12 Week Pregnancy Vlog: Symptoms, Cravings, Pain & Constipation

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Hey friends! I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant and I prefilmed this video to share after I announced the news. I don’t plan to have regular pregnancy vlogs every week, maybe just once every 3 weeks. 😀

Don’t worry this is still a beauty, DIY, fashion channel just sometimes I will update my pregnancy. 😀

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Amy Grace says:

FYI: Your videos are exactly what I need! Seriously girl, I am not much
of a “VLOG” follower, but your genuine personality is infectious! xox

Brianna K says:

How fast was your baby’s heart beat at your 12 week appointment?

Jenny Waite says:

That’s actually a myth! The more you wear bras the less muscles your boobs
use and that’s when it’s your boobs sag!! Congrats on your baby!!

est. 1984 says:

That is sooo crazy! I craved ramen noodles too! I never eat ramen noodles
either so I knew it was a legit craving. I’m currently 12 weeks preggo! 

Tina Cassell says:

I am so excited to see Liam! I have already watched your pregnancy videos
but now I am pregnant and I am watching them again. Lol love you guys!

Kathryn Baughman says:

You are too sweet! I hope you have a beautiful baby boy! ♡:)

Natalie Fletcher says:

The way u say mustache is so funny, lol. “Mush-stash”. Get it girl!!

micah white says:

Too much caffeine during pregnancy isnt safe.

Sharee Nussbaum says:

Your hair is beautifull that usually means a boy but I’m sure you know
allready lol 

Ebony Brown says:

U help me so much.I really like watching your video, thank u.

AprilAthena7 says:
chimezap says:

I am glad she’s not ma wife..blehhhhhhhhh

Kitbaloo24 says:

Don’t give them a weird name…how about Megan, Maya, Marina? Or Michael
for a boy

monique fullwood says:

Right now im 8 weeks and three days. All I want are hot chips ( hot fries
and hot cheetos). It helps me not feel the penny taste from my liw iron

Crystal Mandile says:

i like coke now too haha! 

The Pro Glow Girlz says:

It’s pronounced la croy

Rihana Sarwari says:

Craving soda during pregnancy is normal my mom was the same way, soda,
extra buttery popcorn, French fries anything spicy and coffee was the only
thing she would crave and eat when she was pregnant with me lol

Loz V says:

April always makes me laugh, I love watching your videos! Your going to
make such a wonderful mom! :)

Marry yam says:

April !! congratulations !! i just knew it ;(

Anna Xin says:

Aww you’re so cute and bubbly. New Subscriber :) 

Maria F says:

your looking very beautiful April love seeing you both so happy Congrats!
make sure you are getting plenty of rest a happy healthy mommy = a happy
healthy baby 

shanique thomas says:

My mom told me that when your hair grows and get thicker you’re gonna have
a boy!!! Thats what happened when she had my little brother

Sigur 8 says:

I’m about a month ahead of you. I was also craving Cup Noodles! But I was
able to find MSG-free, low sodium ones. La Croix is pronounced “luh kwah”.
I’m still nauseous (but I don’t vomit) and constipated, and I expect to be
this way until birth. Holy wow, your baby bump at 12 weeks was bigger than
mine is at 20 weeks right now! And I’m not a big girl. I’m so jealous!!

bgkaay8 says:

Hi April,
You should try sodas from Whole Foods! They have the classic flavors (
lemon lime, coke, root beer, ginger ale) and they are all natural cane
sugar which is a lot better than sugar free and I’m pretty sure they are
caffeine free! 

LORENA Montanari says:

I love you

LORENA Montanari says:

I < 3 you

LORENA Montanari says:

So true i <3 you

Alvee Moni says:

My boobs got big during my pregnancy but they never sagged afterwards. They
actually looked better than before I was pregnant. The stretch marks
weren’t too pretty though

Gloria Nieto says:

Aww i cant wait to see the baby is it a GIRL OR BOY

dainacm says:

wrap a silk piece of cloth around your bell at night time so when you do
scratch your not actually tearing your skin…

AprilAthena7 says:

no it was a phase when i was younger lol

YummyMummyKate says:

I loved my thick hair during pregnancy, it was super long and super thick..
My little girl is five months now and its all fallen out and now I’m back
to where I started, bummer! Haha. Xxx

309rocker says:

Dont wear a bra while sleeping cause the ur boobs dobt rest or they will sag

kenziedawnn13 says:

I think you’re going to have a boy :)

Teresa Aydee Cuevas says:

God Bless you guys!!!!

erika ortiz says:

The more free the boobs are the less saggy they will be. I read it in an

ThePrettyButterflies says:

when my aunt was pregnant with her three sons she craved alot of junk food
but when sh was pregnant with her daughter she crave alot of healthy stuff

pariya zabihi says:

Aw im so happy for you :)

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