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Ello Ello sunshine!

Welcome to my 27 WEEK PREGNANCY VLOG! I’ll be on my third and final trimester next week! 13 more weeks until we meet our Peanut!

I can feel him move all the time. He loves music. He responds to my touch and my voice. I am loving every minute of this pregnancy so far. I’m ready to share more pregnancy symptoms with you guys.

Love Bubz & Tim (and Peanut)

I’m sorry it’s been a whole 4 weeks since my last pregnancy update. I’ve been traveling around so I didn’t get a proper chance to sit down and film. I actually feel a little sad already knowing we only have a few more pregnancy vlogs left to go… But it will be super special watching these again.

Read more about my pregnancy thoughts & plans here: http://bubzbeauty.com/bubbi-likes/529-27-week-pregnancy-vlog.html

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Vanessalu says:

I´m so excited for Isaac ♥ :)

Chic Pretty Nails says:

you are one of the most beautiful pregnant woman that I have seen .
You haven’t changed much with the exceptions of the belly:)

Sarah Smith says:

I have never seen Isaac being spelled Issac. Is that a misspelling or is
she really going to name her son Issac?

milphene says:

Two of my friends named their sons Isaac. Wondering if it’s a popular named
now? We haven’t found out the gender of our baby yet but we’re thinking
“Eren” for a boy :)

Joni Mingus says:

just an interesting fact and insight, after unexpected onset of labor, my
son was born at 26 weeks 6 days (just shy of 27wk), he was 2lb14oz and 14″
long. he is now 3 1/2, very healthy average preschooler!

Maryann Cockrell says:

Hey bubz, when you get those leg cramps, point your toes up to the ceiling
if you’re on your back. They’re called charlie horses in america, and yes,
they suck a lot ;~; but when I got those and I stretch my legs like that,
the pain goes away, its worked for years.

Keiko Mayo says:

How do you and Tim feel, now that you and your family is all in the stage
of like, “Marriage and babies”?

howard says:

Already 27 weeks?? It’s going by so fast! 

NorrieOrca says:

I can’t wait to see Pea .. i mean Isaac!! ^_^ 

Katie Jakob-Whitworth says:

Hey bubz, I was wondering if you meant to put: ‘Isaac’? Instead of Issac?
Or are you spelling it different? ^.^

Amelia de Groot says:

pregnancy still sounds awful imo lol, but i still want to have kids 

EvelynLove Martinez says:

peanut is moving everywhere he is going to be athletic because my cousin
moved like that too and he plays soccer, basketball he swims and runs

Crazey BananaMonkey says:

Be careful of the ribs!!! My friend broke two of her ribs while she was

Kat Hayashi says:

Wow I’m way fatter than you and you’re pregnant… I’m 140…

Helen Melon says:

i dont want this comment to come out the wrong way but i just wanted to ask
some people about the whole language thing… they obviously going to have
to speak chinese around isaac because thats where they live so how will she
tell us what she (and tim and all that) is saying?? is it gonna be like
words on the screen or somthing like that?? xxxx

Laura Bridge says:

I’m SO excited to meet baby Isaac!!! How jealous do you think Chubbi and
Domo will be? ;P

iiTrxcy says:

I didn’t watch bubz vids in a long time…I didn’t he was pregnant 

Sunny conrad says:

Awh Bubz this is so cute and exciting!!!! how many weeks/trimesters do you
have untill little baby Bubz pops out? haha as always stay healthy and many
congradulations for your 27th week!!! xxx love you and your family Bubz 

Taylor Gee says:

Bubz, I get leg cramps too >_< mine is from that dancer life though XD

JeTaimeWonderland says:

Omg I just realize I’ve been spelling ISAAC’s name wrong! So sorry bubz!
I’m excited to see him! Will you vlog him from time to time as he grows
up?! I hope you do!

Vanessa Pua says:

Bubz is it Isaac or issac? 

natipics says:

Bubz, I love you so much, I’ve been with you since the beginning of your
channel, even when I erased my old channels the first one I subscribed to
was you. I was so happy when you posted the video about your pregnancy,
Congrats (sorry for being late xD). You and Tim make such great parents,
Thank you for caring so much for your viewers, you are such a special human
being. Love and blessings to the three of you <3

luvspurple1969 says:

Okay maybe it’s the bias in me BUT I think your “baby bump” looks BEAUTIFUL
on you and (don’t let Tim read this part lol) but pregnancy MOST DEFINITELY
SUITS YOU!!!!! I mean you are truly GLOWING and the “baby bump” looks
Patootie Peanut a BIIIIIIG ole PAT from TEXAS…..(cause EVERYTHING is
bigger in Texas rofl) 

allthingskinsley says:

Tbh I am so suprised you had a baby boy I read about the symptoms that tell
what kind of gender you’re having and everything you said in your pregnancy
vlogs pointed towards a girl not a boy 😮 But either way I’ll love lil
peanut I can’t wait till he’s here my mom said it takes about 40 weeks >.< I can’t wait!

Mariyha Ketzler says:

This is a weird question but do you have your period during pregnancy

Ree K says:

oh great I’m heavier than a 27-week pregnant lady -.-

Samantha Love says:

Like I said before…xD You look like Nagisa when she was pregnant lol…
so cute… x3

Ha Le says:

Isaac or Issac?

Lieutenant Ananas says:

I get leg cramps all the time, and I’m not pregnant nor have I ever been
pregnant. The doctor says its because I don’t have enough potassium in my
body. It suckssss.

natmonster says:

why does the stomach get so big if the baby is only the size of a

SHINeeFighting1D says:

Oh my gosh bubz , your having a baby, I’m about to cry, omg Your having a
baby, I mean I’ve been watching your vlogs so of course I been knew but
it’s really starting to hit me like when you showed ur belly, Gosh! It’s
really a baby in there, ur going to be an excellent mother I just know I
wish u and ur soon to be family nothing but the best and I love u bubz, u
really are amazing, anyway I’m gonna go before I cry Lol bye bubz good
luck. ❤❤❤❤

Andrea Steffi says:

I don’t know how things are in the UK or in HK but in America Peanut is
such basic name to call your baby. Everyone and their mom call their child
Peanut. I cringe when i hear the name. No offense to you bubz, I’m sure you
loved the name. But for me, ugh.

Lissie Russell says:

Does it hurt when he kicks? O .o 

MariLiisDuglas120 says:

Oh my… You’re pregnant and you still weigh much less than I do…oh dear
😐 you are glowing Bubz, I’m so happy for you and Tim! 

Laura says:

I thought it was spelt Isaac? But obviously up to you as parents! :)

Shanelle Eason says:

Baby Isaac is a truly grateful baby to have parents like you guys :)

It just get’s me excited for my future and children when I see your belly!
So cute!!

Rebecca says:

How do the kicks feel? Do they feel like someone poking you from the

RitaPortugirl♥ says:

you are such a beautiful pregnant lady :)

cowgirlhowdy26 says:

Love your lipstick colour here bubz!

Lissahtheking roslindt says:

You’re 52 kilograms!? Omfg I weigh like 55 kilos and I’m 16.

marilyn bertol says:

Hi bubz your’e so lucky for having a smooth pregnancy. Im having my 2nd
baby and its a girl again. Mine totally different, severe morning sickness,
same with my first one. Woke up at 3:30 am just to throw up, really feels
uncomfortable, ending up watching your b-logz again. Btw, your just 1 week
ahead of me, on my way now to 29 weeks. :) hurray for more b-logz☺❤

Joy G says:

Your bump is so cute! I am about 25 weeks along and am the same size. I
really thought I was really big for how far along I am, but now that I see
your belly its soooo cute!

ThatRandomTurtle says:

My friend would freak out if she found out that you went to see Wicked and
that baby Isaac/Peanut loved it :)

Cat says:

I also have scoliosis

Angela Xiang says:

Um sorry but correct me if im wrong…. Isnt it supposed to b spelled isaac?

Maddie xo says:

AWWW i cant wait to see peanut :”)

D'Yandra Forrester says:

I think that it’s quite insensitive to assume that the mother is spelling
her child’s name ‘wrong’ :/ Just use the spelling that Bubz and Tim have
decided on.
Continue to grow happy and healthy, Bubz! :)

KAwaii0Nee says:

BUBZ! Don’t mean to pop your joy bubble, but just wondering if the spelling
for peanut’s name is Issac? Because on your baby name reveal vlog, you
spelt it at Isaac there :/ Spelling mistake perhaps? Just letting you know!

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