Tilbury Tips: how to look good during pregnancy – with Charlotte Tilbury

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Tilbury Tips: how to look good during pregnancy – with Charlotte Tilbury
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As you all may have noticed… I am pregnant.

Recently I’ve received a lot of Pregnancy related beauty questions via YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. I wanted to reply to you all via video, as I have a lot to say on the subject!

Questions vary greatly, from how to look good during pregnancy, what make up products you should avoid and many more.
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GlamGirl7 says:

Does anyone know how old Charlotte is? I thought she was around the same
age as her friend Lisa Eldridge, but if she’s preggo, she must be younger.
Just curious.

Emily Banks says:

I’m sorry, “hideous” stretch marks?? They happen in the dermis, not
epidermis – no oil will penetrate that far down. They are due to genetics,
hydration, and are war wounds not something shameful to call “hideous”.
According to WebMD over 90% of women develop them during pregnancy. If
you’re one of the lucky 10% who don’t! it’s luck – not a cream. Creams &
oils are lovely, I’m all for them, but let’s be real.

BlushingForeigner says:

You look beautiful Charlotte, Congratulations! While I loved your Light
Wonder foundation, I would advise pregnant women, or those trying to get
pregnant, to be mindful of the propylparaben content in it. Of the 5+ types
of parabens, propylparaben has been deemed one of the more insidious
endocrine disruptors in this class of preservatives – with pregnant women
and children being the most vulnerable to its effects. No matter how
minuscule the content of it is in your product, traces of the chemical
bioaccumulate in a person’s body, entering the bloodstream and behaving
precisely like estrogen, potentially disrupting a women or young person’s
hormone function.

Sources: Boberg J, Taxvig C, Christiansen S, Hass U. Possible endocrine
disrupting effects of parabens and their metabolites. Reprod Toxicol. 2010
Sep;30(2):301-12. Epub 2010 Apr 8.
Byford JR, Shaw LE, Drew MG, Pope GS, Sauer MJ, Darbre PD. Oestrogenic
activity of parabens in MCF7 human breast cancer cells. J Steroid Biochem
Mol Biol. 2002 Jan;80(1):49-60.

From the study: “Overall, the estrogenic burden of parabens and their
metabolites in blood may exceed the action of endogenous estradiol in
childhood and the safety margin for propylparaben is very low when
comparing worst-case exposure to NOAELs from experimental studies in rats
and mice.”

Better safe than sorry. Good luck to you!

Jas Jaa says:

Congrats u will be such an amazing mother! All the best xx

fatima ali says:

The way you talk makes everything sound like magic. You’re brilliant. It’s
as if you’re a friend to everyone. Amazing video x

K1MB3RL3Y88 says:

Isn’t 50’s a bit old to be a new mum?

Tu Nguyen says:

I’m not even pregnant and I’m watching this ?!

Leigh Cooper says:

I’m thrilled you’re beginning to ship to the US! Can’t wait for your Magic
Cream to be cleared for shipping, too, I seriously want to try it.
Congrats on your pregnancy!

ewelina singh says:

Wow very nice congratulation !!!!you look beautiful !!

Sema Avalith says:

love the video so much! literally!

JC says:

Charlotte your personable style makes people feel like it’s their best
girlfriend giving them makeup tips! I have bought your balm, mascara, eye
pencil, color shadow pencils, lipstick, bronzer and glow palette,
foundation and brow pencil!! I have loved it ALL! Congrats to you, on your
pregnancy, recent marriage and exquisite makeup line! P.S…..I’m ordering
some beach sticks today!! Xoxo

TheMakeupSwap says:

Thank god for this video of I see one more friend post a seriously
unflattering photo in the hospital I am going to scream. Have some respect
ladies! No one wants to see that. Some things should be kept private. 

ellenmeilee says:

Literally has literally become the most overused and incorrectly used word
of the 21st century. 

Talli A says:

I’m pregnant and everyone keeps saying I’ll stop wanting to put makeup on
everyday….they’ve been saying it since I was 6 weeks! I love makeup and
enjoy the ritual of applying it daily.
I like the product line but have opted for more natural makeup so far. I’d
also recommend the Pai duo for stretch marks.

Barbara Connolly says:

I always tell pregnant woman to wear a bra 24 hours a day, and use support
for the bump, even support tights help. It’s a modern trend to think that
we can have a huge bump without some additional support for it. I wish
someone had advised me of those two things when I had my Son 30 years ago.

zuradorani says:

I would buy charlotte products if they were paraben free-for the price tag
i expect only good ingredients. 


Congratulations!! I know its wrong to ask a woman about her age, but I am
very curious, how old are you Charlotte?

VamptasticVamp says:

I must admitt – I was in shock when I saw that you’re the one pregnant!

imyourhappydrug says:

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Chicdoodles says:

how old is she?:) 

Charlotte Tilbury says:
Smileeen says:

Wish we could get magic cream in the US!

beautyvenom says:

Awww Congratulations Charlotte ; )

Lizzie Briggs says:

I have always been really careful about sun protection, and so I was upset
when last week I got accidentally burnt very badly on a hot vacation. What
advice do you have – I know the skin damage below the surface is
irreversible, but what can I do for the surface appearance (I have always
had good, clear, young looking skin, and don’t want the damage to have
affected the appearance of my face and shoulders). Thank you for any advice

Catherine B says:

No idea she was pregnant haha!

Blogtail TV says:

THIS.IS.PERFECTION! Apart from Charlotte being as delightful as always this
comes at exactly the right time. Thank you so much from a (hopefully) soon
to be mummy. Kisses from Germany.

elissa wu says:

Congrats on the baby! Please, please do a hair tutorial! I know your
emphasis is makeup, but i adore your bardot messy bedroom sexy hair (hahah,
lots of adjectives) ;)

emmat 2308 says:

So happy for you Charlotte! Just wanted to ask does the Magic cream work
for combination/acne prone skin? My skin is sometimes very oily, sometimes
very dry (depending on the season, hormones etc.) so I was wondering would
your Magic cream balance my skin out or is it too heavy?

helenp7 says:

Brlliant tips although I’m not pregnant. I enjoyed this a lot. I cannot
live without your concealer pen and the bronze and glow, having a chunky
face and shadows. What a wonderful personality comes through here. Very
enjoyable to watch. Thank you for sharing. X

atlantidaorca says:

Retinol is a big no no during pregnancy, so no Wonder Glow!!

TheF5s says:

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your wedding (I’m an instagram
follower as well) You look amazing and such a great role model for me a
talented artist, successful business woman and a mother to be
All my best wishes for joy and luck

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