❤18 Week Pregnancy Vlog-Cravings & Braxton Hicks ❤

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Emma Walker says:

I’m nearly 19 weeks now and my god time flies! My bump is about the same as
yours, my bump is hugeeeee it’s so annoying as can’t fit in to any jeans :(
find out the sex in 2 weeks xxx

junelainehawes says:

as of today im 18 weeks also im 24 btw lol and i love your videos. And you
dont look 30 you look like 23

CosmeticsAddiction says:

Hey Hayley,

I couldn’t help noticing you mention that you are in a high-risk pregnancy
due to some thyroid issues, just wanted you to know that I am experiencing
the same problem. I am actually suffering from hyper-thyroism since high
school and unfortunately it only got worse by the time I got pregnant.
I have been married for 4 and a half years, got pregnant 2 years ago and
ended up losing my baby (unfortunately). I am now at my 24th week of
pregnancy, and hoping everything will be ok.
I also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and let you know, your
baby has his/her own thyroid functioning by now. At 12 weeks his thyroid is
being formed and by week 18 it’s already producing enough hormones for him
/her to grow and develop. I can assure you that having this issue, is now
not really effecting your baby and you can continue and have a completely
normal and healthy pregrancy.
Do not let the doctors stress you out, they tend to tell you about the
worst scenerios because they want you to be ready for anything. I wish for
both of us to have an easy breezy pregrancy, and an even easier birth.
What you have inside you is a blessing, it’s the true miracle of life and
there is nothing greater than life itself :-)

Charlene Tait says:

Mmmm lemonade has also been my craving. Anything lemon for me is just gold!

Joy Clauson says:

Lemonade was a big craving right in the beginning for me. Now it’s apple
juice ice cold

briana maravilla says:

U r 30 yrs old I thought u were 20!

TheBlushinBrunette says:

Yum! Fresh lemonade does have its way of hitting the spot here in Texas!!!

Hayley Reinitz says:

Here is my 18 week pregnancy Vlog. :)

Marina Smyres says:

I found you yesterday and I was so excited! I’m almost 17 weeks pregnant so
you’re just ahead of me! I’m sooo sleepy and exhausted every single day I
can’t imagine filming! You’re awesome! 

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