How to Cook Baby Bok Choy Like a Chinese Restaurant : Asian Cuisine

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It may be difficult to get that baby bok choy to come out exactly like it does at the Chinese restaurant, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Find out how to cook baby bok choy like a Chinese restaurant with help from a professional recipe developer in this free video clip.

Expert: Bee Low
Bio: Bee Low is a food blogger, cookbook author (#1 selling Asian cooking book on Amazon), and a professional recipe developer.
Filmmaker: Thomas Galyon

Series Description: You don’t have to venture out for an expensive night on the town to enjoy some delicious Asian cuisine anytime you’d like. Find out how to expertly prepare Asian cuisine right at home (even if you’re not actually an expert) with help from a professional recipe developer in this free video series.


Abhijit Bhattacheryya says:

you should be ashamed – no true chef “boils” the bok choy or heats up the
sauces separately

Justin Merry says:

Just cooked this, had this with fresh fish, was an awesome meal, I will do
this again for sure, thank you so much far posting this vid

angelxtasy says:

Ive been cooking bok choy wrong the entire time. Lol. Will try this out.

summitphoenix says:

looks yummy…i will definitely try this…thank you…

Jennifer Jenkins says:

thank you Bee

BasboyyRNG says:

wah yu ha tu ohdah?…..bwack peepole

Ranny Love says:

Making this tonight. Thank you 

Luo Tanky says:

im chinese so i know this is bull snit

Asia McClarron says:

Is there a way to make this vegetarian??

kamjc says:

Ohhh…. They don’t cook the sauce and the bok choy together! 

George Anakotta says:

do not tell me you did not wash the vegetables first they are really
encrusted with pesticide and maybe some other creepy crawlies inside the
stems. regards.


Fantastic videos. Thank you for sharing. 

Leo Varshavsky says:

I just pan seared them in sesame oil with garlic and rosemary. So yummy!
But I put garlic and rosemary on everything :)

gazebo46 says:

Looks simple to make. I’ll definitely try it.

otfresh says:

Less talk, more cooking.

Dario Teich says:

You better sauté the bok choy in pork fat with lots of garlic.

Asian Restaurant North Perth says:

Looks delicious! I really like vegetable. I wanna eat that Baby Bok Choy.

Dimuthu Nirmal Dissanayake says:

how easy 

Nicholas VLee says:

@cookingguide how did u make the sauce.. is it the mixture of all of the

chuan wei says:

Eee how you teach one ?

Subtle Sen says:

No soapy water?

slater1ist says:

Actually that is Shanghai Choy which has more of a spinach consistency.
baby Bok choy is much DARKER in appearance when it is raw.

slater1ist says:

I’m mean I chop off the stalk, sauté the greens, then add carrots and bean

KaraMetallium says:

I can’t believe how easy that is! Is there a substitute for the oyster
sauce that you would suggest? My boyfriend is allergic to shellfish.

Paul Becket says:

soak the stems for 1/2 an hour then you will have no problem.

Amber Yang says:

NO NO NO NO!! That is NOT how you make it!

Judy Thao says:

Simple! Thank you!

devonferris says:

What else could I add as a sauce besides the one you made? something with
no sugar in it?

Joseph Matthews says:

There is a vegetarian version of “oyster Sauce” made from shitake
mushrooms. Look for it at an Asian Market.

Jeff W says:

Is there a main difference if you boil it or if you fry it up in a wok?

u2teech says:

this style keeps mud & sand between the stems, not sanitary.

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