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I had a huge list of tips during my pregnancy.. but I lost it!
So here is what I could remember off the top of my head!
May have to make a part 2 later..

One major “tip” I forgot to mention is to take LOTS of pictures!


91xoxo says:

you are a sexy mama!! i like your teeth! hehe

rebeccamartha says:

@ThaOneThaOnlee oh what a sucky hospital! Oh yes good one, I was really
lazy with my book, im working on it now though!!

rebeccamartha says:

@pradagirl777 Thank you!

JIM H. says:

Youre so beautiful! Great quality video, but a little bit yellow? yea, you
see you have the same color than the Simpsons ;p

imingzee says:

I think your advice would have more impact if we could see you with your
shirt off… for uhm… breast feeding advice…. yeah… that’s it…. :)

lbar28 says:

Very good advice for moms-to-be out there! Wish I would have been able to
see this when I was pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago! (Especially when
you talked about not telling people what name you chose) lol! Good luck, I
bet you’re a great mommy… :o)

MakinAFamily says:

Great vlog, handy tips :) Your looking great :) I agree with the naming of
baby,I haven’t told anyone bar one close friend so far as everyone seems to
want to put forward their choice,and force it upon you,then criticize the
one you have picked ! grr.x

Proud White says:

Her baby, but the person has to live with that name.

ThaOneThaOnlee says:

Yea my hospital didn’t give me anything. Hell I had a C-Section and the
hospital sent me home the next day :( Good thing we were very prepared.
Maybe you also forgot to mention to buy a “My Pregnancy Book” it’s like a
scrap book that you can put things in and pictures! I love mine!

Phatbaby1011 says:

i didnt even kno i was pregnant until i was 4 months..i so agree about
telling the people names.. Me and my cousion was preggo at the same time
and i told her if my baby is a boy i wanted to name him shane well she had
a boy and named him shane.. i was so mad

ksolomon says:

um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um

missmellyful says:

omg my hospital gave me nothing lol =(

Katie Schumaker says:

Happy Birthday!

rebeccamartha says:

@pinkyleigh16 aww its a cute name!

HappyYoungMama says:

This vid is really great and helpful. I didn’t take a picture of the
pregnancy tests and I do regret it!!! :( As for the name thing… yea.. I
made that mistake. My sons name is Josiah Jaydan-Antonio and I got so many
stupid idiotic unwanted comments on it like how he will get beat up in
school for being named josiah or why did we give him two middle names, such
and such and such. LOL I was going to do a similar video to this one. I was
going to do a video on unwanted advice! “helpful advice”

rebeccamartha says:

@LouLou230705 Thanks!

rebeccamartha says:

@HappyYoungMama haha, thank you!

rebeccamartha says:

@Pinketter Thanks!

rebeccamartha says:

@RAWR10007 Youre welcome!

rebeccamartha says:

@AllieDK good, you shouldnt care its your baby :)

rebeccamartha says:

@XpresloX Thankyou! Its the lighting in my room, ugh i hate it!

rebeccamartha says:

@missmellyful ohh lame, find a new one for the next one :))

Coldplay Gal says:

Great advice! Amazon has amazing deals on baby gear and everything else
that you wouldn’t expect to have at a department store plus free shipping.
We bought a new camcorder and saved $300 dollars! Waiting to tell what you
plan to name the baby is a huge advice to follow. I already told people and
they’re questioning it or trying to suggest uglier names. I should have
waited and some people need to shut up and have some respect. By the way,
you look great girl! 😉

Justine Koster says:

I so agree with you on not telling the name to people before because i just
had my daughter on September 1st and named her Kira. I told people the name
before and i had tons of people telling me why i shouldn’t name her that.
it’s very frustrating since i liked it so much.

rebeccamartha says:

@SugarSweetStar24 October 28th! Just celebrated it :)

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