Pregnancy Tips : How to Have Sex During Pregnancy

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Having sex during pregnancy is healthiest during the second trimester and at the end of the third trimester. Have sexual intercourse during pregnancy with tips from a gynecologist and obstetrician in this free video on pregnancy.

Expert: Dr. Jill Hechtman M.D. OB/GYN
Bio: Dr. Jill Hechtman, M.D. is an Ob/Gyn and vice president of Tampa Obstetrics.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


English gamer says:

What has this channel become wtf

vjm3 says:

It’s not good to post your first take when making a video. St-tt-ttuddering
wrongfully implies you as an expert doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
It’s like stereotypes; we all know we shouldn’t believe in them, but we do
anyway. On topic: My wife demanded constant sex during her second and third
trimester. She’d wake me up in the middle of the night for sex, and once we
had sex cooking in the kitchen. Burned the freaking beans, so we had more
sex and went out to eat.

hallobaaaby says:

dr Jill surely knows about “how to have sex while being yucky”…all year
round in her case that is…FOKK

ORbpt008 says:

yea i know lol

MegMegs717 says:

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account when the first comment was posted, OK. She’s weird. Get lost? That
sounds wrong. xD Pokemon is a synonym for GAY!

Jack Nelson says:

i had a foursome with 4 guys and i dont kno whos baby im holding….. tips?

Ashraf kp says:

thank u

reyesregina78 says:

I personally know this Dr and she and her Dad have a very good reputation
in Tampa, very well known family and good people

mysterygirlluv315 says:

the dick wont get past the cervix in2 the baby!! the cervix is the size of
a pin!

wikiporno2 says:

pregnant women are so beautiful. The baby bump and the big breasts. and the

yourass117 says:

Would intercourse DURING childbirth hinder the whole experience in any way?

Lauren Wong says:

have sex iwth her!


@MegMegs717 —IF youre 12…. and you’re watching How to Have Sex During
Pregnancy.. maybe you are more of a PERV, than me a smart ass… get lost,
pokemon its ok tv now.. GO!!

timepass0000000000 says:

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Jake M L G says:

@yourass117 quite the contrary, good sir. it’s actually the only time
you’re able to get pussy AND head at the same time, which i think is just
super. =]

ninoslav vuckovic says:

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shadowsa2b says:

i thought sperm was in semen, not the other way around

haseebgood says:

she didnt told any specific positions?

Vince Bullinger says:

Two comments: 1) either memorize what you’re going to say or have note
cards (off camera) and 2) please take note of how much you sway. It’s
distracting. Thanks for the good tips, though.

MzLyric101 says:

No,because the baby has something protecting it. So do whatever you want

JO3haNsum says:

my girl is pregnant and we where making love and then she started bleeding
its scary i thought she couldve lost the bby the doctor told u no more sex
till bby is born =( what is rupture of membranes and or pre term labor?????

mazczan says:

hahahaha… nice comments ^ – ^

USMartyrMachine119 says:

Shit. No sex with your woman for 9 months!? I couldn’t do that!

MegMegs717 says:

I’m only 12 but I can tell she’s not the brightest crayon in the box. xD

yourass117 says:

@PL4Y3RPL4Y3R well thats good, cause my wife is due right now, and i have a
sudden urge to semenate


sorry no one cares if you have sex or not and what you and ur wife do…the
need to share it on here i dont understand

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