First Cook on my UDS – Baby Back Ribs!

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T Pat says:

Why do you wrap the meat in foil and place back on the smoker?

Martin The King says:

You sir are a insparator of men ! Hah starting my build today based of
youres. Greetings from Amsterdam

timothy wagner says:

I have a question for you sir. You mentioned that you use lump charcoal,
so is lump better than regular coals? 

Jetmech01 says:

Awesome video! That is an awesome rig! I’m going to have to build me one
just like it. Really impressed with the performance of it!

Luke Potestivo says:

Nice build, very impressed. Your how to vid gave me the drive to put one
together. I was actually going to buy another grill because my old one is
giving out, but I’m going to put one of these together. I’d like to share
progress pics with you and plus I may have a few ?s along the way. Thanks
for your vids! 

Dri2828 says:

I cant get me temperature to stabilize at 250. Its running 300-350. What
can I do? I have all the vent on top oven and the intake practically closed

Robert Dunn says:

Hello Daddy Cooks I subscribed on your build video. What kind of gloves
were you using?, and man I can’t wait to do my own N.U.U.D.S those Ribs
looked Soooooo good!! Thumbs up Keep em coming.

RogerNedna Van Blaricum says:

Best video I’ve seen on making a smoker end to end.. Looks great
I could never make one and have it turn out like that,
how much to make one for someone? 

bltnzns says:

Would you suggest using some some sort of heat deflector in the UDS?

Johnny Vasquez says:

thanks for the video but why do you cover them with aluminum and then
uncover them

Ye Ole Geezer says:

Got my UDS finished. Followed your instructions on the ribs and my son
calls me “Old Chef”,lol. Thank you for your sense of humor and you complete
instructional manner. Been using the smoker every weekend. Again thanks for
your videos. …. A devoted fan. :-)

Racin Ray says:

Great videos!! Keep them coming. Was wondering though about a couple of
things….what were the size of the bolts and their lengths, can you supply
a parts list of everything you used with the quantities? Do you have a
problem with either of the racks falling off the bolts? Do you have a video
of the totally finished product….handles, top hanger etc.?? Thanks a
bunch, Just got my drum and gunna start my build as soon as you can send me
that list.

TR1GGER says:

How could anyone dislike this video???

Thanks for taking the time to teach all of us newbs something! Gonna try to
build a uds now.


martyn jones says:

Hey America! Wales again. Keep up the great videos! You’re an inspiration –
ignore the haters.

Robert Segui says:

My compliments. I enjoy your videos. Looking forward to more. Cheers.

Cam B says:

Good call on the Yuengling!

jarvis junior says:

Drive on Soldier! :) lol hoooah

Ashley Grant says:

Nice! Subbed. You In Fayetteville?

Erin Quave says:

Love your videos can’t wait to build me one.will want to go a little out
there and paint my favourite college football team

michael moreno says:

to much bullshitting. just cook

TheHighTimes says:

mr fucking know it all huh

Pousing Phaomei says:

of course it’s gonna offend some people. but you go do your thing, my man.
haters gonna hate.

Bassfinder68 says:

What was the total cost for your build?

Brian Morrissette says:

12:40 lol

Damian Dokis says:

I hate you!! You made me sooo Hungry now and I gots noo ribs..haha

LordOfMalice says:

Nice! Getting hungry! Have you thought about a drip shelve, between the
coals and your racks? a deep one where you could have sand or water(or
both) to really keep it indirect and moist.

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