Pregnancy care tips shared by Dr. Leela Bhagavan

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jhala mayursinh says:

a lot of thanks mam….
very useful information on small scale …..

Adnan Afridi says:

hello dr what should i do about implantation bleeding

Deepali Purohit says:

Hi doctor I heard that in pregnancy in milk add ghee so that you can get
easy delivery it is true? Please gove me answer

Vini Mehta says:

Thanks a lot Dr. for this useful information :)

hetal devkar says:

Very nice…. Information

Katerina Muller says:

Thank you for sharing such interesting information. I would also like to
emphasize the importance of avoiding all teratogens including malnutrition,
infectious diseases, and tobacco,not just alcohol as was being sad. Not
focusing on this key area of prenatal care can cause lifetime problems for
an infant.

lloydriel nhiie says:

im 2months pregnant but im working ‘ is it ok to continue my work or stay
at home ?

darla f.hardy says:

This still surprise me, just how a lot of people do not know about
Pregnalarex Miracle (do a google search), although lots of people get
pregnant naturally and fast with this system. Thanks to my work buddy who
told me about Pregnalarex Miracle, I finally getting pregnant despite my
infertility with natural approaches.

raj shastry says:

I m 15 weeks pregnant , and my baby is in placenta doctor has told me to
avoid outside my question is that I hve eaten Chinese yesterday so
is it safe .so kindly rply as soon as possible.

aslan albay says:

Very nice thank you …

Millie Darling says:

What about eating sushi?

arjun4372 says:


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