Pregnancy Must-Haves || Best Products & Favorite Tips!

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Stretch marks, itchy skin, nausea, back pain… pregnancy is just lovely. Here are the products I absolutely adore to combat the biggest pregnancy annoyances!

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Jana Goodman says:

Haha, you thinking that prental’s help you get pregnant make me hesitant to
listen to anything you have to say here. Just playing. But I think the
only thing that can help anyone prevent stretch marks is deoxyribonucleic
acid…. dna. Sorry, I’m in a sassy mood. 

Suger doll says:

This video was very helpful and thanks for sharing. NEW SUBBIE.

PuppieLove 79 says:

I wish you would show the product a little more & the name & the packaging
of them. you seem to be talking an awful lot and moving the product around
& we can’t get a good look at them. 

Alana Watkins says:

Taking prenatal vitamins while you’re not pregnant can cause dark spots all
over body.

Julia Collins says:

Hey Rachel! Did you ever make that pdf? If you’ve already moved on from it,
no problem. I’m around 3 months and was curious! Great video, thank you!

Haley Nichols says:

Can you pleaseeeeee do a video on all of your favorite natural baby
products!! And a video on breastfeeding would be lovely too. :)

Noelle Waren says:

You could do chamomille infused olive oil instead of the regular kind! It
has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s soothing AND it helps it smell much
better. Just a little tip, even though, by the date in the description,
you’ve already had your baby. For anybody else reading, there ya go!

briana wilson says:

Omg I absolutely suck at excel! I write my ideas similar to an outline
format and could definitely use some help on what’s necessary and what’s
not. My family says I need everything but what is everything?! So lost.
Would love to see what you have. I’m 5 months now and my favorite is the
stress relief bath soap from bath and body works! I love the minty smells
and its so calming.

Wellington Retreat Pregnancy says:

#PregnancyTips #Pregnancy 

nikki starr says:


Sarah Howell says:

If your one of those women who have issues with prenatal vitsmins making
you feel ill, take them before bed so you sleep through the nausea.

Kelley Duda says:

Lotions and creams don’t prevent stretch marks. Proper nutrition and
hydration do. Just an FYI

Nadine Wheeler says:

you are LITERALLY glowing

bustXaXmovee says:

Oh my gosh I cannot WAIT to try the lemon water! I’ve been dying from
nausea for the past two weeks (7 weeks :)) 

MikeandRere says:

I NEED lemon water! I’ve had the worst case of morning sickness
(explanation on my channel). I used to drink it all the time, and its so
good. Gonna have to start back

Karen Deverell says:

Prenates do help woman fall pregnant, that’s why doctors say to take them 3
months before trying cos it helps

C Cash says:

Was the excel sheet posted?

Andrea rea says:


bustXaXmovee says:

Oh my gosh I cannot WAIT to try the lemon water! I’ve been dying from
nausea for the past two weeks (7 weeks :)) 

Danielle Barrentine says:

I would also love a copy of the excel sheet! I’m 5 weeks pregnant. First
pregnancy! :)

Crunchy Mama says:

I would love a copy of the excel sheet!

LadyD1979 says:

I use cocoa butter and shea butter in my belly and there is no itching :) i
only got streatch marks from my first pregnancy because i couldnt find
those products. This is my fourth :)

delmaram14 says:

are the prenatal vitamins you mentioned genesis vitamins? where do u get

Charlotte Grey says:

How tall are you

Heather says:

I don’t know what’s different about your makeup on this vid… But it’s
gorrrrrrgeous!!! Tutorial??

Sonia Virk says:

In mid September she said before I believe

Adina V says:

that’s really none of your business…if she want’s to do it, she should do
it…it’s completely up to her…personally I wouldn’t mind if there was a
video on the internet from my birth…every family is different in that

gpworx says:

What stroller you getting????

Zita8 Zaiden says:

Its like $11 at publix

J3NNIF3R87 says:

She didn’t ask that any viewers purchase anything, she has been asked by
subscribers which baby products her and her husband plan to purchase and/or
register for so she is going to link a list once they have narrowed their
selections down. How does a grown woman having a planned pregnancy with her
husband make her a whore in your eyes?

maria palomo says:

You are absolutely gorgeous but with the pregnancy you’ve become even more
radiant and beautiful.

basketballchic219 says:

Can you please share with us your excel spreadsheet??

annalum88 says:

Im planning on getting pregnant with baby #2 on january! But you make wanna
get pregnant earlier! Love your vídeos! Xoxo to you and baby!

Zita8 Zaiden says:

Coco butter oil works sooo gooooodd ! Try it !

J3NNIF3R87 says:

Are you opposed to her having the baby in videos at all or just the birth?

Fallon Turnboo says:

She’s going to have a beautiful smile that’s for sure =)

Katie T says:

Your hair and skin looks amazing!

VernTheLovely says:

Share anything and everything you want to! I would be honored that you
shared the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

Sarah Anna says:

look into Arbonne products for baby and you! :) they are all natural :)
which is good for everyone

MuhhRannDuhh says:

i know some people might think this is crazy but i LOVE my stretch mark. i
don’t regret getting them, of course i wouldn’t ask for them but if they
come with my pregnancy I’m okay with it and they mean so much to me.

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