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Close Top 5 things to pack in your hospital bag! Let us know what YOU recommend to pack. Hopefully, this will help you prepare for the big day meeting your little one! :)

Episode 9



Jua Kim says:

What brand is ur nursing pillow from?

carline lawv says:

the. baby. moving. lol

Jessica Smith says:

That hospital looks just like the hospital I gave birth in with my 3 boys
and soon to be baby girl!

Natalie Gray says:

I love u lol

BRKS627 says:

Good Video

marsha okhiria says:

i took pads but i didnt use them because the hospital provided. i liked the
ones the hospital gave me. they were a lot more absorbent! the hospital
gave me a manual breast pump,which became very handy! i forgot to take
clothes for myself. my mind was just on.”wat will the baby need.” the gowns
there were uncomfortable. i enjoyed my stay regardless. this time i am
making sure i am well prepared. thx for the ideas

mizztrina2294 says:


marsha okhiria says:

btw i was watching you cute lil bundle of joy the whole time :)

jenna4367 says:

This the best video for packing a baby bag I have seen. All the other
videos were so long and the stupid moms were over packing but ur list was
excellent!!!! Thanx

laura arbeau says:

i agree when i go to the hospital in march to have my baby boy ill be
asking for the supplies to take home . it will be a great help to me for
sure .. this video defentally helped . i watch so many hospital bag videos
so i have an idea what to pack for the baby and my self ..

Eszra says:

Baby so cute squirming around is so cute!

Blessed Natural says:

i took everything too lol

Siobhan Donald says:

I swear your my typa girl !!! She said you TAKE ALL THAT !!! Lmaooo I would
do the same thing girl !!! Shoot they put it there u take it Lmaooo

MrsEsquivel10 says:

Hopefully they give me some things too… Its a big help.

Misty Gates says:

I’m impressed with your energy!! amazing! Thank you for this post!

BabbaCo by Jessica Kim says:

OMG! Congratulations, Laura! Glad that the video has helped you out a
little bit.

kissmiss629 says:

One of the best vids and most realistic when it comes to hosp. bag packing.
I see some people packing 6 onesies, 3 outfits for baby, receiving
blankets-way too much stuff. This is an efficient and terse video and thank
you for sharing. Well wishes, momma’s.

BabbaCo by Jessica Kim says:

hahah It’s totally way to go, right? You have to get as much as you can. 😉

his1nonlynoel says:

If ur formula feeding, they give u the formula too which was handy n i used
only for when we were out (doc appts,ect.). But im super happy atleast one
person didnt go above n beyond to pack their whole house for two days in
the hospital lol

roo thao says:

i took evrything they gave me for my daughtr too! :)

Gillian Walmsley-Sacino says:

Where is the baby’s outfit from? I need that for my little guy!

BabbaCo by Jessica Kim says:

@MrsEsquivel10 Definitely ask for the things you need! Sometimes people
don’t ask, but if they did, they would give the supplies. :) Good luck! God

Brittany Clark says:

Wow she looks good for jyst haveing a baby

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