Pregnancy sleeping tips: How to deal with sleep apnea during pregnancy

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Pregnancy sleeping tips: How to deal with sleep apnea during pregnancy

Just when you need a good night’s sleep the most, it may be impossible to get. Dr. Keith Eddleman, author of Pregnancy for Dummies, explains how to deal with sleeplessness during pregnancy.

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neha yadav says:

I feel sleepy n fatigued all time. I sleep around 15 hours a day.
18 weeks now

rodolfo cardenar says:

Here’s How to Get Rid of Your CPAP and Sleep Apnea Problems Once and For

Keileen Lucre says:

Seriously? A women asks a man on how to cope with sleep apnoea during

micutie376 says:

I don’t like that a man is saying what helps. I would feel more comfortable
if a women who was pregnant before explained this. ONLY because I want to
relate to them. A man will never understand the feeling.

zakiabaida says:

This is outrageous. Antihistamine for sleeping? I disagree in all forms.

coutrygirl27 says:


26dominicana says:

Some times is hard to sleep when your preg but I hate taking drugs to
sleep. I used to take those flu teas to get sleepy but when I tried to cut
the dosage it was so hard to sleep. I do get sleepy in the afternoons lol
but now I feel amazing every morning!!

Howdini says:

Yes! Sleep apnea is a problem. Please contact your physician to see if
he/she can offer your some medical advice tailored just for you personally.
Good luck with getting a resolution.

gertrudewhite says:

It’s all very well for people to keep saying “use lots of pillows,” but in
summer and when you’re in a queen-size bed with your husband, there’s not
always room for lots of pillows plus they make you really hot! Rrgh. :^)

Howdini says:

Thanks for watching and commenting. Taking any kind of medications during
pregnancy should only be done under the advice of their physician.

ChubbyPenguin33 says:

@Simbcat911sMom you spelled VERY wrong again… And you expect people to
think your a Mom?! Yaaa….

Howdini says:

Thanks for watching and chiming in! So glad that you were able to find
something that works for you. Nothing beats a good night sleep, hugh?

plur444 says:

I couldn’t help but notice that the woman’s right upper lash eyeliner is
thicker than the left eye! It was bugging me the whole time!!

waitresschick85 says:

@speratum Obviously you are not pregnant anymore but for anyone else who is
experiencing this: If you are seriously lacking in sleep there are some
sleep aids that can be used during pregnancy. Ask your doctor to prescribe
something for you if sleeplessness is impacting your daily life.

Christopher Jackson says:

@gertrudewhite LOL…my wife got me all pillowed out!! LOL I feel like a
little kid with a pillow fort!

wafalshiri11 says:

yeah ur right lol


FYI Benadryl is the active ingredient in Unisom .

Ericka Rubio says:

Is sleep apnea harmful to the baby ? this video didnt really say but this
morning I woke up not breathin at all . I was choking and try to get a
breath . Iam 7 weeks pg . I just worried since Ive had 2 loss that I wake
up like this and mayybe the baby not getting air as well

Ricardo Mau says:


Huntingamericangirl says:

@gertrudewhite…I feel you on that one lol and we have two 50 pound dogs
that like to hop up with us too

Alena Peretsky says:

hormones may also make a pregnant woman feel sleepy … so try to have a
nap if you feel sleepy if you can.

Nichole Dipietro says:

what a kook

TheAquagoddess says:

If you lay on your left side, with a pillow under your hip, a pillow in
between your knees, and of course under your head, it is soooooo comfy!

Irena Kim says:

Buy a lot of pillows.. -.,-||| Medications.. 0.0 Is there any other ways to
have my lil one slp peacefully so that I could sleep too??..

Glitterprincess23 says:

@badbehaviourTV Because of the medication remark? I would agree I have
always had sleeping problems and now that I’m pregnant my doctor told me to
stop all medications for it, “especially Unisom.”

candylikeCA says:

The warm milk before bedtime does work =)

26dominicana says:

I am 5 month preg and I have major probs falling sleep during the night. A
few weeks ago I decide to research about something that will make me sleep.
Then one day I was talking to my hubby about regression therapy and the
music they use so I realize that music is very relaxing and I try to listen
to it to fall asleep and IT WORKED!! Now I type on youtube ” sleeping
music” or “sound” I like to listen to “rain sounds”. Now I am able to sleep
without any meds :)

sunmaidliz says:

@ChubbyPenguin33 You spelled “you’re” wrong

Alejandra Higuera says:

besides taliking milk before sleeping? Whenever I take something with
lactose at night I wake up because of the heartburn!

26dominicana says:

When you get a good night sleep you feel so good in the morning!! There is
nothing that I hate the most than walk around feeling like a zombie!!

thatdamnhachi says:

Me and my husband sleep in different beds but I still have sleepless night
. Thank goodness for my PSP.

Mya Kay says:

I toss and turn everynight! I know it drives a certain ‘someone’ crazy! :-(

Sara Hagan says:

I don’t like how he basically says at one point “I’d suggest to try
drugging yourself before trying anything else to get better sleep” -_- I
haven’t liked any of the videos I’ve watched of him so far.

RRpregnancypillow says:

In my fourth and fifth pregnancies I designed a double sided pregnancy
pillow. It has two pillows so you don’t have to move anything when you roll
over, it is small enough to take on holidays and can’t fall off the bed.
Come and have a look and leave a comment.

Sandeep Verma says:

You are right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at
your age to kill your belly. But I saw an interview with body building
champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.
worth watch here now

nopseudosleft56 says:

I can’t listen to men talk about problems during pregnancy, they seem a bit
clueless even when they’re experts.The reason I can’t sleep is because of
acid reflux, sickness, general achiness, lower back pain, cramping in the
tummy. He doesn’t mention any of these things. I doubt my centre of gravity
is stopping me from sleeping when I’m lying down, I think that it’s more to
do with all the symptoms I’ve just mentioned!

purplemonkeysocks91 says:

and of course asking a man how pregnancy effects a woman is the best
available answer…not asking a woman who has actually experienced it

ThePheonixjw says:

Wow. Is this guy ever keen on sell sell sell, buy, buy, buy. Definitely a
bias toward mainstream medication. Women– find your own power through
researching every available resource. Consider traditional or/and herbal
remedies like chamomile tea for example. Make sure you do your research and
discuss it with your midwife or health practitioner, but remember who most
of these mainstream practitioners are working for–and that’s not you.

speratum says:

I have all the pillows in the world, but I just can’t sleep at night (nor
during the day). I can’t find a comfortable position. When I’m sleeping on
my side, it hurts and I feel like I’m squeezing those poor babies inside
me. (I’m expecting twins. I’m in the 27th week). Sleeplessness is driving
me mad! My doctor can’t give me any good advice, just tells me that I must
hold on. Could somebody please give me some tips?

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