Pregnancy Tips – 10 Things to Know Before Becoming Pregnant

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Candida63 says:

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Linda Weaver says:

Keeping a healthy body is important from trying to be pregnant, being
pregnant, or after giving birth.

Joe Morillan says:

My wife is having hard time getting pregnant for almost 7 months until we
tried this method *MiraclePregnant. com* and now she is 4 months pregnant

Елена Иванова says:

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organs – they in uterus eat the the brain of the ambryo and make baby ugly
, down, miscarriag. Not use in pregnance .Albendozol – toxic, efecta50%.
The acuracy of the lab. analizes – 50%. After albendozol you mast waite 1
yere befor pragnency

AmyCharlieNBabies says:

I have PCOS and will be trying to conceive baby number 2 next month! I’m
doing pre-ttc videos right now and will hopefully eventually be doing
pregnancy vlogs. please go check out my channel :)

Miranda Hoeksema says:

it’s not always that easy for everyone! My husband and I have been trying
for close to 6 months! Just consider yourself lucky!!

Diana Stoianova says:

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Jordan Hardy says:

for those of you over 30 who struggle to get pregnant, i recommend

native2lovers says:

Wow up to a year to get pregnant.. I have two that weren’t planned. We gave
it a go last month and I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant buy waiting a little
longer to do the test.

arleen espinazo says:

very informative

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