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Hello everyone,

It’s Stef here, Hannahs husband… she let me put this little takeover video on her channel to help with any men who are expecting and need to know how to deal with a pregnant wife.

I hope you liked the video, if you’d like to see a ‘First six months survival guide’ then please let me know.

Thanks for watching. x



Hey, my name is Hannah Maggs (Officially Hannah Michalak) I’m a makup artist, mummy and beauty blogger who recently decided to start a weekly lifestyle vlog.

I say it all the time but thanks for all your amazing comments, they really do touch me and I honestly read them all. I feel so lucky to have you guys so thank you so, so much. xxxxxx




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Inthefrow says:

This is fantastic Stef, amazing video! x

Coco Leé says:

I’d like to know what it’s like for Ryan sharing a flat with a new family,
I myself would find that really difficult and awkward.

Toastie Vlogs says:

What the hell happened during Hannah’s pregnancy?

Georgie Haynes says:

Good job Stef, brilliant video. When the day comes and I’m pregnant I will
definitely be showing this to the man in my life. Xxx

hannah maggs says:

Hey guys, I hope you like Stefs little Wednesday takeover video. Thanks for
all being so amazing and encouraging him to do it. x

Demi Siobhan says:

Great advice wish my boyfriend had watched this before we had out son. He’s
7 weeks old today 😀 Pregnancy is so so difficult for both the woman and
man. Love you guys you’re great xxxxx

Ellie Loves says:

After watching this, my boyfriend said I must have been pregnant for the
past 7 years hahaha! Love the vid! x

Louisa Persoons says:

Dear Hannah and especially Stef,
as a subscriber as well as a midwife I REALLY REALLY like this video! It is
important for men to have something or someone to fall back on during
pregnancy, a dad, a brother, a friend… They also have to need to feel
supported, but won’t always admit it. I truely believe this video can mean
a lot to soon to be dads as you pointed out some really important
things! Love it & will refer to it! keeping my eye out for another
wednesday takeover from you, Stef?!
Lots of love! 

Tori Withington says:

Inpreganate a psychopath hahahahah 

Louise Tee says:

Im not a guy or have a boyfriend or pregnant or have a baby.. But this was
such a good vid! Well done Stef :)

Shann Normington says:

I love this video, I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and I got my chap to sit
down to watch this and now he’s like a whole new person! He was worried,
upset and always put himself down but now this has really helped him!

Hannah Lane says:

Stef is literally so supportive and such a gentlemen:’)

Madi Katie says:

im a 16 year old girl but i was still flattered when Stef said i was going
to be a good dad

Ruth Green says:

Great video Steph! The ending was so cute, you saying bye I really don’t
know how I found it cute hahaha just the way you said it x 

Young Crunchy says:

And it’s important to remember that it’s only for a season.
Pregnancy doesn’t last forever so try to enjoy the ups and downs. Also,
having been pregnant 3 times I can honestly say that sometimes we, as
pregnant mothers, don’t realize how irrational and bitchy we’re being.
However, it is soooo crucial to own up to any wrong doing once you realize
what a bitch you’ve been. Pregnancy doesn’t justify being a jerk, ever.

Madeline Flaxman says:

YAY! im going to be a good dad! haha

Kelly Daniels says:

Aww Stef what a great video!! I wish my hubby could’ve watched this 9
months ago before our son was born. I think some men think women use their
hormones as an excuse when pregnant, it’s refreshing to hear how much you
understand what Hannah and all women go through during a time of such
dramatic stage of life. Thankfully my hubby understood too xxx

S. Bates says:

I was hooked within the first 40 seconds! Awesome video. I’m glad Hannah
let you take over.

Lois Burke says:

loved this video! definitely showing my husband when I get pregnant! Thank
you + make more videos!

aleyna thompson says:

I’m pleasantly surprised with this video I was worried it’d be sexist, it’s
always gonna be harder for the woman and I’m pleased you get that and are
passing that on to future dads that might watch this! 

goisisi says:

Such a good one. Thanks
I like hearing from you as well Stefan. when you get the camera and show us
cars and electronics. Its awesome.
this was a great video

MarsealuvzU says:

I think this is absolutely the best video ever.

xCranberryM says:

Well I’m a girl and I’ll show this to my husband someday!

Lívia Dias says:

Loved the video and would also love a six months survival guide!! 

AwksDotCom says:

‘Your kid will end up taking heroin’ ahahhahaha

Amy Hepburn says:

It’s so important that people make videos like this. Nice one Stef,
hopefully I’ll be able to put this video to good use in later life :) <3

Taylor Albert says:

“she’ll be in the corner of the room listening to the smith’s, google
searching loneliness” hahaha

Jemma Love says:

Jeeeez, what happened when she was pregnant?

Garry Hadlow says:

Just wanted to comment to say great video. I’m only in the first couple of
months of pregnancy with my wife and have already noted some of the things
you’ve pointed out. Love the way you say it as it is and it’s also good to
hear from someone who’s been through it. Pass my thanks on to Stef.

Ana Thyson says:

You two are so amazing! Keep it up :)

Louisa Robinson says:

Stef, you are hilarious! Love your sense of humour. Great video

Nicola Johnston says:

I love this!! Stef, you really get it! Haha, this will be my gift to every
dad to-be from now on. The sooner men realise this, the better :) we are
hard work when pregnant! 

Susan Reid says:

Agreed, I hated every single second of pregnancy, so did my husband… BUT
we love and are so grateful for the two healthy children we have.

Sarah Elly says:

1:30-1:40 ish hahahahah oh stef. hilarious. 

Altesse Mulamba says:

Make a guide (book) about. I will enjoy to get a copy 😀 great video Steph

Amatullaah007 says:

Loved ittttttt absolutely amazing!!!!

Jessica Blair says:

Ahhh Steffy ..

dzikakura says:

“most women don’t like to be pregnant…” i don’t agree with it at all! im
pregnant and ok wit it. :)

Bridget andBump says:

Great video Stef, ‘First six months survival guide’ going?

Erica Wong says:

1:24 yes stef, yes, that was a great summary of why pregnant ladies are
always moody, haha, YES

Lemonade says:

I’m sending this to my boyfriend. This was lovely to watch, thank you! 

liza prideaux says:

Lol loved this, vinny has the same shirt as stef! 

Victoria James says:

Thanks Stef for this video :) very good job ! I don’t have a boyfriend nor
a husband, but when I do, I’ll make him watch this hehe :)
You have an adorable baby, an amazingly beautiful and kindhearted wife and
they have a wonderful dad / husband :) bless you all !

Rachyist says:

I thought this would be a video about him bitching about women. It was nice
to hear a man respect women for a change.

Molly King says:

This video is so cute! 

FatRaptor123 says:

This was amazing! I loved being pregnant… Until about the last 3 weeks,
and then I was over it! :-) xxx
I didn’t think I was too bad, and then I watched this with my husband and
he just pretty much agreed with everything Stef said! :-) xxx #sorryhubby

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