Pregnancy Tips – 2nd Trimester Taking Care of Yourself

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Prenatal wellness expert Latham Thomas offers tips for a healthy and happy second trimester, and demonstrates the leg drain technique.

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Full Transcript:

Hi, I’m Latham Thomas, prenatal wellness expert with and founder of Tender Shoots Wellness.

Today, we are going to talk about how to feel good and stay balanced during this second stage of pregnancy. We are going to explore some comfort measures that are going to come in handy over these next few weeks.

Some of our tips include:

Make sure to go to bed earlier (if you’re not doing that already), eat smaller and lighter meals throughout the day, drink a lot of water (carry a bottle with you) and try a warm bath with the essential oil of lavender to relax you.

Some other tips include:

Sleeping with lots of comfy pillows, avoiding hot and spicy food and getting adequate exercise and sunlight.

Most pregnant women don’t take the time to relax in the day. I’m going to show you the leg drain. It’s the mother of all restorative yoga postures.

All you need is a blanket. We’ll make sure to place it beneath the hips, so you’re comfortable. Find a comfortable place, where you have access to a wall. Roll over to one side, so you’re certain to not use your abdominals to get into the position. Place your arm onto the floor. Take one leg up and then your other leg is going to come up. You can sort of shimmy yourself onto the blanket, so that you’re nice and comfortable.

Make sure that your sacrum is on the blanket so that you don’t feel any pressure on your lower back. You don’t have to have your legs flush with the wall; you can have a bit of space there. Keep your legs against the wall like this. You can even bend your knees, or you can even take your legs in a diamond shape. Choose which option feels most comfortable for you, keeping in mind that, as the blood and the lymph is rushing out of the lower part of the body back up to the heart, you might want to change positions. Hanging out in this positions for about 20 minutes a day is equivalent to taking a two-hour nap. And who doesn’t need extra rest?

Hanging out here is great for resetting the parasympathetic nervous system, which ends up sending out these wonderful hormones that increase flexibility in the body and relaxation, and promote good sleep.

So you just rest here and, when you’re ready to come out, you can take your feet into the wall and then you’re just going to roll over onto that same side and then come up to sit.


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