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Here are my top beauty tips for pregnancy! All from my own experience. Let me know what your tips are in the comments, we could all use them :) Thanks for subscribing! x

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Video on How to Fake a Pregnancy Glow

Products I mentioned:

Lush Deo Powder – Coconut
Mitchum Smart Solid Advanced Control Powder Fresh – 48 hour
Baby Bump Two in One Scrub and Mask
Image Vitamin C Serum for dry, dull, grey
Human + Kind All in One Antiageing Cream – Crows Feet, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, evens skintone, helps damaged skin.
Origins Mega Bright Skin Tone Corrector – corrects discoloration, age spots, discoloration from acne scars
Olay Wake Up Wonder – makes you look awake, good for oilier skins
Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief – for skin prone to oversensitivity and irritation
Image Moisturizer SPF 30 (PHYT’s spf 50, Neutrogena dry block)
Micro Pedi – for hard skin on feet, great for heels
Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash (certified organic)
Vanity Tan (organic tan) Pump better than custard
Wow Brown – Medium to Dark (Zen, Sun by Giesse)
Bio Oil (stretchmarks)- Palmers Cocoa Butter didn’t work for me. Argan and Rosehip oil
Baby Bump Stretchmark Cream
Skin problems during pregnancy:
Origins Plantscriptions Anti-ageing Eye Serum (Puffy eyes, bags, discoloration)
Benefit Erase Paster (salmon toned for discoloration, blueness)
Rimmel Match Perfection Under Eye Concealer
Vichy Normaderm Nuit (brilliant for spots and acne – I’ve bought this 3 times already)
Yonka Creme 15 for Problem Skin (bought mine on ebay) Apply directly to a spot
Avene Cold Cream for Lips
Split nails – vitamin E, bio oil,
Urban Decay De-Slick Spray


All of the opinions expressed in this video are entirely my own. I have not been sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this video.


Robyn Messenger says:

You should get on Pinterest! its awesome!

6dazey9 says:

Dear lord x…I think ill stick with my chihuahua <3

starlovestarlight says:

Wow I had NO idea you had a baby already! You look freaking awesome, super
beautiful… grats on Expecting, so happy for you!!!<3

Farah Sharif says:

hi, elemis japanese camellia oil is supposed to be good for stretch marks.
victoria beckham used it apparently.

08oceanview says:

You are looking gorgeous!!

I am Claire says:

:O I did not know you had a baby, or you are currently pregnant!! Oh my
goodness!! Congrats :) xo

Tiffany Wells says:

My mom didn’t get stretch marks and neither did I..I agree that it’s in the

Evelyn mc donnell says:

I used the Palmers stretchmark cream throughout both of my pregnancies and
got no stretchmarks so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is
pregnant – even if you are sceptical about the claims of these creams I
would still say ‘try it’ – it’s fairly cheap and a little goes a long way –
I think I only used two tubes per pregnancy so there’s nothing to lose by
giving it a go!

jessieXbean says:

Skin Danavia makes all the sprays for urban decay !

laura hayes says:

Ur Mitchum tip is so true its the best deodrant ever no better one on the

Farah Sharif says:

also congrats on the pregnancy! good luck! xx

CFCRockAngel says:

Congratulations and best of luck :)

SamanthaB1987 says:

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Good luck to you :-)

Aoife O'Neill says:

Where did you buy the deodorant? xxx

Laura W says:

Congratulations :)

Niamh O'Connor says:


spoons2007 says:

I’d love to see preggo vlogs I’m not pregnant n been watching u for years
but I’d still watch them :) x x

cutiegingerbread says:

Yay!! Huge congrats on your pregnancy :)

yobi8 says:

Hmmm I must have missed where she actually said she was married. Are you
assuming she is just because she’s pregnant?

Alexis Snooks says:

Great products! You make me want to shop at Origins :). I’ll have to check
them out the next time I’m expecting :).

susanloveshuskies says:

Congrats!!! xxxx 😉

FlashyCat2008 says:

Super good info./suggestions in this video. Congratulations! I LOVE the
term Baba :-)

glitzandsparkle says:


kimchad90 says:

Im not pregnant but i suffer with bad hormonal breakouts around my chin and
the peeling nails so at least i have found some tips from this. im having
terible skin problems at the moment ive even got one cheek smooth skin one
cheek dry grr xx

Laura Montgomery says:

Lol neither did i….so confused :)

WonderstruckFearless says:

Congratulations! I am so so happy for you! x

DanielaBBH says:

pregnancy mask=melasma… tell me about it D:

Scottishcarly says:

lol – I didn’t even know that she was already a mummy :)

shelleyhay83 says:

My mother had 8 of us brats & not one stretch mark..Four of her brats have
now all had babies & not one of us have SM either so I’m totally convinced
its in the genes!!

juliagoolia72 says:

have I been living under a rock? how did I miss that you were pregnant?
Congratulations! I wish you all the best!

bebiv says:

So happy for you hunni :) Im 23 weeks pregnant on Thursday and found this
really helpful. XXX

takeme2miami says:

I’ve been watching you forever and had no idea you were a mom!

Beauty Lover's Notes says:

Congratulations Amy! I’ve just found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant,
can you recommend any treat products or sets that would make a nice gift?
It’s her first baby so I want to spoil her!

Emm DoubleA says:

I’m not pregnant….nor have I ever been! But still loved this video! P.s.
You look lovely! X

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