Pregnancy third trimester vlog: symptoms, advice, tips, and good products to use

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Third trimester pregnancy usually begins at around 28 weeks. Good tips to have: get a good pillow to rest your body on. Get a belly band to cover the bump. And Bio Oil works really well to help moisturise the belly. Try not to itch your skin as it stretches.

Swelling is normal, try to elevate legs, and exercise. Don’t stand on your feet too long. Swimming in cool water really helps to reduce swelling, if you have a pool then great! If not go to your local pool hall.

Eat plenty of proteins, and fibres.Energy-rich foods like qinoa, fruits, salads, which won;t make you put on added weight. Drink plenty of water. Get lots of rest.

Try to maintain a stress free life, go for walks, relax, read a book, and watch tv.

Third trimester is where you will start gaining the most weight, your tummy will get rounder and bigger, especially by the last month. Keep up the exercise regime, because the weight you put on from having a big diet in third trimester will stick with you the longest, so try to limit fats and exercise.

There are apps you can download like ‘baby bump’ which tell you week by week how your baby is growing, particularly interesting if you are a first time mum like myself.

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Much appreciated thank you n blessings to you 

Ziggie K says:

Good tips, although Bio Oil ingredients are appalling, especially for the
Coconut oil is much better, in my opinion :)

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thanks for the advise . I will keep in mind those stuff.

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