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Hey guys! Here are a few maternity style tips that I’ve picked up and learned along the way during my pregnancy…I am by no means an expert especially since this is only my first time being pregnant so feel free to share YOUR tips & advice in the comments below! :) xoxo

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Sonia Joubert says:

Great tips thanks! Love the tip for the belt with the maxi dress! One tip
that saved my feet: Get very good orthopedic pantihose with flat comfy
shoes! Like ballet flats are wonderful! Stylish and comfortable. I stopped
wearing any high heels when I found out I was pregnant. And if you have
swollen hands, buy a costume jewelry wedding band to wear instead of your
wedding band. You can wear it again after the birth of your baby and still
keep the costume jewelry ring and wear it on your right hand middle finger
if you like. If you’re supper big, best pants are those that has an elastic
band instead of button and zipper that sits a bit loose and comfortable
just under your belly. I just love those!

While They Were Napping says:

just ordered 4 of those nursing bras! can’t wait to try them on :) thanks
anna <3

Linda Weaver says:

I agree with you, comfort is a prime factor in maternity clothes. Being
pregnant does not mean spending 9 months without looking and feeling good
about your clothes and style.

nerzmorder says:

the pants with the extra “bump band” built in are great post pregnancy as
well for tummy control until you get your figure back….sorta like a super
comfy flexible corset =D

garick says:

Do you have a day job? Can I ask what you do for work? *nice lamps btw. 

Ofa Mataele says:

Are you Canadian?

Abbie Kite says:

Hi Anna 

Alexis Wortham says:

aw your so sweet i love your accent, im only 12 weeks but I may go to buy a
belly band

Melissa Viau says:

Aaaaaaaahhhhh!! Finally a video that actually helped me!!! I’m 20 weeks and
I,m made very small (pretty much no hips!) and I was searching for good
pants cause none of mine fit!! The ones from target and stuff don’t fit at
the hips! Thank you!!!!

Veris Castaneda says:

You talk to much -_-

lilly14yo says:

Anna I LOVE YOUR HAIR! Wow its just gorgeous how do you take care of it? my
hair is fine, and it annoys me sometimes..

SamsishaJJ says:

Good luck 2 you and your hubbyy! 😀

Lucy Concannon says:

Well done anna great video!

Katherine Estrada says:

I bought that same bra because of Sam as well! Loved it so much! Great
video Anna, makes me almost miss pregnancy…..or not lol :) .

SamsishaJJ says:


YourTimeTraining says:

Great tips! I agree… I found one pair of pants that I wore all the time
and wish I would have bought a few pairs!

Autumn Cass says:

Oops I ment vlogger

Amber Nelson says:

my mom always told me that wearing support hose on your legs keeps you from
getting varicose veins while pregnant

Andrea Paola says:

You look stunning!!! Your hair and makeup and all that makes you look
beautiful!!! God bless you, your husband, and Emilia!!!

Honey Bunny says:

@princetown100 Lol me too! I want to be pregnant one day, though..

princetown100 says:

I am not pregnant,but here i am, watching this video all the way with full

Katie Quinney says:

Can’t wait to be pregnant and try these tips! Thanks Anna. You look
beautiful x

evallanes18 says:

Great video!

Bianca Papp says:

I’m 14 lol but i love your vids. :)x

Jen Fox says:

I’m with you girly…all girls should buy maternity clothes, I just wish
regular jeans were as comfortable lol.

Tara Allen says:


Nyvia Kalita says:

I think you are not suppose to wear an underwire bra while nursing because
it can cause mastitis so you definitely need nursing bras. I think however
while pregnant they are not kind to your growing and tender boobs. So not
necessarily a no no while pregnant, just really uncomfortable.

Beth T says:

I really hope i will remember about your videos when i’m pregnant :)

adriana garcia says:

Great video… I’m not pregnant but we are hoping within the year to try
and conceive … But great advice and I agree every body has different body
and I appreciate your opinion and sharing with us what works for you and of
course we do know that being pregnant you will go thru a few different
stages and what was comfortable in the first trimester might not be so
anymore in the third … So the different options was great!!! Have you
done a what’s in my hospital bag or overnight bag yet???

TabooliosWeb says:

This was great, thanks Anna! I always love your style videos <3

bigdreamsskinnyjeans says:

You look so pretty in this video!

syndeybeck95 says:

Thanks for the tips, great ones, especially about the bra from Motherhood,
they have great bras.

SuperVroni80 says:

I am a size 40/42 too and i really have to say…YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! I have
one pair of linen pants with a small belly band and it’s so comfy. I don’t
like those normal maternity jeans bc the waistband is too long/high (
whatever ) too me….but he ones with the small one are awesome. Thought i
am the only who who is this crazy…lol…

SuperSweetgirl007 says:

When your “planning to conceive” take the seasons into consideration. I
have delivered in the dead of winter & in the middle of summer. It is least
expensive on your wardrobe to be very pregnant during the warmer months.
Needing a maternity coat & sweaters, can be very expensive!

Cassandra Stone says:

Those are the absolute BEST bras!!! I wore them when I was pregnant, and
have wore then for the past 8 months too while I’ve been breastfeeding!
Unfortunately my white one is getting kinda dingy

SamsishaJJ says:

Aww , congratzzz :’) Wish you a safe and happy pregnancyy :)

Selina Hallinan says:

No underwire during pregnancy coz of the developing milk ducts, underwire
can damage them and also cause mastitis. X

SuperSweetgirl007 says:

Great tips Anna! I would say another important staple when pregnant during
the warmer months are dresses! Especially in a solid color that flatters
you. First, they are comfortable, easy to style: add a fedora hat, scarf or
denim jacket and it looks like a new outfit! Plus it a no fuss outfit ;).

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