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Krysb107 says:

You shouldve taped the outside of the syringe lol

kisskissbangbanganna says:

a tiny bump!

MsRachaelMarie says:

If it goes half and half, it means the test didn’t work properly :/ Like if
it’s green at the bottom and your urine at the top, the test didn’t work! :(

lesouthard says:

I would contact the company and explain that the test was damaged and im
sure they will send you a new one free of charge…if you want.

Emily Connick says:


glitterya17 says:

i think its gonna be a boy

angiepie111 says:

What was the consistency? A paste? :)

ricsamillion says:

I’ve never heard you rant before…it was kind of funny! Hahahaha

Manvirox says:

make sure you do not eat broccoli because it is bad for the baby

stylist2020 says:

when u are still in the bed in the morning, eat some cookie or bred, and
just THEN wake up. it will help you to feel better….

DaBagelSquad says:

I would call the company you got it from and say the product was damaged.
They might give you your money back or give you a new text.

missdanni1992 says:

Anna i loved the honesty of this video! you should make videos like this
more often when you find bad products, its good to warn others :) hope you
stop feeling so sick soon, maybe youll feel better after 12 weeks. cant
wait to see the scan photos :)

April6625 says:

Anna not being mean or anything, just saying your probaly not showing
because your skinny:-)

V0larevia says:

I’m glad you like the book, Anna :) Just reading the chapter titles made me

ImpromptuAffinity says:

I can see a baby in that tum tum! :)

redhotdeepsquat says:

ALSo i think it’s showing a tiny bit.

ziplockcan says:

Twins! lol one boy and one girl

Style by Sophia says:

Aw Anna you just seem so happy!

TheRachel1234567 says:

You are only 5 weeks behind me :)

KatieeSeymour says:

i can see a slight showing i think?

msmintygreen says:

I am taking Diclectin for my morning sickness and nausea throughout the
day. I am 9 weeks pregnant : )

phatface1996 says:

You did it so wrong! but yeah it will be a girl but contact them ask for a
new one :) but if its full green boy if your urine doesnt go green its a
girl n;awww :)

Ina Enea says:

You are an amazing person Anna , I really love your pregnancy vlogs :)

30plussome says:

I did this at week 10… it told me I was having a boy…baby girl Sophia
arrived in October… lol….

bcwedge19 says:

OMG! i’m 10 weeks today too! congrats! :)

aka says:

Anna do you have a preference for the sex? :) Not that you wouldn’t be
happy either way, but just a slight preference if you could have the choice?

Orinn K says:

The day you get your ultra sound im leaving to go to boston for a week of
dance with my dance school ! Hope all goes well !! xxxxxxxxx

missdominicanbeauty says:

she has a flat tummy even when she’s pregnant -.-“””” 😛 love you lots,
Anna :*

tanjush68 says:

@Lenbel2010 congratulatons…i have 2 boys as well:-)))

paige marie says:

I since you’ll show soon I’m kinda hoping for a boy! Because if there’s a
second one and it’s a girl it be sooo exciting but I like if you guys don’t
have another baby ever than I def hope for a girl:)

JakesterJung says:

i think you could tape the crack? thats what i’ll do anyways~

Saluff says:

Maybe you’re showing & you just don’t realize it because it’s a gradual grow

DanielleBabyBliss says:

aww your so teeny tiny. Im pregnant with my first right now as well. im 11
weeks and do vlogs my belly is massive! im showing way early. i filmed
every weeks progression :) ur gonna have such a cute bump when it shows 😀

Patti Bueno says:

@bribaybayx3 they said on the vlog they dont want to say the names they
have til the baby is born

Serami77 says:


kewlchick72 says:

I live in the usa and I haven’t heard of the gender test. Maybe i am behind
the times lol

MafaldaMFMAC says:


GreenC says:

yeah 20 weeks sound about right.. but it’s different for everyone

Rachael Gunn says:

Why do you need to have a litre of water? I could never do that!

lauren ok says:

@bribaybayx3 isnt it a little early for baby names?

Christine B says:

My Mam ate a cracker before she sat up in bed each morning when she was
pregnant abd she never had morning sickness with me or my 4 siblings

Bee Carlton says:

For the record, at 12 weeks your baby may very well “look” like a girl,
even if it IS a boy, so I wouldn’t trust a gender prediction so early :)

LadySingsTheBlues01 says:

If you have a boy will you be naming him after your Dad? :) I have a
feeling if you do he’ll have a little bit of your daddy in his name.

Shoppym says:

Maybe its twins..One boy and One girl 😉 lol :p

HockeyRocks220 says:

Can’t you contact the company to get your money back or at least another

Ruby Feline says:

Try and get your money back! I’m sure the Intelligender is a tad of a scam.
80% is their quote, and they can say anything they want (still not a great
stat). And really they have a 50/50 chance of being right. There’s no
scientifically reliable way to predict gender though urine and most doctors
laugh at it (I come from a medical family too).

Orinn K says:

The day you get your ultra sound im leaving to go to boston for a week of
dance with my dance school ! Hope all goes well !! Thats unfair x

TheNunafeedtheducks says:

Anna try eating a slice of dry toast before you get out of bed, i’m sure
Jonathon will be happy to make it for you :). The toast always worked for
me, a tick my father told me of all people. the sickness is all worth it in
the end. xxx

purplerain813 says:

im so happy for u and jofus 😀 congratz again

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