Cook With Baby Liam!

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Liam is 4 months 15 days old in this video (18 weeks). For us to look back and remember. 😀

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BeautyBE says:

Hahaha in the beginning of the vlog, it took me some time to realize april
sitting there in he back peaking xD 

aaron sun says:

one of my favourite youtube families <3

ana vazquez says:

Watching you guys makes my day 100x better. I love watching you guys right
after school and in the morning in the week days. I’ve been watching you
guys since 2011 and I NEVER get tired of you guys. You are my favorite
vlog, cooking, and beauty channel! <3 and Liam is WOW

Dsygtecb X says:

Justin reminds me of my psychologist lol 

Mirabelle Alexanders says:

Lol, April looks like a nanny sitting in the back with Liam like that. 

Lauren Ann says:

Cut up apples, a scoop of greek yogurt and cinnamon (to your liking) and it
tastes like apple pie! It’s super healthy too. 

jasmines will says:

+CookWithApril There should be a cook with Liam with you making baby foods
and Liam being the taste tester.

Sandra Jenifer says:

My favorite healthy snack is watermelon with a sprinkle of feta cheese.

Yas J says:

My favourite healthy dessert is diced strawberries layered with honey Greek
yogurt :) still a bit of a treat but why not x

Safina says:

I love mangoes and I also like making strawberry sorbet. Just puree
strawberries, squeeze some lemon juice over it, mix and freeze. You don’t
even need sugar if the strawberries are sweet :)

Matilda Flodin says:

Isn’t healthy dessert an oxymoron?

When I eat fruit salad i have it as a snack and put some cottage cheese on
top to bump up the protein. I like but I know it’s not to everyones taste. 

Aik Kan says:

We call green onions – spring onions and asian pears – nashi pears in
Australia. So interesting. Love when your mom visits x 

Katherine Song says:


kimberly Carrera says:


Melody Williams says:

Haha 7:27 typical justin :)

Maria Morales says:

Omg healthy dessert, mmmmm honestly guys I been hooked on Aprils peach
cobbler, I been making that religiously every week lol.
I changed up one week apple cobbler one week peach.. & today I went to my
farmers market here in Chicago & I found some delicious Apples & Peaches so
guess what ill be making this week? Lol. With the apples thou ill be making
some homemade apple sauce:-)
U guys have an awesome week:-)

Cloud says:

Even after a bad day you guys still make me smile! :)

ForeverJalesa says:

You guys are just the sweetest and I love when Sharon visit. My favorite
healthy fruit has to be mixer of kiwi, strawberries, bananas & grapes

Jollie Simeon says:

I hope you guys continue to keep yourselves on the ground not like other
family vloggers out there who have brought fame in their heads… It nice
to see that you guys esp justin is always amazed when he meets fans of
their vlogs shows them their appreciation for watching them. People will
continue to watch you because of your genuineness

Alice Qu says:

So excited! Just bought the Saturday sunshine totes and cosmetic bag in the
beginning of this semester! Can’t wait to open it! Though it’ll take a few
days to ship for canada. Love you guys so much! And Liam is sooooooo cute

Abby MArie says:

Hey guys. I’m 17 and I just found out I’m pregnant. I’m really scared and
I’ve been depressed lately. I don’t know how to tell my parents. My
boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and he’s a really amazing
guy and we love each other very much. Watching your vlogs makes my day
better. It cheers me up to see so much love between mommy, daddy and baby.
Thank you guys. 

bren garcia says:

Omg you guys if you could seeing how addicted to your vlogs i am … you
guys make my happy every single day

saaarahlky says:

Frozen grapes are my favorite healthy sweet snack! Or a simple fruit
granita, just blend frozen blueberries + a squeeze of lemon + 1 tsp of
honey, freeze and scrape with a fork when it’s hardened! Love you guys!!!
:) and Justin’s mom is just so sweet!! 

TheNormaJeaneBakery says:

Sharon reminds me of my best friends mom. Her name is Sharon ironically! I
just love the whole family; moms, dads, step moms, step dads, sisters,
brother… All of you!!! 

Julie Ann Cillo says:

I have to commend that montage at the beach with the intro theme song on.
It’s a nice spice up to the vlog. :) 

Kate Thomas says:

My favourite healthy desert is chopped up banana with plain yoghurt and a
handful of rolled oats. Sometimes I add a big squirt of honey too. Cures my
sweet tooth when I’m hankering for chocolate or lollies (candy).

Mikayla Barbosa says:

My favorite healthy desert is April’s Fourth of July Popsicles 

Cheyenne Colleen says:

Seriously makes my day when I watch AprilJustintv’s vlogs.

Samantha Garcia says:

I love your videos because they always put a smile on my face :). Liam gets
cuter everyday!!

Patsie13 says:

My favorite healthy dessert is a bowl of Greek yogurt filled with cut
strawberries, blue berries, and raspberries and maple syrup on top! Yummy! 

Amber Tarango says:

What a beautiful family,we need more fun couples like you guys. Plus Justin
has such a contagious smile and April has a contagious laugh, I keep
finding my cheeks hurt afer watching your videos haha!! Keep making these
videos you guys are lovely :)

Davina J says:

I didn’t know the intro song was that long lol. 

BoboBababo Abu baker says:

Wow you are awesome Justin ‘s mom so cute and awesome April make with her a
vid make a makeup and hair for hair , amakeover.

Stephanie Soto says:

I like to mix Greek yogurt with a nut butter and stevia and use it as a dip
for fruits.

Grace Nam says:

I love the new edit with the clips and music. your family is amazing, april
& justin! <3

prep sonya says:

My goal for today was to be under top 10 haha ❤️ love your family so much

Miss_Mwalz says:

Hey April,
I just feel the need to ask you how you are feeling now… you were not
your usual self (100%) or maybe its just me. Continue being you everyday
for you don’t know how many lives you bless and touch :)

nadja soraya Godinho says:

Does anyone know which brand is the coffee machine Justin is using almost
at the end of this vlog, please?

Pearl K says:

It’s so nice to see a Pinay vlogger! You are so blessed to have such a
beautful family April! I hope to someday be so lucky as well.

Stephanie L says:

Whats your theme song and the one you guys used at the beach? I love it!

Mhayzel Rio says:

my healthy desert is a banana hehe or a slice of any fruit we have here at
our house.. Im from the Philippines and we have lot’s of fruits.

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