First Food for Baby

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How to prepare the ideal first food for you baby starting at 4-6 months of age.


Arooj Khurram says:

Thanks to u! Before watching ur video I wasted 4 eggs lol 

lizad777 says:

how often would you give it to a 6mo old?

Peacho19 says:

is there any concern of feeding a runny yoke? i thought it would be safer
to only feed babies fully cooked?

kimytaf says:

wow you have a lovely garden!

TheCaramelaChannel says:

i gave my son egg yolk at 5 months and he loved it now that he is 9 months
he hates it so i dint force him to eat. maybe i will try it next month and
for the liver i give him 100% grass fed liver pate or sauted on butter for
him to suck on it.

mark conway says:

great video. more foods for newborns would be great. maybe even a video of
foods to introduce to newborns and then as they grow up to 1years would be
awesomely insightful because these have been my questions lately.. wanting
to give my baby the right foods (she’s 9 weeks atm) but im unsure of what
actually is “healthy” coz i know carbs are considered bad.

dreamyt121 says:

I would say it doesn’t really matter but I believe beef is best. I use
beef. Hope this helps. :)

mark conway says:

and when you mentioned the rice flour formula thing you buy from the
supermarkets, that was something we considered trying. but now my opinion
has changed with all the information about refined carbohydrates and even
like you said carbs from vegetables given to a baby. so now im kinda
stumped as to what we could feed her? apart from the soft boiled egg yolk?
what else is there? and where do you go after that? and for how long would
you feed them that?

Peacho19 says:

@mordeathmark u mean newborn as in at least 4 months old?

Mukta Joshi says:

I dnt knw if its good to feed ur baby partially cooked egg yolk or not but
my mom was feeding me rice and pulses from 6 month old with little
clarified butter in it. Same she did with my sister and we followed this
with all the other children in our family. We dont have any allergy not
with peanut also. And we all were literally telling full stories at the age
of one and half year old.. so I think it depends. Oh and yes we are indians
so all the mothers in my country follow the same tradition.

servantrose says:

oh and you look FABULOUS in the outfit in this video.

pyratejenny says:

thanks for this video Sarah! i was attempting to make a soft boiled egg to
give my 5 month old today, but i got myself all worked up about it and
ended up chickening out (no pun intended). after watching your video, i
feel totally ready to start C on this tomorrow! thank you for the
instructions, and subsequently, the confidence!

mark conway says:

yeah newborn as in at least 4 months old i think thats like infant or
crawler?.. sorry i didnt make that clear from the start. but basically it
all started from my partner saying we’ll give our daughter plain biscuits
for snacks when she’s around that 4-6 month old range and i kind of
responded with “hang on.. carbs?” surely that cant be good. but i didnt
have a response to her as to what we should give instead. then suddenly
your video came out

Ineedmorelives says:

What kind of liver? Beef or chicken, or does it matter?

AdMeliora1 says:

My first born didn’t show any readiness for food until 12 months, and I
think it was a protective measure because he has tons of food allergies. He
is allergic to eggs (both the yolk and whites) and all dairy. So the
suggestion to give egg yolk as a first food would have made him super sick.
Even the suggestion to mash the veggies in butter would be terrible. Any
other suggestions for good, non-allergenic, first foods for baby? With my
son, he started to accept avocado first and he was 12 m

servantrose says:

In addition to the question about runny egg yolk, how about allergies? My
first born is allergic to eggs – should I be concerned about feeding a
sibling egg yolk also? I don’t want to trigger maybe something that is
passed through me or my husband (leaky gut, etc.) that the baby could be
sensitive to.

moonlitesprite says:

I would feel like that egg was raw also raw liver????!!!!! I D K

AdMeliora1 says:

I’d also like to add that while breastmilk is low in iron, it is extremely
well absorbed by an infant. Too much iron is harmful to their gut balance.

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