❤ 27 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog- False labor!❤

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Sorry this vlog is a little late! You never know with pregnancy. Haha!

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TheBlushinBrunette says:

You’re smart to go in because Gil’s mom had him at 7 months- they didn’t
realize until she started going through labor that there was another sack
in there that came out first which indicated a twin was suppose to be in
there but I guess that process in the beginning never happened- so the
first sack came out first then Gil came out. Isn’t that crazy!?! Gil was
suffering because he was being squished at the top and the other sack was
on the bottom and causing an early labor.

Tanya Rose says:

So sorry this has been happing. I hope you get better. It’s so crazy to go
through this journey with you (though I’m not pregnant).
It does feel like you just got pregnant. It’s been so great to see you
through this blessing of life and know that your going to have this amazing
baby boy with your wonderful husband by your side. I’m very happy for you.
However I still hope you have an easy labor when the times comes. I’m 4
feet 10inches. Will your husband ever show up on the camera? It’s fine if
he doesn’t. It just would be nice to see you two together. I hope you and
your husband and baby stay healthy. 

BelindasChannel says:

:) we are so close to birth!!! I’m 27 weeks this Wednesday:)!!!!! It’s
going by quick. Have u bought anything yet? Please to a haul, or baby
collection so far. 

Rebe Sharpe says:

Pregnancy really does fly by! I say that every time too, haha. It does by
so fast. I’m 26 weeks (27 in 2 weeks) so we are really close! I had
preterm labour with my second son. So scary! 

lovelylaya810 says:

Great vlog, you look great without makeup . I’m only 22 weeks and it’s so
hard for me to turn over at all in the bed !

Camille Burgos says:

Oh and regarding the boppy pillow, if you go to a website everyday family
they have a coupon code for a free nursing pillow that is smaller than the
boppy. All you have to pay is shipping which came out to $12.95. And
there’s other coupon codes for a nursing cover, a sling, and a car seat
cover. Hope it helps:)

EDS Awareness says:

Wow your pregnancy is flying by. Never apologize for not wearing makeup you
are beautiful! It is always better to be safe than sorry in terms of your
health whether you are pregnant or not. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and
so many times I have saved my life by following my gut and going to the er.
Always trust your instinct

Kimberly Garza says:

Omg we are the same height!! & I’m 27 weeks. Well I will be on Wednesday!!!
I’m so excited 

Raquel Otero says:

well you’re pretty with or without make-up so…stop it :)

Camille Burgos says:

:) I’m 20 weeks with my 2nd baby boy and I have the same symptoms:) good
luck it’s all worth it in the end:) 

jessica richardson says:

When Is Your Due Date

genocide_cutter says:

No bare belly shot

Hayley Reinitz says:

Sorry it’s up so late…but here is my 27 week pregnancy vlog! Please
subscribe! :)

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