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I went over to my client and friend Shiri Appleby’s house to do her makeup for her baby shower! A lot of people know her from when she was on Roswell and she had an awesome show called Life Unexpected on CW. I wanted to share some tips and products for use when pregnant. When I was pregnant I used the same makeup & skin care tips to keep myself feeling beautiful. I think she looked amazing and we had a lot of fun doing this. Please subscribe to my channel and get more beauty tips straight for the professionals doing all of the stars in Hollywood.

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Glitter Nails says:

She is one of my favorite actresses. She seems very genuine too. 

Fabulous Poufs says:

Loved the results!!! 

Gita Yolanda says:

I love your videos, she’s soo pretty! Can you tell me what eyeshadow and
lip product you used on shiri? Thanks

Cidy Marin says:

awww Shiri <3

Jamie D says:

I loved her on dating rules from my future self. You’re amazing Jamie

NonMaya says:

she still looks young! as young as her roswell days D:

Arlena Martinez says:

awwwwwww shes just adorable pregnant! love Shiri!

VahineTahiti212 says:

I just asked my mom and she said it is “maybe” a baby girl. 8 months
already, I am so happy for Shiri. She is just my role model !

Jerrod says:

She looks good even when she looks bad! I was surprised she was born like 5
years before me playing a 16 year old probable at age 21 says:

Awesome, thank you for sharing!

Emily Lee says:

She is soooo adorable preggers!! <3

Dayna Bennett says:

Awesome job, Jamie! Loved Shiri in Life Unexpected!

Sree14378 says:

awesome ..:D

Margaret M says:

Her dress and makeup are gorgeous !!!!

samantha white says:

Do you put mascara or some type of serum on their lashes and then have them
curl them before you do anything? If so why is that? I’m in school to be a
makeup artist and models I’ve done always get a little nervous when this
clamp is coming towards their eye lol it’s such a better idea to have them
control it

Dee Her says:

She’s beautiful!!! And you did amazing! Wow!!!

razor sharp says:

I love Shiri! Can’t wait to find out what the sex of the baby is. And she
looks terrific.

aruwin25 says:

shiri is soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!

Ambritt Green says:

Love Shiri!!

caseyjoanz says:

Shiri is a changeling. Her beauty decreases as attempts to make her up
increase. In “What love Is” she might as well have been wearing a mask. A
minimum of mascara, and she’s a classic beauty, constantly changing from
lights, expressions and camera angles. My only hope is that she hasn’t
already shots the risqué scenes for “Girls”, and pregnancy will cancel that
sacrilege. Do we have to see everything? Please dissuade her cosmetic
surgeries and injections.?

Supratube1 says: it’s real hard to make Shiri look pretty

ImNaturallySuper says:

I adore Shiri, so very very much. She’s stunning.

Michelle Finkelstein says:

Really pretty look! Love the glow!

gianluca cervigni says:

love her every mode she is .. have good good time .. gianluca

zamira176 says:

So pretty <3

TripinFL says:

wow! the rock at :17! nicely done Mrs. Greenberg.

Paul Scofield says:

you really look pretty on your pregnancy

sneekyone11 says:

Great job Jamie, Shiri looks beautiful!

david milligan says:

I could watch Shiri read the telephone book and not be bored!!! Just a
beautiful as when she was on Roswell!!!!

OriginalMindTrick says:

I come on her titties any day.

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