End of Pregnancy Advice for Mamas & Support People – Natural Birth

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End of Pregnancy Advice for Mamas & Support People – Natural Birth

Thanks for watching such a random video of thoughts. :) This was filmed about 10 weeks ago- and I’m just now getting to uploading it to share. :)
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BLISSFULmommy13 says:

I am 38w today and this was very helpful since ive been getting painful BH
and already in that stage where im tired of being pregnant

Sarah Brenner says:

Thank you for this video!! I needed to hear this little reminder. I’ll be
38 wks pregnant this Thursday with my 3rd baby. And as hubby has made it
very clear this will be our last ; ( so I do want to cherish and treasure
every little movement and kick and nudge she makes while we still are just
the two of us. It’s at that point where it’s been difficult to sleep and be
comfortable in general, but it’s reaffirming to hear this and know it’s all
for an amazing cause and I wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

Jaydensmommy2512 says:

Thanks for this! I’m not even pregnant with my third yet, but I’m really
preparing to try and make the most of everyday. It will very likely be our
last and I’m really sad about that. We just don’t have the money and my
body can’t handle more. I will probably watch this a few times when I get
to the point where I start wishing it away. 

Susie VegMom says:

I love this! Thank you for sharing. I am 38 and a half weeks pregnant with
my first. Nervous and excited. I needed to watch this video, thank you! :) 

The Natural Born Mama says:

Great advice. I’m in week 36 with baby girl #3 and need to remind myself to
enjoy these final weeks. Best wishes to you as well. 

sublimejen says:

Such great advice, to your future self & anyone :) Of course it’s easier to
say now than in the later months… LOVE THIS! I hope you let us know what
you think of this video when you’re 39 weeks :) <3 <3 I almost teared up
when you said Brittany…this could be your last baby.” So good to always
be reminded to just BE in the moment. Just enjoy the now.

Linda Weaver says:

Seeing pregnancy in this light really helps both the mother and the support
people to appreciate and cherish the whole process of pregnancy and giving

modernmammaof4 says:

So funny!!! You’re talking to me! I’m 39+2 and our convention is like 2
weeks away! AND it’s like four hours away this year! No pressure right?!?

OwenAndFamily2014 says:

Thank you so very much for this :) I’m 38 weeks almost 39 weeks and I’m
just done I’ve tried everything very motivating :) 

Wildefoodie G says:

Love this. it would be super cool if you made a video for support
people/dads who will be there for a natural child birth, so things to help
the mom and elaborated on what you say here. AND how to help her in the
weeks to follow especially with baby 2 and on wards. 

Jstaft2010 says:

Love this! ❤️ I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my second baby girl and I can’t
wait to embrace labor this time around! I was very scared when labor began
getting strong with my first daughter and I believe this may have
contributed to my 48 hour labor and birth center to hospital transfer! This
time around I know what I have ahead of myself and I just pray I can endure
and embrace it all the way to the end!

Kimberly Kamke says:

Im 9 mo pp and this made me cry… ugh! Lol thanks a lot ;-)

Lindsay Droke says:

When did you decide you were going to try and use all natural things? Like
what age

sunnydays8366 says:

I’m a first mama and 34 wks pregnant! I’ve been getting a lot of Braxton
hicks contractions… Thanks for the advice!!! It was very helpful!!!

Stephanie MRod says:

Very true! Great video and your make looks perfect! Idk how you do your
eyeliner so amazingly! !

Glenda Montanez says:

Thank you for sharing these tips. I’m only 20w but good to know 😀
we need a belly update!! ;)

kristaqqqq says:

Thank you!! I’m a newish subscriber who found your channel because I’m
pregnant with my first baby and will be cloth diapering. I didn’t realize
that we’re about equally as far along in our pregnancies! I’ll be 22 weeks
tomorrow, due 10/29. Anyway, thanks for the advice! And you look gorgeous
in this video!

Susie VegMom says:

I love this! Thank you for sharing. I am 38 and a half weeks pregnant with
my first. Nervous and excited. I needed to watch this video, thank you! :) 

Natural New Baby says:

Awesome, spot on advice! 

BeautyMrsNatural says:

Great advice!<3

made2sparkle22 says:

Excellent advice! 

cecilia lookingback says:

So sweet!! Xoxo

NaturallyThriftyMom says:
kristaqqqq says:

Nevermind! I just left a comment about us both being 22 weeks pregnant
before I saw the downbox info saying this was filmed 10 weeks ago! (I guess
that’s why I didn’t realize before now that we were equally as
pregnant…because we aren’t!) Sorry for my confusion!

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