

This baby is going to be so spoiled with love and care from Bubz and Tim..
and us!! <3 good luck Bubz!!

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