Pregnancy: Nutrition & Avoiding Toxins (Pediatric Advice)

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Pregnancy: Toxins and Nutrition

Pay attention to your diet, even before you become pregnant, since your lifetime accumulation of toxins can slowly reach your developing baby.

– Smoke (This exposes you to carcinogens and methanol that will be converted to formaldehyde in your baby).
         – Consume aspartame (11% methanol) in diet drinks and chewing gum.
          – Eat pesticides (eat organic).
          – Eat fish.
– Take your prenatal with folate (folinic acid) and add iodine if it is not already in your prenatal.
– Add vitamin D (up to 5000 IU a day).
– Add omega-3 fish oil.

Vaccines:   A premature baby should not get more than 5-10 micrograms of aluminum a day. The Tdap vaccine has 330 micrograms of aluminum. This is 100x the known neuro-toxic dose.
There are no safety studies about injecting anything close to this amount of aluminum into pregnant moms.  Protect your newborn by vaccinating all the caregivers for Pertussis. If mom hasn’t had a recent Tdap, she should hold off and get it right after delivering her baby.


Z Akbar says:

I was given the Rhogam shot today at 30 weeks due to Rh- blood type and my
husband is O+. Is this shot really necessary? I am reading about a lot of
women saying they have had a miscarriage after the injection and that 60%
of kids with autism have had mothers who had the Rhogam shot. I am feeling
very worried and anxious and really questioning if I should have refused
this. But at the same time I read about the terrible things happening to
the baby if you do not get the shot. Would love to hear your thoughts on

AshN Aug says:

Thanks for sharing. What are your thoughts on Australia quitting the
cocooning program (vaccinating parents and caregivers for pertussis)
because in their studies, pertussis rates in infants went up, not down, in
light of the recent studies here in the US with baboons, showing that
vaccinated ones can transmit the bacteria but do not get the actual cough? 

Z Akbar says:

I am so glad I came across your YouTube channel. I am 5 months pregnant and
in my last prenatal appointment my doctor advised me to have the Tdap as
well as Flu vaccine on my next visit. I have been researching both and they
both seem like a terrible idea. I am 37 years old and this is my first
pregnancy. Everything so far has been going great and I have had a pleasant
healthy pregnancy so far. According to CDC and FDA Tdap as well as routine
vaccines given to children under 6 are now mercury/thimerosal free since
2001. I am so confused and do not know what to believe or how to go about
this. Please advise?

stacyann clarke says:

Great Video….

Jazmin Ballin says:

I need some advice my daughter is 16months I breastfeed her once at night I
want to do the master cleanse but I hurd that reLeases toxins to the breAst
milk what should I do ? 

Paul Thomas says:

sorry for late response – HAHA – just now catching up with google – yes –
mom’s immunity prior to pregnancy will be passed on to the baby. 

Paul Thomas says:

sorry for the delay in response
No need to worry about vaccines you got before you got pregnant. You would
have excreted most of the toxins within 2 – 3 weeks and the rest that is
stored in your body is very tightly bound. 

Paul Thomas says:

you can take the Tdap after you deliver and very little of that toxin
(aluminum) will be in the breast milk. The body can handle aluminum the

Paul Thomas says:

My feeling is that the protection from the Tdap given in the last 5 years
is probably ok. Moms and dads and caregivers can get the Tdap to make sure
all the caregivers will have good immunity and not bring the pertussis
infection home to the newborn. That is the cacooning concept. Of course
mom’s you don’t get this vaccine while pregnant due to the 330 micrograms
of aluminum (a toxic dose). 

Paul Thomas says:

thanks for that reminder – indeed so important that it be the natural
methyl folate that you are taking. Do you have a list of those prenatals
that have the right formulation?

Myokiness says:

If u Havent..can u make a video on Pre-eclampsia… just wondering how to
prevent it better :)

JoPonyJo says:

Thank you very much for posting this as my OB just sent me home with
information about getting the Tdap at 34 weeks. I will decline. However, if
my family had it 2 years ago, should the get it again? Is pertussis
available as a single vaccine? How long is it valid as protection for?

Meggi Songa says:

Hi Dr. Paul! Thanks for the videos, they are really helpful! I’m pregnant
with our first child and I’ve decided not to take the the Tdap while
pregnant. If I take it after birth, will it still negatively affect my baby
if we plan to breastfeed? That might be an ignorant question just not sure
if the toxins will still affect baby or not. Also, as far as vaccines for
baby goes…what resources should I look too for an alternative vaccine
schedule? Dr. Sears?

SimplyPregnant says:

Great advice. really important to distinguish between folate (folinic acid)
and folic acid – most prenatals have folic acid which is synthetic. Try to
find one with real folate.

paulthomasmd says:

If you know anyone who is pregnant or may become pregnant in the future (so
this is for all women under 40 and men who love them or will be dads),
please share this important information with them. If this information is
applied, I suspect we would see autism and most brain and develpmental
disorders almost disappear. To totally eliminate the risk, one has to
remain very careful after birth also, to avoid toxins and get total
nutrition to your newborn and child as they grow.

kittehmeowz22 says:

I have a question: If your 12 weeks pregnant but you got a hepatitis b
vaccine and a MMR vaccine before you found out that you were pregnant.Is
there anything to worry about?

paulthomasmd says:

No, the toxins in the hepatitis B vaccine will no longer be circulating to
your developing baby and MMR is not a problem in that way at all. Just
don’t get the Tdap while pregnant. It’s ok right after you deliver. Have a
great pregnancy and congratulations.

paulthomasmd says:

Good for you!!!!

Aja Rose says:

Would mom being up to date on her Tdap before pregnancy safely pass on any

paulthomasmd says:

The Tdap after birth is safe for your videos and a good idea. I like Dr.
Sears book, see my other videos and blogs on vaccines for more information
on alternative schedules. DRPAUL . MD Glad the videos have been of some use
to you.

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