How to Prepare Rice Cereal – DadLabs Video

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Close – The first day that a parent introduces solid food to their baby is especially nice for dads. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay shares details about the bonding experience he shared with his son while a stay at home dad when he first introduced rice cereal feedings. Pediatrician Dr. Ari Brown joins in to give tips to parents about how to properly prepare rice cereal. Learn about a few options including brown rice cereal and whole grain rice cereal that you can find in your grocery store baby food aisle. DadLabs Ep. 799 is brought to you by Beaba.

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Anita Kochar says:

What happens after that first day?

Putridy Corpse says:

I do child led solid style. No rice cereal for my baby :)

DadLabs says:

Babies seem to prefer bottle temp water, but it can be room temp if need be.

codita13 says:

Is it better when you buy it or make it yourself??

airalis2889 says:

thanks is a really helpful video!!!

Yadi obergh says:

I had ordered a baby beaba a couple of weeks ago and i received 15 mins
after watching this video, thats beside the point. point is since i
received i have used it everyday for my 12mo son i absolutely love it! when
i am in a rush i can even cook for the baby and the twins at once in less
than 20 mins is absolutely fantastic i dont know how i did it before having
this amazing gadget.

Yadi obergh says:

@DadLabs i would love to see a video about the good, the bad and the ugly
of family diners and toddlers/babies at the table. I continue to have
family diners at the table every night without dad at home “Away for army
training :(” but he joins us through tango most nights for diner. Toddlers
are very hard to keep sitting still so any tips about table manners would
be great. thanks for answering to every post that i have ever left. my
husband and i love your channel.

jhnsn1 says:

Im a first time mother and I wanted to know how to correctly make rice
cereal. Thanks!

noellesmummy says:

hot water or room temp?

DadLabs says:

@yadikay Congrats on BFing for so long. What a great gift to your kids! And
nice of you to allow dad to experience some of that joy as well.

DadLabs says:

@yadikay Fantastic. We are really really happy to hear that this product is
useful to you. You are doing great things for your kids!

Yadi obergh says:

i breastfed my twins for 19 months and i still breastfeed my 12mo son. i
always pumped milk during the day to my husband had a chance to feed one of
the babies at least once a day up until he left for his training with the
army. I definitely miss his help feeding the babies.

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