Snooki Gives Jenni Pregnancy Advice: Tip 3

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JWoww and Snooki Talk Popping Out the Baby!
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Soon to be new mommy Jenni “JWoww” Farley sits down with best friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to chat being pregnant. Jenni asks Snooki about popping out the baby. See what Nicole has to say!




Nicole Elizabeth “Snooki” Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website:…


Rachael Day says:

my water broke went into labor im lucky to never seen the mucus plug :)

thatkidd jennifer says:

Your baby cannot drown as long as its still connected to the mother by the
umbilical cord!!!!

Jason Delgado says:

Hi snook I wish you can like show how beacause I’m about to have a baby

jaymarie trinidad says:

Snookie is the perfect example of change.. Because before she used to be
like a crazy girl inmaturo that nobosy like, but today.. She is a grown
woman with a bright futuro that teens can look up too ❤️ i love you Snooki 


What drown the baby that can’t be true, crazy ladies give birth in a
tub..anywho you both look gorgeous…and Jenny looks like she’s already
glowing, best if luck and get some rest and take care xoxoxo xoxoxo

YaneJasmineJade says:

This is so fun to watch! With her instagram and twitter and now this,
Snooki really is the most approachable celeb. I love that she likes to
share her life with us, and doesn’t treat all fans like crazy stalkers. The
story about the drowning really freaked me out. Is that true?? 

Sarah Bennight says:

Yeah no. Cant drown an unborn baby. You can gibe birth underwater. Just
cant put baby back under water once it or the umbilical cord touches air.

Weird Videos says:

This is the snooki that we love, natural, and not pretending to be classy!
hugs from Spain

sarajordan1985sj says:

Think about it, if that were true, how could women give birth in the water?
You can’t drown your unborn child people!

Resrie T says:

The water from the bathtub will go In and drown the baby?? Hahahaha. WOW.
Maybe someone who is educated should be giving advice… 

Luna Vega says:

I always thought Jenni was really a man, but I was proven wrong.

Ingrid_In_The_Sky says:

lmao Why is it that when someone sneaks a fart we always feel compelled to
find out who did it lol it’s like fuckin playing Where’s Waldo or some

Teesha Thompson says:

you can have bath once your mucus plug falls out. i did it, (and that’s how
you have a water birth) but if you have a bath too early itll slow labor
down good luck jenni <3

Michelle Rodriguez says:

how can snokki think a baby will drown once the mucus plug falls out when a
baby not only LIVES in water for 9 months but women give birth to babies in
birthing pools everyday WITHOUT DROWING their babies. I LOVE YOU SNOOKS.
Are you helping your buddy Pauly out with any parent advice?

June Woodbury says:

you can have a bath lol

Ricardo Quijas says:

It’s true I was more scared fort second baby because I knew what I was
going to suffer” sorry I’m in my husband’s account lol

Stephanie Hagerman says:

So funny because I agree I’m almost about to pop out our second bundle of
joy and I’m more freaked out then the first time because now I know what to
expect! Lol oh god the pain of pushing out a child! Lol 

Cindy Vazquez says:

When they induced me, I honestly didn’t feel my water break. I guess it was
the epidural. 

Hailee Calevro says:

Sometimes the mucus plug comes out weeks before labor! Eek! Its exciting
though because you know it’s close!

Lexieeeeeeeebabee says:

Babies are in water when they are inside the mother’s body. 

christinaxo16 says:

I love these pregnancy advice videos! I’ve been watching them :) I can’t
wait til Jenni pops her cute baby out!! Love you Snooks xoxo

Christina FZ says:

So not true about the mucous plug and drowning the baby, silly! The mucous
plug can come out weeks before the baby comes and has nothing to do with
your water and yes, you can still take a bath. I mean, people can give
birth in the water even. Perfectly fine for the baby. Still love u though

Ney Liz says:

I feel she’s having a girl :$

Ney Liz says:

I feel she’s having a girl :$

Justin Rodriguez says:

Lol I love how honest you are Nicole 

Nicole Serna says:

Jenny gaining weight quick and snooki still little Jenny whole life will
change good luck to both 

laura ellen says:

So cute love their friendship

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