10-11 Weeks Secret Pregnancy vlog!

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Watch April’s new Hunger Games hair tutorial: http://youtu.be/nS0gMsUbJ2E
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Love You Forever wall decal: http://goo.gl/BJcW61

See our parent’s reactions! http://youtu.be/B6RBrNAWWIs
Watch our reaction the day we found out we were PREGNANT! http://goo.gl/LvreKv
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Mallory Paternoster says:

if it did turn out to be a girl, how would you paint it a different color
with the decal

Olivia-Joan Iiyambo says:

You really showed super early

Gabriela Lopez says:

Wow I love what you guys put on the Wal you guys really making me a smile
the same thing what I put on my baby headstone my oldest boy used to say
that alot to my baby when he works in the hospital your face made my
day…. April and Justin hope you guys read this

Megan Ensminger says:

Oh my. I couldn’t imagine buying baby things before the first trimester

Norman Sanchez says:

I LOVE the idea that you bought things before the first trimester ended.
YOU are making it inevitable. Beautiful, Love the positivity and energy.
God Bless.

BombshellNells says:

Putting together the crib so early but congrats

Seretta Stilley says:

That was my favorite book as a child, I could never forget it…Ive read it
to all my children and will read it to the new baby as well….hopefully
centuries from now they will read it to their children Hehehehe.

Mya Lo says:

I have that book

Kaitlyn-Angel Oquendo says:


joyfulsha says:

That book made me cry!!!!! It such a great book. Congrats again. Thanks for
sharing. You look beautiful April. Super dad Justin!!!

AprilAthena7 says:

These are secret pregnancy vlogs before we announced it.

jsb9157 says:

April you are too adorable. I have a fitness question for you — your abs
are STILL AMAZING!! But I have to ask you if you actually did 700 sit-ups
every day (and 700 lunges for your butt)? If so, did you do them all at one
time? If not, how many did you do at one time? I can barely do 50!

Ashley Canales says:

do you know the sex yet?

Shaelyn Mendez says:

Love your videos

LetitiaLaura says:

You look absolutely gorgeous!

Kellys Vida says:

it’s so thoughtful not to say anything during the wedding! :)

Alice Trépanier says:

What’s your due date? :)

S. Christine says:

I love that book.. Such a sad story behind it though. That is also one of
my favorite sayings.

AprilJustinTV says:

Hahaha thanks so much for your longtime support!

Gilbert Roland says:

U guys don’t do highlights of the day anymore

ShaylasKarlstrom says:

April you totally have a glow! It’s amazing. It must be such a exciting
experience :) I can’t wait to experience that one day 😀

Patricia Nadya Cáceres Marca says:

Congratulations , we have the same time of pregnacy :)

Amanda Her says:


mercedesirasel says:

Aww, but I bet Justin’s grandmother is happy, like we are to know now that
you are pregnant!!:) <3

Jessica Pham says:

Why is the vlogs short now!?!

Erin Bjorkstedt says:

Yay 12321 views! Haha and the quote is from my favorite childhood book too!
I still cry every time I read it, its too precious! Just like you guys :)

Izzy Macintyre says:

Hey April and Justin! You guys should do a WWK pregnancy! :)

jpacleb92990 says:

april i think you and justin are having a boy and congratulations on
becoming pregnant

MalayBelle says:

I love that book. Love You Forever. I was in tears when I recognized the
decal from the book. Looks like there will plenty tears of joy from me for
you both.

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